Animal altruism: Turtle lends a helping hand to another

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We humans like to think we are the only creatures on Earth with complex emotions, and that non-human creatures have neither feelings nor moral sentiments.
But science more and more is discovering that animals not only love and mourn (elephants would return to elephant graveyards to caress the bones of dead family members), have a sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness (see “Animals can tell right from wrong“), they are also capable of acts of altruism — selfless acts to advance the wellbeing of another.
Even turtles are altruistic, as demonstrated by this turtle in Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo who helped another turtle that (someone?) had flipped onto its back.

Not only are animals capable of selfless acts of altruism, I know of no animal that commits acts of brutality like what humans do in the video (below) that was the subject of my “Graphic video of Michael Brown (?) assaulting an old man” post of Dec. 13.
WARNING: Very graphic, shocking, violent video

When animals commit acts of violence, they do it for a purpose — for food or territory or a mate. Only human psychopaths assault and kill for no good reason.
St. Bonaventure called animals “creatures without sin.” And indeed, non-human animals did not commit the primal sin of pride and disobedience against the Creator in that first garden.

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0 responses to “Animal altruism: Turtle lends a helping hand to another

  1. Reminds me when Lil’ Sgt Abn rescued Wayne The Fox! She carries same Humanity, Good Samaritan A’Tude still!

  2. Just goes to show how wrong we are when we call people like Michael Brown animals, it’s insulting to the animals. I have met people that are capable of horrible cruelty with their words, etc. I will never understand it except that they are mentally ill or possibly just plain evil. Regardless they need our prayers.

  3. Animals truly are without sin, they are incapable of sinning. Thank you for reminding us of the difference between an animal and a crazed human being.

  4. Ditto to both of the above and kudos to Eowyn for finding this amazing video! I doubt that prayers are useful against people who are dedicated evildoers, and there are plenty about us. And I am not including those who are insane, as they are unable to know what they do.
    Of the five people who stole from me in the past five years all five of them use non-Rx drugs, although I was unaware of the first two, as they didn’t smoke marijuana. They all have their own agenda, and it doesn’t involve community-buillding.

  5. All that work,and not even a thank you.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most precious and wonderful post. Indeed, St. Bonaventure was absolutely right. Those of us with pets can attest to their altruism and communication.


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