And this is why I "heart" Allen West…

The man tells it like it is!

On Tuesday Skippy gave a speech in Texas Kansas where he sounded more like a communist than the leader of our free country.  Partial text from his speech:
” And ever since, there’s been a raging debate over the best way to restore growth and prosperity, restore balance, restore fairness.  I’m here in Kansas to reaffirm my deep conviction that we’re greater together than we are on our own.  I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules.  Our country,” he said, “…means nothing unless it means the triumph of a real democracy…of an economic system under which each man shall be guaranteed the opportunity to show the best that there is in him.” 
Allen West addressed his speech on Facebook stating the following:

“Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence that we have “unalienable rights from our Creator”…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Obviously President Barack Hussein Obama believes in a “guarantee of happiness” and that he, along with his liberal disciples, are the arbiters of fairness. America is about equal opportunity, not the liberal progressive mantra of equal achievement. Nice try Mr. President but teleprompters and poll tested messages do not equal visionary leadership.  Sorry… I know, that ain’t fair!”
How I hope West runs for vice president or president some day!
As for playing by the rules, did Skippy’s buddies Jon Corzine Blago, and Rezko abide by them?  Hardly.  His buddies will have to pay the consequences.  Yet Skippy follow the rules, not so much.
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West might be the leader that Colin Powell failed to be .


listened to Rush yesterday,he pounded aka obama right straight into the ground. the Communist illegal POTUS came right out and admitted he is socialist,communist ect…