And on a Brighter Note

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‘Lopez Tonight’ Canceled: Thursday Is Last Show

by Hollywoodland

George Lopez, the left-wing comedian who recently made headlines after threatening to move to Canada should Governor Sarah Palin become president (and once called her a “bitch” on his now-canceled “Lopez Tonight”), is now just another unemployed statistic in his precious Obama’s failed economic “recovery.”
The Wrap:

TBS has reached the difficult decision not to order a third season of Lopez Tonight,” the company said in a statement. “Thursday will be the final episode of the show. We are proud to have partnered with George Lopez, who is an immensely talented comedian and entertainer. TBS has valued its partnership with George and appreciates all of his work on behalf of the network, both on and off the air.”

The Wrap promises more to come.
Lopez has floated the idea of entering politics.  We at Big Hollywood look forward to that.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “And on a Brighter Note

  1. Good riddance…

  2. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out,another disrespectful idiot that should not be an idol in childrens eyes.

  3. Thank you, dear God! 😀

  4. George Lopez had a TV show?
    LOL – who knew?

  5. So, can we expect the raging hordes of illegals from Mexico screaming about TBS racism? Probably not. It it was the Fox Network, I’m sure it would be a different story.

  6. Oh – NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! We don’t want him either!!!!!
    He played the race card when they cancelled his lame sit-com, too.


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