And They Vote!

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God help us….

H/t beloved fellow May and A Charging Elephant.

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0 responses to “And They Vote!

  1. Honestly, I was so disgusted I couldn’t listen to it all! And they vote!

  2. yeah well education has been dumbed down since the early clinton administration knowing full well dumb people vote democratic.. gee how come nobody said uzbekistan for a country starting with a u..

  3. Many people live in their own little world, and outside events do not concern them in the least. If an outside event does disrupt their little world, they will notice it but do nothing about it. Many people are apathetic and want someone else to fix the problem.
    The answers to these questions are quite frightening. (How many different countries was Australia?) What ARE they teaching our school children? If parents don’t take an interest in their children’s education, our children will get dumbed down more with each passing year.

  4. OMG, I just wanted to shake these people. But why should I be surprised ? Are people really really that ignorant? This is bad, very very bad. There is no hope for us , we are all doomed. (she said , as she jumped and ran from the rooms screaming in hysterics)


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