Angels with Fur comfort Sandy Hook

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Where there is great evil, there is also great Good.

A team of specially trained therapists traveled hundreds of miles from Chicago to help the children and adults of Newtown, Connecticut, traumatized from the senseless massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The therapists are 10 golden retrievers from the Canine Comfort Dog Ministry.

These furry angels will be in Newtown all week.
H/t my ol’ friend Sol!

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0 responses to “Angels with Fur comfort Sandy Hook

  1. Thanks for such a beautiful post on the comfort and care of therapy dogs.

  2. What a good story! sniff, sniff.

  3. My dog is a Therapy Dog. It is truly rewarding for us both. If anyone has a dog with an even temperment who likes people, look into this. You will comfort so many people.

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post! The dogs have such love and strength in their eyes. The lady who commented about the dogs said that these dogs bring back innocence to the community. These dogs are truly holy and I love the fact that what they are doing is called a ministry.


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