And The Greatest President Is…

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Our 40th President of the US

Americans Say Reagan Is the Greatest U.S. President
According to Gallup, Americans are most likely to say Ronald Reagan was the nation’s greatest president — slightly ahead of Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton. Reagan, Lincoln, or John F. Kennedy has been at the top of this “greatest president” list each time this question has been asked in eight surveys over the last 12 years. Reagan was at the top of the list with 19% favorable while Obama received 5% (while his disapproval rating is at 42%).  Jimmy Carter made the list with 1%.
In the eight times Gallup has asked this same “greatest president” question over the last 12 years, one of three presidents — Lincoln, Reagan, and Kennedy — has topped the list each time. Reagan was the top vote getter in 2001, 2005, and now 2011.
Republicans name Reagan substantially more than anyone else, followed by Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, and then George W. Bush. Democrats are most likely to say that Clinton was the greatest U.S. president, followed by Kennedy, Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lincoln.
I must admit I am biased and agree that Reagan is the best, at least in my lifetime. Reagan was the first president I voted for. As for history, one could argue for both Washington and Lincoln as the greatest president. As history will prove, the current President is in over his head in dealing with the crisis in Egypt, interfering with the Wisconsin budget battle, and reducing record budget deficits. As Reagan also dealt with many issues during his presidency he said, “Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere.” Good advice for any President, coming from the best.

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0 responses to “And The Greatest President Is…

  1. LOL, my parents hated Reagan, I think my dad would burst a vessel if he saw this

  2. Quick!
    Who are the 1% in this survey who actually think Jimmy “I-wanna-kill-that-stray-dog-with-a-bow-saw” Carter is the greatest president?

  3. Eowyn, I am surrounded by a flock of libtards in my biological family…
    They think Carter is the greatest president and were “stoked” when Obama was elected. These libtards are continually trying to tell me that chicken s**t is chicken salad. I appreciate all of you as my sane and well informed online family.

    • Oh, Zorro, you have my sympathies! Your family is here, with The Fellowship.
      I have ended 2 “friendships” because of our opposing stances on Obama and politics. I’m barely on speaking terms with a brother who forwarded one of my e-mails to his friends, without my permission and including my e-address. Two of his friends then called me “evil” but my bro was silent and never came to my defense. And what was the e-mail? Just a pic of Obama in 2008 about to get onto a private plane, carrying a book by Fareed Zakaria, The Post American World.

  4. Obama is easily the worst president and worst world leader ever… bottom of the barrel bad. incompetent, bungling, not qualified, simpering whimpering whiner… Reagan is the best in my lifetime however Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t to shabby as a president.

  5. From “A Time for Choosing”:

  6. Igor, I agree with all you posted today. Jimmy Carter and Obama share the honor of being the worst American Presidents.


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