An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

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Be here tomorrow for Part 2!

H/t FOTM’s swampygirl


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    GUNNY G !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was great!!! LOL

  3. I’m going to try cat yodeling with my cats!

  4. I already subscribe to this guy. He rocks.

  5. Some folks call it bagpiping the cat, when gently squeezing them as they meow. However, regardless of what it may be called, I strongly suggest a very gentle squeeze to get the yodeling or “bagpiping” started. Otherwise, kitty will no longer be quite as trusting during subsequent attempts, causing said kitty to go into “four wheel drive” as he or she makes a valiant attempt to rid himself of your “loving’ arms as freedom becomes a priority.

    This is an old trick, getting kitty to yodel. It helps to have lived with cats all of one’s life and with yodeling kitties in particular.

  6. I currently have 11 of these little poop factories,and I love ’em all,usually. The cat yodeling,it should be noted,MUST be performed with the proper cat. Let me assure you,if your cat is NOT interested in this endeavor,it most likely WILL be agreeable to a game of its own,Pet Human Yodeling,where the cat grabs about four clawed-foot-fuls of Human chest for traction and jumps for the nearest path to the nearest open door. The cats really enjoy hearing their pet yodel,but I don’t enjoy it as much as they do. The injuries will usually heal relatively fast,though rarely without leaving ugly scars. My cats are mostly interested in the marathon furniture-sitting,though they DO enjoy going out into the back yard on warm days. Ironically,they can spend 10 hours in the back yard without using the “Natural litter box”,only to come back into the house at dark and line up to gang-soil the freshly cleaned litter box. Invariably,some won’t be able to wait their turns and resort to finding secluded corners to do that magic that they do.
    At least they don’t smoke dope,get drunk,borrow the car or get arrested. I guess they’re pretty good kitters.


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