Angela Merkel's German government facing collapse over her immigration stance

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Merkel: “Islam is not a source of terror”

Shocker, not.
From Fox News: Angela Merkel’s government is on the brink as the German chancellor battles her coalition partners on immigration and asylum seekers.
The coalition between Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) has fractured over the latter’s new proposed policy that would turn away more asylum seekers at the country’s borders.
The policy flies in the face of the most powerful woman in the world and de factor leader of the European Union. In 2015, her ‘open door’ policy to migrants saw approximately a million refugees flood into the country. Although migrant arrivals have dropped steeply in the past two years, Germany still registered around 11,000 new asylum-seekers each month.
Her decision is believed to be a major contributing factor to the surge in support for the far-Right and anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD), which became the third-largest party in Germany after the 2017 federal election when it won 94 seats in the Bundestag.
Horst Seehofer, the CSU interior minister, whose party is facing regional elections in October, wants Germany to turn back refugees who have already registered in other European countries. He also wants to block migrants whose asylum applications in Germany have already been rejected from returning.
Merkel fears such a move could increase the burden on countries include Italy, Greece and Spain, believing it could potentially fracture the European Union even further. While she wants to see a bilateral agreement at a EU summit and the end of June, the CSU has set her an effective ultimatum of next Monday.
“Personally, I think that illegal migration is one of the challenges for the European Union and therefore I believe that we shouldn’t act unilaterally, that we shouldn’t act without coordination and that we shouldn’t act in a way that burdens third parties, involved,” Merkel said.
Wolfgang Schaueble, the former finance minister and current parliamentary president who is respected on both sides, has been asked to mediate negotiations between the CDU and CSU. “We are in a serious, a very serious situation,” said Alexander Dobrindt, the CSU parliamentary group leader.
A poll published on Thursday by German broadcaster ARD found that 62 per cent of its citizens believe refugees without papers should not be allowed in.
The CSU fears that anti-immigration sentiment in the country could bring an end to its decades-old stranglehold on Bavaria’s government. They face crucial regional elections in October.
The coalition’s center-left ally, the Social Democrat Party (SPD), has demanded that the dispute be settled. Andrea Nahles, the leader of the SDP, accused Markus Soeder, the governor of Bavaria, and Seehofer of “taking all of Germany and Europe hostage”.
She added that Soeder was acting like a “bonsai Trump”. 
Olaf Scholz, the SPF finance minister, said: “The task of governing our country is not an episode of Game of Thrones, but a very serious matter. Those involved should not forget that.”
Adding to tensions, a Twitter hoax made Germans think the government had already collapsed. An account claiming to be Hessicher Rundfunk state broadcaster claimed Seehofer had dissolved the alliance, but minutes later it was confirmed to be fake.
Germany has seen more than one million asylum seekers arrive since 2015 since Merkel introduced her open door policy, but she has even acknowledged the need to strengthen the EU’s external borders.
Both Austria and Italy have seen anti-immigrant parties come to power since 2015. On Wednesday, during a meeting with Seehofer, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz voices his approval of Seehofer’s ideas.  “In our view, we need an ‘axis of the willing’ in the fighter against illegal migration,” Kurz said.
Merkel has served as chancellor of Germany since 2005 and has come top of Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 11 of the past 12 years.
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  1. This video says it all about Merkel:

  2. The unbelievable end of Angela Merkel
    It is in German but only pay attention to the photo series of Angela Merkel and you know everything

    • Even among the New Odor crowd she is extreme. She has a positive hatred for her country and her heritage. She, like the Jew, is a stranger in her own land.

    • Yes, the images tell the whole story. There exists nothing behind her eyes— an absence of the soul. She is hollow inside, and the look on her face in the various pics makes me wonder if she is sick. (?) At any rate, she is a piece of garbage, and fate will come for her soon enough… it Always does

  3. With all the new voters that she let into her country its no surprise  she was reelected to her fourth term on 14 March 2018.

  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Why: Because she, Hollande, and Cameron drank Obama’s kool-aid.
    Then – they all left – with her holding the bag.

  5. Frau Merkel was ,,elected,,again blahblahblah,but does she will finished?wink…

  6. Speaking about Italy…i dont have many trusts,we dont have a leader like Mr President Trump…honestly,i dont trust Movimento 5(cinque)stelle,let the time tell meh was wrong

  7. Good! Now, withdraw all American troops and close all bases.

  8. May it be “Good bye,” not “Auf wiedersehen,” “Until we see each other again.” Go with the people you invited to Europe back to their homes and enjoy their friendship and hospitality as they enjoyed yours. Unfortunately, you and some others were marched to the edge of a cliff to the sound of the greatest symphony ever written, Beethoven’s Ninth, with von Schiller’s lyrics, “Odd to Joy,” a poem of brotherhood written in the eighteenth century. I wish all afflicted in Europe and the United States a quick total recovery. (The Council of Europe made that work it’s official anthem.)

  9. and Clinton and her minions think SHE can play the same game,only it’d WORK-for HER.

  10. Angela Merkel, born Angela Dorethea Kasner (b. July 17, 1954), is a jewess Dual-“Citizen” of Germany and Israel, who has German and Israeli passports. In 2008, she received the “B’nai B’rith Europe Award of Merit” for fighting “anti-semitism”.
    Merkel’s mother was a jewess named Herlind Jenztchsh, (alt. Jentzsch). Her father, Kasner, was a jew, and was born with the name Kazmmierczak. He was a crypto-Converso jew who was a “devout” Lutheran pastor who had “sympathetic” views towards the communist regime of the GDR. She, Angela, was Helmut Kohl’s (Hennoch Kohn’s) “girl”. She was appointed by Kohl (CDU), then the Chancellor, to be the Minister for the Environment and Reactor Safety. The German people privately call her “Angela Hochverrat” meaning Angela High Treason. Others have called her “Merkiavelli for what some have dubbed her Machiavellian political tactics”.
    Angela Kasner was the eldest of her siblings, Marcus, and Irene. She joined the Free German Youth movement, through which she showed leadership skills at a young age, and became District Board Representative and Secretary of Agitprop – the agitation and propaganda campaign of that movement. She and her family were given special privileges such as “easily crossing from West Germany to East Germany, and owning two cars.”
    From: Angela Merkel Under Fire Over Communist Links – Daily Mail Report

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  12. Comrade Obama

    The amazing thing is how she rose to power. She comes from a long line of commies and traitors.

  13. “The Christian Democrats enjoyed using Merkel as their poster child for diversity, which helped her move up the party ranks.
    She retires [from her pressures as Chancellor] “to the small hideaway cottage she shares with her husband. The house lies at the bottom of a nondescript cobbled lane in the depths of the east German countryside near where she was brought up.”
    “The other factor often credited with giving her the edge over her still mostly West German contemporaries is her upbringing in Communist East Germany. She was born Angela Kasner in capitalist Hamburg in 1954 [Others say, Templin – and not Augsberg]. Her father, Horst, was a Protestant pastor who took the highly unusual step of moving with his wife Herlinde and Angela to Communist East Germany just a few weeks after his daughter’s birth. At the time, only convinced Communists were opting to stay in Soviet-controlled East Germany. Horst Kasner, a devout Protestant, was not one of them [Says an (MSM) Independent report].
    [Another report, A BBC documentary highlighted how Merkel’s Socialist father held boisterous debates around the dinner table. “Her childhood was also shaped by the Cold War – Merkel’s Socialist father held politically charged gatherings at his seminary and as she grew up, vigorous debates rang around the dinner table. —. The family first lived in the small town of Quitzow before moving to the larger provincial East German town of Templin in 1957.”
    “She not only joined the Communist Free German Youth movement – which some critics still describe as the socialist answer to the Hitler Youth [Says the Independent report] – but also learnt Russian, the language of East Germany’s ultimate rulers.”

  14. I had once posted the video which is below [another one below since the original was censored by removal] and someone then provided me with this other link which also has the video, along with a partial transcript which they had done. That link will follow this one.
    Angela Merkel ist Jüdin

    • The link of the video transcript which the other person provided was based on a web translation said to be from this site below.
      “Angela Merkel before the Israeli Knesset, in her own words, her “native language” – HEBREW
      Dear ladies and gentlemen, Madam President, ani muda lachem, Shen itan li, le ladere lechem, kan me bait me chub atse, sekavot kadol asuri (15sec). [applause 10 seconds]. I thank all the members of the Knesset for that I thank you all that I have in my native language to speak to you today.” (35sec)
      Spokesperson: “But many people forget that Ms Merkel not only has a father. Her mother was a Jewess from Poland, Herlind Jentzsch (45sec). And because in Israel the Jewish descent through the mother is transferred, you also had no problems to get an Israeli passport (53sec). If you are a Mr Ebel faith, then you are already an Israeli passport concerned (59sec). A woman with an Israeli passport at the head of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY”

  15. “Angela Merkel Net Worth is $11.5 Million. Angela Merkel is the current Chancellor of Germany; she has a net worth of $11.5 million. Angela Merkel has built her net worth as chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union since 2000, and chairwoman of Angela Dorothea Merkel, German: ; nee Kasner is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union . Merkel is the first female Chancellor of Germany.”

    • Excellent info Flanders…. as Dr.E points out, all you need to know about AM was when she grabbed the German flag away from that guy. It clicked when I saw that, bc it Immediately reminded me of how barry sotero ALWAYS made sure that the American Flag was covered up, not seen, not allowed to be worn as a lapel pin, etc.. These are truly “placements” put into power by ppl behind the scenes…. the “country” they represent is irrelevant, as they are puppets for shadow governments…. stated more prosaically, it’s like the athlete who is sponsored by adidas, and he is seen wearing Nike in public. A big “no-no!”

  16. Angela Merkel should stand trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity. (That being said, it will never happen, because she’s “only following orders.”)
    Hopefully, Merkel’s name will live in infamy as a verb for what she has done to Europe, and, by extension, to the rest of the world.
    BTW, she has no skin in the game: Like other European leaders, she has no children of her own to bequeath a ruined world unto.

  17. Well,I learned more about Merkel than I EVER wanted to know,but it only deepens my “DISLIKE” for her.May she be on the next space flight-the next one that fails to return…..

  18. It’s too late.
    Germany is screwed.


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