Angry Easter cats

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Are you having a good Easter Sunday?
These cats surely didn’t, finding it utterly humiliating to have to wear bunny ears.
bunny cat1bunny cat2bunny cat3bunny cat4bunny cat5bunny cat6bunny cat7bunny cat8bunny cat10
And lastly, if looks could kill . . . .  LOL
bunny cat9
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H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Angry Easter cats

  1. This is why pets turn on their families.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  3. traildustfotm

  4. Do they have the understanding that that is not what Resurrection Day is about? Many people do not.

  5. Poor kitties!

  6. Has anyone here seen the YouTube documentary, “Los Gatos: They Turned on Owners & Families”? It was made late last year in Guadalajara, after PETA successfully ended the bullfighting shows. Many pet owners –frustrated by not being able to vent their spleens at the bull-fights– began to abuse their cats instead, taunting them during the day and often forcing them to wear outlandish costumes, as depicted above.
    Unbeknownst to the cats’ tormentors however, was that many of the most abused met every night to plot revenge. During the day messages were passed to one another, and soon more than 20,000 half-crazed cats were ready to make their move to liberation!
    On that fateful December 23 they rose up at 2:30 a.m., assembled en masse in La Plaza de las Felinas, broke into well-trained groups of five* and set out to take down the worst offenders. It is beyond my ability to describe the terrible scene, but it has gone down in Mexico’s history as “Cattagedon: the Night of the Long Claws”.
    *Their war cry was “Five claws for one, and all claws for One Cause!” which they shrieked as they went from house to house, leaving long bloody trails behind.

    • HA HA HA HA!
      Los Gatos! Cattagedon! Five claws for one, and all claws for One Cause! HA HA HA HA HA!

      • What can I say, but ‘I’m guilty as poet & writer!’ It goes w/o saying that I pun as often as I get away w/it, and folks, let’s face it: this posting was left wide open to abuse both animal & animus, so soon as I saw a paws in the opening, I ran with it. And if I made someone happy, I’d do it again!

      • I’m happy to have made you happy enough to laugh at the terror, terror!!

  7. Remember the old tale of cats eating their dead owner? THIS is why.

    • HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Actually, in my fifty years of creating poetry –or I should more truly say, my Muse letting poesis create what it will through me– amongst my works is one titled ‘Morning Glory’, in which exactly that takes place: an elderly woman who befriended and cared for dozens of mice and rats [They too, have their place in the Creation!] dies at home alone, and in the several days or weeks before her body is found, the rodents nibble away until she is a pure shiny skeleton, their last honouring of her kindness.
      Please don’t ask what compels me to write what I do: it’s divine inspiration, and I/m not able to control either subject matter or tone. However, one proof of its divine origin is that it arrives virtually 99.8% perfect, and requires so little editing as I’m never concerned for it. Compare & contrast that to my essays and articles, all of which demand editing w/o end, or so it seems.

  8. I’ve always found the Catbury Bunny rather festive……

  9. I have multiple cats, always have…I KNOW “the LOOK.” Just scroll back over all these photos with this sentence in mind: “I am NOT amused.” Then tell me or not—– See what I mean?

  10. They are utterly darling in their expressions of disgust. Hilarious!

  11. LOL – That last one is priceless. 😀

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  14. Even cheetahs aren’t too happy:

  15. My cat hid under the bed. Apart from dust bunnies, she wasn’t having any of it.


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