Angry protesters at Hillary's book-signing in hometown

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Hillary dead brokeOn June 29, 2014, the Hildebeast was in her hometown of Chappaqua, New York, for a book signing of her turkey, Hard Choices.
Angry protesters lined the street, condemning Hillary for Benghazi, NAFTA and other free trade agreements that benefit the elites but outsource U.S. jobs, and her incompetence as secretary of state. They called her a traitor and chanted: “Hillary lied, and Americans died!” and “It does make a difference!”

Thank you, patriots!

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0 responses to “Angry protesters at Hillary's book-signing in hometown

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  2. Ya know what would be deliciously funny?
    People showing up at Broom Hilda’s book signings carrying brooms.
    I know they would not be allowed anywhere near her with one, but at least the point would be made. 🙂

  3. Who is paying to buy this book and read it? It couldn’t even garner a full 3-star review on Amazon. Well, you know, a fool and his money…

  4. I OBJECT…
    Don’t dump Hildebeast on us…
    No Brooms…She’s not welcomed

  5. From the local newspaper: “Supporters donning “Ready for Hillary” stickers and carrying posters lined one side of the street, while on the other side a few anti-Hillary protesters held up “Remember Benghazi” picket signs.”
    Meanwhile, the Westchester News 12 reported: ” YONKERS – Thousands of fans attended Hillary Clinton’s book signing today at Barnes & Noble in Union Square.
    Some admirers arrived 24 hours early and slept outside.”

    • The article says “thousands of fans attended…” yet the video says “nearly a thousand”.
      And the “admirers” that arrived 24 hours early and slept outside? The video only mentions “hardcore” fan Sean Brennan. More inaccurate/contradictory/misleading reporting by the state run media.

      • Westchester News 12 is owned by cable giant Cablevision, Inc founded by Charles Dolan, now a multi-billionaire, who also founded HBO. Although Cablevision is a public company, it is still largely controlled by the Dolan family who also own (or owned) Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the New York Rangers, the New York Knicks and Newsday.
        Dolan’s 2012 campaign contributions are predominantly Republican and included over $50K for Romney, via Romney Victory, Inc; and $25K for National Republican Senatorial Committee.
        “state run media,” eh?

        • He donated to RINOs and also gave much money to dems in 2010. As for giving to the RNC, he might as well given that money to the DNC. And he and his employees have given money to the NCTA PAC which gives lots of money to both parties.
          When you’ve got a large media business, it’s good to give to both parties to cover your business interests, especially if you are a publicly owned business. Add up all his personal donations and that of his and his employees to the PAC and I bet you’ll find no big difference in party support.
          I stand by my comment. When you are heavily invested in both parties and a major donor, you’ll cover all your bases.
          And yes, SRM. Doesn’t hurt to make a potential 2016 presidential nominee look good, especially when it helps to have your story links posted.

        • Well, take a look at his 08 donations too. Both Hillary and McCain donations. Like I said, covering his bases with both parties.

  6. Music to my ears, bring on the protestors for this hag.

  7. 😀

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  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post. I am so pleased that these patriots told the truth; indeed, the truth “makes a difference.”


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