Angry white male Navy vet arrested for mailing ricin to Trump & Mattis

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Yesterday, our DCG reported that on Monday, October 1, 2018, two envelopes addressed to Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson tested positive for the deadly poison ricin at the Pentagon’s mail facility.

According to CBS News, citing Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White, both envelopes contained castor seeds which, if swallowed, can release ricin.

An envelope suspected of containing ricin was also sent to President Trump. Thankfully, it was intercepted and never made it to the White House. (New York Post)

By yesterday afternoon, a suspect had been taken into custody.

Breitbart reports Captain Tyson Budge of the Logan Utah Police Department announced the arrest. A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney for Utah identified the suspect as William Clyde Allen III.

FBI Salt Lake City field office spokesman Doug Davis said, “No wider threat to the public safety exists at this time. As it is a pending matter, that’s all we can say at this time.”

According to Fox News, a return address on the two envelopes sent to the Pentagon led investigators to Allen. A tip from the White House led the Pentagon to discover the packages.

This is what we know about William Clyde Allen III (source:

(1) Age 39, from Logan, Utah.

(2) A Navy veteran who served for 4 years. He enlisted in October 1998 and left in October 2002, demoted from E4 to E2.

(3) Allen has a criminal record:

  • Two years after he left the Navy, in 2004, Allen was charged in a child sex-abuse case involving two girls with whom he had an unspecified “relationship of trust”. He pleaded guilty to neglect and abuse charges and was not registered as a sex offender. (Stars and Stripes)
  • Later that same year, a woman filed a protective order against him. He disputed but agreed to the order.
  • In 2008, Allen pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in Davis County, and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail. He was released in 2011.

(4) According to the New York Times, a Facebook account that shares Allen’s full name and location contains posts, written in a pseudo-archaic language, on what the NYT calls “Christianity,” resentment against the 1% elite, against the news media, and videos about extracting cyanide from apple seeds:

  • Religion: On May 27, Allen wrote: “humans are of God and of curious workmanship, may they in one accord follow their hearts, and well use their minds, bodies, and strength for in this Earth Garden God made for us to do good with and impart freely thereof that all may have in abundance and joy.” On September 21, Allen wrote: “As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more; but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.”
  • One-percenters: On October 2, 2018, Allen posted a meme that “The ninety-nine percent are just a bunch of Zero’$”. On May 27, Allen wrote: “Dear 1%ers, It is ‘not’ legal to buy humans, but they are completely for sale to go to and fro, doing whatever thou desirest in thine Earth, doing withersoever thou desirest, in whatever clothes and adornments thine see fit to accomplish thine kingdoms grace.” Allen accuses the 1%ers of “nepotically” abandoning “the 99% populous [sic] and its children,” and of being “like a coward seeking for self, much like the devil.”
  • News media: On Sept. 26, he wrote: “If one were to copy the persona of the news media they would be considered a crazy paranoid schizophrenic stocker [sic] disturbing the peace, enticing riots & public upheavals, premeditated mayhem of policy, defamation of public character & treason.”

According to TruthFinder, Allen is 5′ 6″ tall, currently employed at Aaa Steel Buildings in Clearfield, Utah. His criminal record includes:

  • In 1998, speeding.
  • In 2003 and 2004, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • In 2004, convicted for child abuse/neglect under Utah Code 76-5-109: Child abandonment means the parent or legal guardian of a child, defined as under 18 years of age, “intentionally ceases to maintain physical custody of the child”; “intentionally fails to make reasonable arrangements for the safety, care, and physical custody of the child”; “intentionally fails to provide the child with food, shelter, or clothing”. Child abuse means inflicting or causing “serious physical injury”, or commits or causes another to commit child abandonment.

In November 2004, Allen filed for bankruptcy, which was discharged the following March.

In other words, William Clyde Allen III fits the profile that the Left like to demonize: an angry white male, military veteran, religious, resentful of the elite, and hostile to the mainstream media.

Allen’s failure in the Navy may explain his targeting of Mattis and Richardson, but not of President Trump who is critical of the “fake news” mainstream media.

A motive for the mailings is still under investigation, authorities said. Federal charges are expected to be filed tomorrow. (CBS News)


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26 responses to “Angry white male Navy vet arrested for mailing ricin to Trump & Mattis

  1. It is delusional self appointed morons like Allen that give the left the opportunity to paint veterans and patriots with the same brush.

  2. His return address was on two of the envelopes? Why would he do that? His writings don’t make sense. Something is off with this guy.

    • No kidding! Let’s see, send deadly substance to the President and Vice President and tell them where you live. A candidate for the Darwin award indeed.

  3. There are a lot of legitimately pissed off people out here but this joker should not be the poster boy representing them. To be busted from Damage Controlman 3rd Class to Fireman Apprentice says something. The guy is a F up with a screw loose. He has served time for assault and been in trouble for several things…. So he got religion… I have family that gets religion every time they get caught doing something…. My brother would steal Christ off the Cross and come back for the nails to sell for scrap… If this guy did it he is an idiot… If he was set up then the guilty party should be found… But something ain’t right somewhere…

  4. This Veteran, is just a part of the plan to “take away guns from all returning Vets” because they just might be against big gov’t. It is part of the plan aka the “Red Flag Laws” gun grab in a good number of states already.
    Minority Rights movie and Pre-Crime arrests are in the future.
    Welcome to our Brave New World.

    • I hear you Andy. Us honorably discharged veterans, by far, are law abiding patriotic people. We must all vote rightly to maintain our Constitutional and natural human rights.

  5. I wish they’d stop reporting traffic infractions. They’re besides the point and distract. A handful of traffic infractions over the course of your life is normal, par for the course.

  6. Being a veteran myself and having worked around them for close to 50 years, I have no problem whatsoever believing that a guy like this could do what he did. I’ve seen lots of screwed up kids, (purported adults too), in the service.

    To me it paints more of a picture of what happens when leftists stir so much hate. Obviously it was aimed at us “deplorables”, not the lefties. Still, they never miss an opportunity to use something like this to suggest that any form of militia or liberty group is dangerous.

    We all know what this is about, at least in part. I also think its more of the same action they tried with the anthrax business when they were pushing their “Patriot Act”. It’s sort of a warning and designed to make the snowflakes feel powerful at the same time.

  7. His comments are proof positive he is a Mormon and Mormons are not Christians They believe Jesus and satan are natural born brothers of the same Spirit Father…not Christian in anyway. Nice try but you get a giant zerobama for that one.

    • Good point, AT.
      It’s the New York Times that calls Allen’s religious comments “Christianity”. Since he’s from Utah, Allen most likely is Mormon.

  8. He may be of a sort to be used soon by doxxing programmers. That would be like those who would shoot Republicans playing baseball or attack others as they mow lawns or mail ricin packages to. It involves sending out addresses and telephone numbers of SC Justices and elected officials at the appointed time suddenly on one day in order to prevent the adversity to confront NOW powers if the upcoming elections and placing of a Supreme Court Justice on the bench doesn’t have their approval. That is an emergency warning from Mike Adams and Alex Jones, also likely objects of attack. As you know, great amounts of prayer are needed for these times for all of us. We have a common enemy and a common God.

  9. not a Christian, that’s bulls**t, convenient label for the lib-coms to use. Christians do not attack government, demonrats do.

  10. Nut cases and thugs are routinely dismissed while you and I are hounded Le Miserables style for the wrong permit for a handicap ramp.

  11. It’s hard to beleive a New York billionaire playboy is not born into “high society, jewish, freemasonic orders..” and beholden to them. Bottom line. If Trump does not tell our own US treasury to print our own, interest-free money, as out COTUS requires, he is just a good actor and yet another, placation president for the goyim.

    MAGA w/or w/o Trump

  12. Not to put out anyone, but there are Bible references to the castor bean plant; not everyone is aware that ricin comes from castor beans. Just handling the seeds doesn’t expose you; notice the article said ingesting the seeds would release ricin? Would you send something like that hoping someone would eat the seeds? Or is it possible he was trying to send a Biblical message?

    Jonah 4:6-11 may have been the message he thought he was sending, with the understanding that his other history does not suggest membership in the Sharpest Pencil in the Box Club.

    Not defending one way or another, just saying……..

  13. Castor seeds are not refined ricin. Got castor oil? Retarded action & reactions. No news here.

    • leeann Springer

      I think ricin in a powered form could cause health problems if it was breathed in by someone opening the envelope. It could have been a veiled threat of something worse to come? Maybe in the mind of someone intellectually incompetent, it was poison. It’s easy to make since the instructions are on the web. Maybe the sender failed in Chemistry perhaps? Maybe he doesn’t know “beans about beans”. Leeann

  14. Totally agree with Sir Padre & Pete. This doofus sent whole castor beans! LOL-and the media is all over it claiming it was ricin…WTH?
    Most people won’t read that part “that the beans have to be ingested” or get it in that article-its very cleverly worded for a reason, to elicit a determined outcome based on a emotional response. Figure that out and you’ll know. Who is being targeted? That’s who they are after.
    Something is very fishy about this whole thing-just like everything else with the shifty lefties and what the media spews.

  15. Leeann Springer

    I’ve read a lot about MKULTRA and victims of the CIA. Although some view it as fiction, they probably underestimate the evil within some governments. It’s possible that William Clyde Allen is a pawn, or he is terribly deficient in intelligence. Mailing something that can release killer toxins, but including a return address, does not connect the dots in any rational manner. Could this be a plan to make military veterans look dangerous or those with weaponry training to be loonies? He does have a troubled military record and his personal life with children as a sexual abuser, yet not a registered sex offender, does not make sense. Maybe he is a “nut job” wanting his few minutes of fame, or a product of mind control. One thing is evident, anyone who commits a crime but leaves a return address isn’t wrapped too tight and shouldn’t be allowed to roam free in society. Leeann

    • Yeah. He could have mailed a ton of this and it wouldn’t have harmed anyone. I have no idea as to what his motivation or “who” helped. There’s no accounting for stupid.

      On the other hand, it sometimes is the stupid that we must be careful of. Just because a logical person might not do something, doesn’t mean a stupid person might not jump right into it.

      Look at all the daily examples. These drones who protest and can’t explain why they’re there. The conditioning has removed the necessity for understanding why people do what they do.

  16. If this guy is the Left’s straw man, an angry white male, he’s unlike any conservative christian white men I personally know. And let’s be fair to the Mormons, he’s not a fair representative of them either. Perhaps he’s a good representative of an MK-Ultra triggered patsy.

  17. I lived in Utah for 6 years, working on a remote Ute Indian Reservation in the Unitah Basin for Indian Health Service, US Public Health Service. ( IT was predictably AWFUL for an educated WOMAN who was NOT Mormon and I won’t even begin to describe the slights/downright social/professional atrocities that I experienced there—this is a WHOLE ‘nother story for another time). Most non-Mormon Americans in larger America don’t understand what can/will happen under similar circumstances of geography, religion, social culture, etc etc….to you if you move to a rural, all-Mormon locale. LONG STORY, of course—involving Mormonism—– that most “average Americans” don’t know, and, upon starting to hear—-stop or fluff-off/pass-off/stop…as fanciful/unimaginable…..and so, they “kill” the messenger- …….who brings the news……has happened to me many times. And now, I don’t care.

    Don’t give a rip about who gets sucked into what these days: Mormonism, Madonna’s Kabal…Quanza—or whatever….Bhuddism…whatever ISM there is….It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Some of us thought we were given the “keys to the kingdom” over 2,000 years ago by Christ himself. We have a testiment to his words and his desciples’understanding of his story/his words. I’m over and out on this. As an Historian myself, mother of a highly-trained Ivy-league (earned his OWN WAY by ACADEMIC honors/grants—NOT “priviledged” ) historian/archaeologist/geologist, I accept the history of the Bible both new and old testaments, as the history of a people who LIVED IT and wrote it down. Some of it might not be so easily understood by me, a modern person….and some of it might have to be downright studied in the context of its time…BUT— Let anyone/everyone else still search/explain/interpret /seek…..don’t care anymore. I’ve had my journey. Now, let them seek theirs. I can only attest to my faith journey and what brought me to this point. I hope…I pray…that other will arrive at the same place that I did…..but…I give them this opportunity/leeway…passage—Madonna,the Mormons….Buddhists, any and every sort of cult that might arise…I don’t care. Let them find their own ways as I found mine…..bon voyage all.


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