Angry neighbors slam Gwyneth Paltrow after she throws political party for Barack Obama

Funny stuff: Posters put up in Paltrow's neighborhood

Funny stuff: Posters put up in Paltrow’s neighborhood

DailyMail: Playing the part as the perfect dinner party host Obama drone, it seemed Gwyneth Paltrow was going out of her way to please everybody. But sadly, that didn’t include her neighbors, who have hit out at the actress for hosting the Democratic National Committee fundraiser for President Obama at her house on Friday.
One neighbor in particular, Attorney Bret D. Lewis spoke to Radar slamming the event as “extremely poor planning on Gwyneth’s part”. He added: “Politicians have the right to raise funds, and Gwyneth has the right to throw a party, but next time she decides to throw a political fundraiser, do not do it on our street.”
The site reports that Gwyneth’s neighbors were denied entry to their homes, in the Mandeville Canyon community in Brentwood, California. Lewis continued: “Mandeville Canyon has only one road that connects us to the rest of the city. Gwyneth lives at the bottom of the canyon, so basically everyone was shut out. There is no other access in or out of the canyon except to use this road.”
To have this road closed off is a horrible thing. My daughter had an exam the next morning and was very upset, but God forbid someone had a heart attack, or there was a real emergency.” The attorney also claims that partygoers were seen putting out cigarettes in the area, despite Mandeville Canyon being a fire trap.
He also claims that several neighbors have taken to a private social networking group to vent their frustration, but Gwyneth – who is also a member – has stayed silent on the matter.
I don’t know if the neighbors are justified in their complaints, having no specific knowledge of the logistics of the neighborhood. I just think the posters are hilarious!

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Dr. Eowyn

“but God forbid someone had a heart attack, or there was a real emergency”
But don’t expect narcissistic pretentious (remember “conscious uncoupling”?) Goop to think of that.
You should read the chatter on blogs and social media about Goop. She is almost universally loathed.


Dear God… it makes one wonder if there was a new baby which was waiting for mom or dad in one of these homes! I don’t think my neighbor next door (cop) would even have stood for this and he (being a new daddy) loves his new little girl! :o)


It amazes me (although I should be beyond that by now!) how these “people” assume they are so privileged that they can stamp on the rest of us….

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

pnordman . . . your comment hit the nail precisely on the head. It all boils down to their assumption of superior privilege over the rest of us peons. Let’s just hope that this airhead (Paltrow) gets a stupendous dose of shunning by her neighbors. Her behavior towards the others in the neighborhood is inexcusable, and should be dealt with post haste.


Thinking ahead isn’t a Liberal’s strong suit,ESPECIALLY in the wild world of Hollyweird.


This is what happens when you live by Liberal Lunacy. They really don’t care who they put out as long as they are happy ; that’s really all that matters in their shallow little world. As far as a medical emergency, they’d let them die.

Untamed Blogger

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