Angry veterans turn their backs on Obama motorcade

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angry veteransOn July 17, 2014, the POS went to Delaware to discuss a bridge that was damaged by someone dumping 50 tons of soil next to it. Repairs are expected to cost taxpayers $20 million, according to

White House Whispers reports that a group of 25 angry veterans protested against the POS by turning their backs to his passing motorcade.

The leader of the protest, U.S. Marine veteran Martin Nicholson, told, “We feel he’s turned his back on us veterans, so we’re going to turn our backs on him as he drives by on his motorcade to show our appreciation that he does not care about us veterans.”

Referring to Obama’s aiding and abetting of the surge invasion of illegals across the US-Mexico border, another protester, John Stroud, told BuzzPo, “Take care of your own first. There are Americans that need help first. I think there are more important things you could be doing than coming to Delaware to look at a bridge.”

Instead of focusing on the protesters, whoever took the video below had his attention fixed on the POS’s motorcade.  🙁

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69

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0 responses to “Angry veterans turn their backs on Obama motorcade

  1. How many friggin cars and ambulances does this POS have in his motorcade? W use to land 4miles from here and I never saw more than 3 cars with him. But then again we liked him up here in Maine.

    • I agree, talk about overkill. I have counted at different times between 15-45 vehicles when I watch them on TV. When he goes to Hawaii, he brings up to 7 loads to vehicles, helicopters, duplicate AF1, etc. he clogs up the highways like crazy. Where he stays, the neighborhood is blocked off and the canal and out into the ocean putting the residents out for weeks at a time.
      When he goes out to dine. Sometimes they close the restaurant and the block the roads for hours. It is chaos.
      So when people try and figure out how much his trips cost, they need to figure in all the C5s or C17s used.
      Just like a few years ago I read where when the president is fund raising the expense is suppose to be paid by the DEMs. Want to take a guess in that.

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  4. Someone help me out here—-I know George Bush 2 won his second term largely due to the active military service and military vets’ votes. Where were these votes in the 2 Obama elections? Did they really vote for Obama? Did they NOT vote? Did the overseas active military actually get a chance to vote? The first time Obama ran, it was against a military verteran from a military family himself, & by the second time Obama ran…it was pretty clear he had no interest in the military or military vets, and that his “teacher’s pets” were the environmental yammerers, the “share the wealth” yammerers (so long as it is not THEIR wealth—just yours), and Hollywood/the Gay community.

    • Cal gal. Thinking back, the dems put a damper on vets having a little extra time to vote in Ohio. Then by living in the middle of military, this last election many troops were denied their ballots. We heard this first hand.
      I had read that many ballots were found sitting in a storage unit with no replacement plans being made. And supposedly a plane crash destroyed several of them. There were several reports on this after the election when people were taking pictures of their votes being defaulted to BO. Then it was proved more people voted for BO than were registered and others being driven from precinct to precinct for multiple voting. And in PA, there were areas where BO got 100% of the votes with Romney received zero.
      Remember Gore and Florida and moving the time zone to prevent many votes being counted.
      I see a pattern and I expect massive fraud and machine manipulation in Nov.

      • I thought I’d heard something like that (thanks Glenn & Dr. E) …and also, that troops in Afghanistan & Iraq back then did not receive their absentee ballots in time enough to vote & return them (???)
        So, the gist of my wanderings about this is……are military vets, military members going to be a voice AGAINST the next Democrat/Dem polcies taking the presidential office?
        I like joseph’s moniker for Hillery, “Hilda Beast,” But here at my house, we’ve taken to calling her “Billery, the Butcher of Benghazi.” I’d sure like a large and unified voice, such as our veterans/active military, to put the damper on her or whomever they send up in 2 years.


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