Andy Stern, the Perfect Man to Reduce Govt Spending!

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Andy Stern, the man whom Obama appointed to a special commission to reduce budget deficit (Bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform), recently quit his position as President of SEIU, while leaving the union with liabilities totalling more than $120 million.

Andy Stern’s debts: SEIU leader swims away while his organization sinks

Steve Bartin 23 April 2010

Purple may be the official color of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), but Andy Stern is leaving the union deep in the red. Last week, he surprised the labor community by announcing his resignation as president of SEIU. Mr. Stern has claimed victories in helping pass health care legislation and getting President Obama elected, but his impact within his own organization shows gaping budget deficits and massive underfunding of pensions.
SEIU has seen its liabilities skyrocket during the past decade. The union’s liabilities totaled $7,625,832 in 2000. By 2009, they had increased almost by a factor of 16, to $120,893,259. Meanwhile, SEIU’s assets barely tripled, growing from $66,632,631 in 2000 to $187,664,763 in 2009. A significant portion of SEIU’s current assets are from IOUs from hard-up locals.

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