Angels caught on video?

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A closed circuit television (CCTV) video taken in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Indonesia, shows a winged light “thing” (with a humanoid figure inside) on the right side of the screen, which quickly shoots up. Then a group of 4 security guards run to investigate what they just saw, shining their handheld torchlight into the bushes outside the building. (H/t WND)

And then there’s this image of an angel standing by the door of the hospital room of a gravely ill girl:

What do you think?

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0 responses to “Angels caught on video?

  1. I think we would all be comforted if we could see the unseen world that is probably all around us everyday! Lots going on in Gods world that we don’t know anything about!

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn! You have made my day! Aren’t the angels beautiful! As you know, I speak to my angel, whom I call James, all of the time, every day of my life! I do not care what people think when I say this, but it is true! James has helped me in so many, many ways in my life! And, James can be mischievious! The Blessed Mother Mary told Blessed Mary Agreda that it is very important that we tell our angels that we appreciate and thank them for what they do for us, for their protection and their counsel. Remember this all of you! Start acknowledging and thanking your guardian angels daily!

    • Joan-
      You are so very right! I thank my children’s on a daily bases…and on some days my little boy’s to many to count! His has to have been blessed with the gift of joyous energy! (Thank You Jesus!)
      Even though many will disagree with me…I believe some of the children that are BLESSED with “imaginary” friends are really just kids who are able to see their guardian angels. (Maybe, just maybe, b/c they are missing something in their homes or families.)

      BTW Joan, My Angel’s name is Ed! Don’t ask me how he became Ed I couldn’t tell ya. I only remember why I began talking to him. 😀 I began calling him by name my junior yr. of High School!! (Ed was extra busy those 4 years…and busier still the next 6 of college.)

  3. joandarc, That is a very good thing. Thank you. They need to know we appreciate all their miracles and caring, and that we care back.

    • Thank you Miranda, lindarm, Terry, Sage and Dr. Ewoyn! Jesus always takes care of us, as He has through giving us our wonderful angels, and also by giving us His Mother, Mary, to teach us and to give us valuable messages from Him. Listen to the Church Triumphant always!

  4. Yes, Terry, it’s a compliment – and I second Sage! 😀


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