Anarchists sue Toronto Police

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Leave the black hoodies alone!

Toronto police sued for $1.4 million for wrongful arrest, illegal detention and  sexual assault  during 2010’s G20 summit

NY Daily News: The Toronto police face massive injustice allegations that, if proven true,  could cost the force more than a million dollars.
A group of protestors is suing the Toronto police for $1.4 million for  wrongful arrest, illegal detention and sexual assault. The group of seven  protestors arrested at a G20 summit in 2010 accused the police of profiling  people with black clothing or backpacks, as well as women with hairy legs. Their  attorney submitted a 44-page statement detailing the group’s many allegations  against the Toronto police.
The group from Hamilton, Ont. addressed the press on Wednesday. They claimed  that, on June 27, 2010, they were arrested without reason, confined in a  detention center for longer than a day and sexually assaulted, in a few  instances. Alicia Ridge said that she was sexually abused during a strip search  from male officers, despite the presence of female officers, according to CTV.
“It was a fairly pathetic rendition of a search,” Ridge said, “in that it was  just a quick run of a hand up the leg followed by a swift ass grab. And there  were lots of sexualized comments that went along with it.”
The alleged sexualized statements extended from lascivious to homophobic. An  officer yelled at Ridge to shave her legs, she said. A constable involved wrote,  “all parties appear to be protesters; back packs; clothing and females all have  hairy legs,” as verified by the Ontario Independent Police Review Director. The  constable said that he associated hairy-legged women with G20 protestors.

Reckless disregard…

After the group was released without charges, they turned to lawyer Davin  Charney, who characterized himself having a passion for social justice and the  Toronto police as having “reckless disregard for people’s fundamental  rights.”
Officers arrested the group when they exited a downtown pizzeria. Beforehand  the group was at Allan Gardens, a staging area for the protests, reports CTV.  The lawsuit was filed June 26. The group’s allegations have not been  substantiated in a court of law.
Anarchists at the Summit firebombed a bank,  individuals dressed in black damaged windows of particular businesses, set police  cars on fire, and damaged media vehicles. Talk about reckless disregard.

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0 responses to “Anarchists sue Toronto Police

  1. Rumor was that the anarchist contingent from McGill were present
    and there’s no-one rowdier than a
    and where the mascot is Chewbacca

  2. Having lived in Montreal from 1972-80 — an ultra-ardent separatist era if there ever was one — I couldn’t agree more, Dan!
    The constable’s remark about women’s hairy legs was ignorantly gratuituous, but that aside: I love how these Occupiers (puts one in mind of the “Occupied” on public-toilet stalls=just like their camp sites!) resent all and anything representing The Establishment & Big Money…but they don’t hesitate to make use of big-$ technology to document their (in)actions! NOR do they hesitate to make use of the legal system to initiate a verb named “sue” after they’ve disrupted the public and destroyed its property!
    My brother fits that mold (he resides in the Ontario hinterlands): SUCH an exploiter of what he claims to despise! A charming example: He couldn’t make our mother’s funeral due to his wife’s emergency illness; however, afterwards he insensitively told me and Mom’s husband (a Holocaust survivor) that even if his wife had been well, he wouldn’t have come to Florida for the funeral: Funeral homes expolit the living and funeral rites are “for the living”… BUT! My brother made the trip just over a month later to collect his share of Mom’s money.


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