Angel over Aurora

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Last Sunday night, many people gathered in a vigil to remember the 12 people murdered by “Joker” James Holmes in that Century theater in Aurora, Colorado.
In the skies directly over the vigil, a huge angel appeared in the cloud formation.

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Crystal Fuller took the photo as the vigil was ending, but didn’t notice the image of the angel at the time.
After Fuller had posted the pic on Denver’s ABC7NEWS Facebook wall with the remark “crazy cloud,” one of her friends, Barbara Masias said it’s an angel. That was when Fuller saw it too. [Source]
There is a psychological phenomenon called pareidoliais, which refers to the human inclination to perceive a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in the “man in the moon” — seeing human features on the moon.
But given how little we humans actually know about the world — what with multiple dimensions, black holes, the mysterious dark matter that cosmologists say constitute the bulk of our Universe, not to mention the notion of multiple universes — who’s to say the Angel over Aurora is mere pareidoliais?
After all, St. Paul did warn us in his letter to the Ephesians:
For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.
Can’t see the angel? Look again (I’ve outlined the angel with blue dashes). There’s even a halo!

~Click pic to enlarge~

To the twelve who were murdered so brutally and senselessly in that darkened theater:

May you rest in His peace


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0 responses to “Angel over Aurora

  1. I have a FB friend who posts pictures of cloud angels quite frequently. He seems to live in a charmed area. I think this one is more than a cloud.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post! Angels and saints are around us and this is an example of their intervention and care for us! May Jesus and His angels and His saints take care of all of the victims who lost their precious lives, and may Jesus help all of their families, giving them comfort and hope!

  3. Thank you for posting the pic 🙂
    so glad it has touched so many and I just hoped to take all the negativity and give some light!

    • Thank you, Crystal, for posting the pic to Channel 7’s Facebook page so we can all see it! Indeed, the pic has shed light into the darkness. God bless you! 😀

  4. Angels are among us…

  5. I am sure this photo captured a spiritual presence. I am also sure this image has comforted those who lost friends or family members. I know it would bring peace out of the chaos for me.

  6. Praise God, I love the angel but there may be more to this! I loved the pic of the angel cloud so much I wanted to see if there were other pics taken. So I explored the internet and found this, it is a reflection in the windows of the service on Sunday while the vigil was going on. So, if the angel was above the theatre, then these clouds in the windows of the theatre were opposite the angel. Note: There is a war of the Principalities of the Universe for mankind’s souls. God has our backs and sends his angels on high. God loved us so much he gave us his only begotten Son. If this doesn’t move you, I am afraid nothing will…

  7. Cassie Johnson

    So why didn’t the angel watch over them BEFORE letting them get murdered by that crazed idiot? Seems like maybe it wasn’t watching over them, but laughing at them. Or gloating.

    • Angel is welcoming them into heaven.
      Have some respect for the dead.

      • Ever heard of free will? Those people all had free will to go to the R and X-rated bloody movies where maybe they should be in church praising God or home with family? We should question our fanatical desire to partake in fantasys instead of living and enjoying real life experiences.

        • It’s called entertainment. Not everyone has the same taste.
          There’s a reason it’s called free will. The right to live your life as YOU see fit, not how someone else mandates you live it.

          • Entertainment is escapism, same thing as drugs. Dull the senses.
            Yes, you have the right. Would God want it any other way? He certainly doesn’t want to force you to love Him. So, there are consequences.
            And, YOU must think you are your own God to think that way. “Pride goes before the fall.”

            • Sally,
              You’re being very unfair to DCG. She is not a prideful person. She was merely pointing out the logical consequences of your point about Free Will — since God gave all of us free will, then that means the people who went to that movie theater were also exercising their free will. You may not agree with their decision (I wouldn’t have gone!), but that’s free will! Even God allows us to experience the consequences of our exercise of free will.

              • I’m so sorry, I read “The right to live your life as YOU see fit, not how someone else mandates you live it.” as her prideful feelings instead of defining the free will of others. I guess I was wrong.

                • I just know DCG way better than you since she is one of our FOTM writers. 😀

                  • I give, but, looking back at it, the first statement by DCG: “It’s called entertainment. Not everyone has the same taste.” is just a case of making excuses as my own daughters do. I just notice the excuses given when deep down we need to define just exactly what we are fighting for. and is our pride involved in this fight? Is Entertainment equal to family relationships? No! Is Entertainment needed to substain life? No! Is Entertainment just an excuse to block out reality? Yes! It has nothing to do with taste! Good or bad! End of Story!

      • Cassie Johnson

        Sally, honey, I don’t think that God believes that entertainment is escapism. I do believe there are some instances of singing and dancing and even face-painting, puppet shows and donkey rides in the bible (well, some of those). What a horrid god not to allow people to express joy or entertain their fellow man. Or maybe it’s your horrid interpretation of what that god may or may not have meant.
        I have trouble believing that God, assuming there is one, meddles in the affairs of mortal man. Why warn some people with that voice and not others? Why allow a 6 year old to be murdered? Why allow the father of the child who was born that night to be murdered, and rob a baby of her father or a wife of her husband? That whole “free will” nonsense is just to try and make people feel better about not having an answer to an uncomfortable question.
        You are certainly welcome to believe what you wish, and I will not condemn you for believing it. But I do have trouble seeing the angel in the cloud (well, I can see something that might be the vague outline of something that somewhat resembles what might be an angel shape, after it’s outlined for me), and think you do a disservice to the dead to pin all this on “free will” as if they are to blame for this madman killing them. I guess they won’t be welcome into your kingdom of heaven, since they as much as committed suicide, since they ignored the very clear voice telling them not to go to the movies, and they deserved to die since they made the choice to watch R-rated films. Well, if that’s the case, I’ll take my chances with myriad other gods who allow some fun and don’t mete out punishments like DEATH for simply groovin’ to a different beat.

        • It’s okay to groove to a beat. As long as you realize that God is a selfish God and wants to be included in all things which includes your beats. We were created in His Image, so I am sure He is groovy, too. But unfortunately, our grooviness goes to the bazaar, to the extremes, to the transgressions from the will of God.
          I guess going against the will of God could be checked like, would you do that in front of your Mother? (Of course, today, many disrespect their mothers!) (that is another story in itself why parents should be respected as the ten commandments direct us.)
          Over the years, I have grown less tolerant because the world seems to have gone more absurd. I don’t mean to be stuck up but I have also seen the attacks of Satan directed towards me. This lifetime is a battle, the sooner we realize it, the more freedom we have to groove to that wonderful God given beat. And, yes, I laugh at the sight of danger! LOL!

    • What a sick person you are, not to mention a theology illiterate.
      The answer to your question:
      Free Will

      • I totally agree it is free will. Who knows, if they had signs or dreams or warnings not to participate in going to the movies that night. Many people wouldn’t ever notice if God was trying to tell them not to go or not since they are not in communication with God. Tell you the truth, I stopped going to theatres long ago for these opening nights. Too many crazies. More comforts at home waiting for the movie to come out in DVD in blue ray! Just like what is the big deal with Halloween anymore? All this fake roll playing for adults instead of the little children? Give me a break! Just keep spoiling all the holidays! This moviegoing and dressup is just another addiction, as is “fans” (the word fan comes from fanatic) of the professional football/basketball/sports teams. Movie going and dress up in costumes is far from my understanding except, it just ain’t right, it just ain’t right in the head!

        • Sally,
          I read somewhere that there was one man, friend of one of the 12 shot dead, who had a premonition that something horrible was going to happen, and canceled his plans to go to the midnight screening.

          • I wouldn’t doubt it. Supposedly there were many who felt or heard God telling them to not stay at the twin towers that awful day of 9/11, too. My whole family once cancelled a pleasure trip because we all woke up that morning dreading it. We tuned into each other well that day. I even read a case of an angel person directing away a Jewish man who worked in the twin towers that day. That’s what I mean, are we truly open in our hearts to hearing God when we need to?

            • Sadly, many people don’t hear the voice of the Holy Spirit or of their guardian angel. You put it well, to hear that voice we must first be open to it.
              The secular non-religious take on it is Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear. He calls it our gut instinct, which we must always heed.

  8. This reminds me of the archangel Uriel and his twin flame Aurora the angel. Apparently they represent peace and salvation and supposedly mentioned in the bible.


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