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I am delighted to introduce FOTM readers to a very special guest columnist — Peter Offermann.
His post today (see below) is prompted by the mare’s nest of technical issues that arose from my post of Jan. 16, 2013, “Guide on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook 4 days BEFORE massacre.” That post is about a PDF document by the Crisis Management Institute which, we suspect, had been uploaded onto the net before the Sandy Hook massacre. If true, that would be an extraordinary feat since the document was on how to counsel children and teachers about the massacre.
This is the first of a series of forensics analysis by Peter. Here are the others:

For FOTM’s other posts on the massacre, see our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page.
False Flag
By Peter Offermann
To start with I’d like to give you a brief backgounder on the kind of experience I bring to this analysis. For approximately 12 years I owned and operated a computer support company specializing in developing custom software solutions within several different industries; also for unions and regional governments. The software was mostly developed in a database environment to provide solutions such as custom point of sale, payroll, inventory control, accounting, storing and retrieving digitized records of all kinds, personnel / union member management, meeting minutes management systems and so on.
The code was developed by myself from scratch. As an example I wrote payroll programs for a number of industries, some of which had extremely complex compensation procedures that ordinary payroll programs couldn’t handle. I was one of a small handful of people in Canada that understood Revenue Canada’s constant flow of new payroll deduction laws well enough to translate them into computer algorithms capable of calculating deductions without resorting to data tables which were the norm at that point in time. These algorithms are incredibly complex logical structures with very serious consequences from erroneous logic. Mistakes could quickly add up to significant amounts and much grief for clients from Revenue Canada.
I wrote binary search routines from scratch and developed indexing systems allowing fast retrieval from large data sets, and for enabling complex analysis of financial information.
My experience is not current but the fundamental logic of how data is handled in virtual environments such as databases is as relevant now as it was when I made a living from it. I do not know the current syntax well but understand what is being done.
Most of the confusion in the previous discussions we’ve had is caused by people not understanding that there has recently been an enormous change in the methods used to create websites.
Until just a few years ago websites were ‘physical’ objects.
The current generation of websites created in environments such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are ‘virtual’ objects.
It is important to understand the difference because the way urls act differs greatly depending on which kind of environment they are in.
I’ll explain the difference in a simplified example.
A normal human community laid out with access streets is a physical object. A single map of the community always holds true until physical additions or deletions are made. If Sally lives on street 1 and Joe lives on street 5 they will always have the same relative location to each other. If a delivery service needs to make deliveries to both the driver needs to go to one place first, traverse the distance between the 2 houses and then make the second delivery.
Imagine how happy the delivery person would be if he could physically rearrange Joe and Sally’s houses to be side by side when he had to make deliveries to both. It would save a lot of time and work. If he could do the same with all the other houses as needed when he had to make different combinations of deliveries he would be in heaven. Such a town is ‘virtual’ because the house relationships are not static, they can be rearranged constantly to serve any purpose. Virtual towns would need a whole series of different maps, one for each of the arrangements the town could assume.
Earlier websites are like physical towns. The developer decides how to lay the website out and the site always stay that way unless the developer makes changes. Such a website is a physical structure on the server’s hard drive using directories that never changed on their own. You always knew where Sally’s house [home page] was located. A URL / map  of such sites never changes.
Newer virtual websites do not have their structures/addresses built directly on the server hard drive, they are instead stored within a database on the hard drive. Each house address/page/post is a separate record within the data base. A single record is all the information about any one unique location. If there are 100 houses in the community then there will be 100 records of houses in the database. To allow rearranging houses to specific streets there would also be a record for each street in the database.
The house records do not need to stay in the same place in relation to each other in the database. They can easily and quickly be rearranged to suit. If you want Sally and Joe to live next to each other on street 10 you create an index/map allowing the records to change to that position.
Each unique piece of information about a house in a record is called a field. Lot name is a field, owner name is a field, lot size is a field. There are additional fields for building indexes. If you have a field for street number on house records you can assign street number 4 to both Joe and Sally then sort the records by street # and joe and sally would both exist on street 4. If you changed your mind and decided that you wanted everyone in town to live alphabetical order you would resort the house records by owner name and all the houses would move around accordingly. The url/address in such an environment varies according to where the house currently is. It is not static like in a physical town.
It gets more complex than this in a virtual town. A house can exist in two places or more at the same time. Joe and Sally’s houses can at the same time be on street 1 and 4 for them and together on street 2 for the delivery guy/google bot. In this case each house would have 2 urls/addresses at the same time. Depending on who you are you would only see one or the other of the addresses.
In a virtual town a record/addresse’s url is determined by it’s place in the index the database is currently ordered by.
Sally and Joe’s Urls would be determined by the Living Index and Delivery guys Urls would be determined by the Delivery index.
I’m going to leave off here to get this thread started.
Pretty dry stuff so far. Hang in there I’ll get right to the interesting stuff with the next installment.
Any questions?

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  1. Peter, great post. I think that is the first thing you have said that I understood.LOL You made that very understandable. Thanks,

  2. Great stuff, Peter! I truly wish I could help more but your experience and knowledge far outstrips my own. And, as you will be aware, all my time is already taken up with email support for victims of the man-made diseases inflicted upon us by the same people who are behind the Sandy Hook “show-and-tell” travesty.
    My heart will not allow me to abandon these extremely distressed innocents.
    But you know where I am, and if you need me to do anything at all, please ask. In between the cracks, I will continue to seek out esoteric information and post as appropriate.
    I will also put this material on my website ASAP, and have tweeted and FB’d this first installment, and will continue to do so as you update.
    Your vital work may well be the final crack that destroys the dam of lies that enslaves us all. Take care.

  3. Wow! I actually got that. I”m scaring myself, but I understood it all. Please keep going

  4. A friend watching this had this to say.
    Just a few thoughts to help keep things in perspective:
    1) High crimes haven’t toppled a US administration since Nixon and Watergate, though there have been plenty of high crimes since then, and crimes much more serious.
    2) Plenty of high-ranking US officials have been tried and found guilty of war crimes no less heinous than the situation you are investigating. The convicts still move freely in the US, though their international travel options have diminished somewhat.
    So if you have compelling evidence…great, share it. You aren’t the only one. Maybe try not to inflate expectations.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Good advice I think.
    If I indeed manage to prove what I intend to, we cannot rely on the authorities to bring about justice. If justice is to happen, we the abused will need to take it into our own hands.
    To perpetrate a fraud of this scope can mean two different things.
    1) Either the highest levels of the American Government are in on this.
    2) There are rogue elements within the US government that are out of the administration’s control.
    In either case the administration would need to be held to account.
    If the administration cannot control their hired help enough to stop such an occurrence, they are not fit to govern.
    Before I got distracted with this situation I was preparing to put together an essay called, “How to put an end to this Madness”. It will attempt to explain why well meaning individuals around the world haven’t been able to come together to exercise their rights.
    I hope it will provide a roadmap of how we could force justice to occur in this situation. This is another large statement from me but I think I can explain its operation as plainly as the example above.
    There are 3 pieces of evidence in google’s cache and search records that can only mean exactly what they appear to mean. It is impossible for an end user to make an error that could change their meaning.
    The evidence is 2 google cached pages of news items on the arlington site and 1 is a google search return for a public page on the arlington site.
    Together, or each separately, they prove without a shadow of a doubt that a news item, or possibly two different news item announcing that a Crisis Counseling Document called “Talking-With-Your-Children-About-the-Sandy-Hook-Elementary_Incident1.pdf” was available on on December 10th 2012, and also on December 13th, 2012 at a time before the Sandy Hook Shooting took place on December 14, 2012.
    I need to fill in for someone on their job for a few hours later this morning and must leave soon.
    When I return I will present screen captures and live links on google’s servers to each piece of evidence in turn. The live links could disappear at any time but there are enough people that have already recorded their existence to prove those cache records were there at one time.
    The critical elements of each item will be pointed out in turn.
    After that I will demonstrate that short of changing the source code responsible for how such websites display their data, it is impossible to make those critical items display anything other than the date the item was recorded by google embedded in the google url. The date in the URL is actually the “Last Modified” date of the news item attached to the record in the database.
    See you later.

  5. Staying informed while continuing to learn is most important now. Thank you Peter for your investigative diligence.

  6. A couple of notes here before I continue presenting the evidence….
    Alex Jone’s Forum has come up with several other anomalous news items from before the shooting.
    One can be found here.
    It is most likely a setup intentionally introduced to obscure the issue. It will be used to demonstrate they can manipulate the url in the address bar however they like. I could easily do the same.
    There are some very damming things I could point out about it but I won’t here to avoid giving away clues. After I finish with my case I will take it apart.
    If someone would take the time to retrieve a google cache version of the document it would clarify the case. Please put a screen capture and the url of the cache record into the technical thread.
    What is very likely happening is that they will use sites with much larger coverage than this one to make a falsified case that the cache records are not valid. We will be buried under the bullshit. Regardless I will carry on.
    For clarity I am going to stick to just discussing the original 3 items.
    I want to clarify my intent here.
    It is not to railroad the American government or google.
    It is to discover the truth in this matter. If I determine either party is innocent I will say so. There are serious consequences to all of us in being wrong about this. I will not knowingly lead us astray to preserve my ego.
    It will take me awhile to organize the screen captures and urls I am going to present as evidence, I will be back later today.

  7. PLEASE!!!! EVERYONE BE IN PRAYER FOR THOSE WHO ARE RESEARCHING THIS!!! Sorry for the all caps, but our brothers and sisters need prayers of protection. PRAY FOR THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES!

  8. I would like to say a few more things about what my friend “D” stated above.
    I fully understand that no matter what we find here it will never see the light of day in an unbiased official court. There is one set of laws for ‘little’ people like us and another for those in the elite club that runs the world.
    Regardless of what such people do, they will not be held accountable within the theater we call the justice system. It is only designed to control the little people while giving us the sense that everyone else is also held accountable.
    That what I say above is accurate can be seen around us in countless other examples throughout our society. The unaccountability, both personally and as corporations, of bankers for the fraud that caused the current economic crisis is a prime example. These people enriched themselves by stealing trillions out of the public purse yet can stick their tongues out as with derision and not answer for their crimes.
    At the same time a destitute ‘little’ person can get 30 years in prison for stealing a sandwich so they don’t starve. This happens because it allows some fat cat insider government prison contractor to be able to rob the public purse of additional tens of thousands of dollars per year.
    They get us both coming and going.
    My intent here is only to present a strong enough case that the ‘little’ people like myself that are aware of this information come to fully realize the fraud being perpetrated on them by the leaders they trust.
    In truth if Sandy Hook is indeed a false flag; just bringing down the current administration will not be enough for the little people to get justice.
    The political infrastructure is as rotten to the core as the justice system. Leaving it in place means that change will only consist of someone else in the elite club of the leadership class coming forward to continue the agenda of their club while spouting words to bus about change. We ‘little’ people currently have no say in who rules over us. Our leaders do indeed ‘rule’ over us rather than ‘govern’ for us.
    If you become convinced here that Sandy Hook was an act of treason by those in power in our society, it is up to you to take justice into your own hands and be one of the people that pry’s the reins of power from the hands of the world rulers. If we aren’t willing to do that we deserve everything we are getting.
    Such a task appears impossible but I am convinced it can be done. All the elements are in place to allow removing the rulers from power, we just need to come to understand how to utilize them. In order to not derail this thread I’ll leave that explanation for another occasion.

  9. Those of you following the technical thread will know the investigation got quite deep last night. The software that created and maintains the site was identified. It is not one of the major players in the ‘virtual’ website market and is not as thoroughly tested as the big players.
    There is now a possible innocent explanation which yet needs to be confirmed. I am correct in that under normal circumstances it is impossible for an end user to create those news items without realizing what they did.
    What could and likely did happen is someone accidentally created news item/items on the wrong date. They realized their error and either deleted or modified it to correct it/them to the right date.
    The program used to create the ‘news’ item likely retains a set number of revisions of documents as separate records in the database allowing the author to step back through previous versions. As an example, WordPress allows this, just for ‘news’ items not for ‘pages’.
    The software made a mistake in setting a flag field in the database record for the item. Site adim and the end user would either no longer see the record, or assume it had been erased. In normal circumstances the google bot analyzing the site would have ignored the item, at least as far as creating a public map of the site.
    Because a toggle field about the status of the news item/record was set wrong by the site source code, the google bot found and interpreted the document as a live/legitimate one, and cached it as such instead of ignoring it. This also explains the news item that a google search returns for a document on Dec 13th.
    In a few simplified words, the end user made at least one innocent error, possibly 2, that normally would have been trashed, but a computer program screwed it up and made it visible to google for archiving. I’ve heard that story before. Current software sets are very complex and difficult to debug.
    It appears that poster Here is in communication with those directly involved and I will wait to hear what they say before analyzing this further.
    One very valuable thing that has come out of this for me suggests it is worthwhile continuing this thread even if the outcome is innocent.
    Before looking into this and coming to understand better the inner workings of vital internet tools such as google that we all use, although being paranoid about my privacy and doing things to protect myself, I was still very naive about what major players on the backbone of the internet are capable of regarding accessing information from any computer connected to the internet, not only ones with publicly broadcast material on them.
    I would be willing to continue explaining in the simplified way of the first example exactly how much information we assume is private is actually at risk.

  10. Hi Peter, I am the owner of the small web design shop that created the website and CMS in question. Just posted an explanation this afternoon on another post on this site without seeing your comment here. Please check that out for a more thorough explanation of what happened. Thanks.

  11. ‘Forge simple words children can understand’ was advise given me as a new song writer years ago. You lost me somewhere about: “…Virtual towns would need a whole series of different maps, one for each of the arrangements the town could assume…” What is it you are trying to say and can it be said in a few paragraphs?

    • Hi Frank… thanks for your interest. Understanding this will become very important in finding the truth about this matter. As I start to show how the example above relates to the Arlington school website it will become easier to understand. When I have the time I will create a graphic example.
      In the meantime I’ll just briefly try to fill your request here. It won’t be much different from the example above but hopefully enough to clarify.
      Although a town such as I describe below couldn’t exist in our ‘physical’ world it can in a ‘virtual’ world.
      Imagine a town where Joe lived on street 1 and Sally lived on street 4. For any stranger to find Sally and Joe in their town there would always need to be a map showing where they live on streets 1 and 4.
      In a ‘virtual’ world the delivery guy who needs to make deliveries to Joe and Sally at the same time can for his convenience and efficiency, rearrange the town/map it so that Sally and Joe live next to each other on Street 2 when he makes his delivery. This means he only has to go to one location instead of two. In order to make the delivery he must have the map showing that Joe and Sally both live on street 2, not on streets 1 & 4 as Sally and Joe’s map show.
      In a ‘virtual’ world such as the database hosted Arlington School website, both Joe & Sally’s version of the town and the delivery guy’s version of the town can exist at the same.
      In even a very small town the number of possible different arrangements/maps of the town are almost infinite.
      In a database these maps are called indexes. There can be countless different indexes to a database that has fields such as, Street Number, house number, owner name, lot size, house dimension.
      As an example: The house dimension field could be used to create an index for a map showing all the houses in ascending or descending order by size rather than by their location within the town. The multitude of different maps can be useful in many different ways.
      Websites/towns both ‘physical’ and ‘virtual’ often provide a map of their town for visitors convenience. On websites this map is called ‘sitemap.xml’.
      On older ‘physical’ websites the residents, Joe and Sally, and the delivery guy/google bot, can only navigate the town using this one map. Their only alternative is to wander around randomly. Wandering is very inefficient.
      In newer ‘virtual’ towns/websites such as the Arlington Schools website, delivery guy/google bot can have a different map than the one given out in sitemap.xml.
      Google Bot’s version of the map has much better efficiency for his delivery purposes: Joe and Sally would be totally lost trying to use his map in their version of the town. Only trial and error would allow them to find their own houses.
      Hope fully the above added clarity rather than muddying the waters further.

  12. In the last day I have come to understand the logical structure used in the Arlington Schools Website much better. I am much more confident now that IF the news items reporting Sandy Hook happened before Dec 14th are not innocent mistakes I can prove in quite a number of different ways that they are a fraud and Sandy Hook is a False Flag.
    There is still much room for doubt. I’d put it at about 50:50 right now.
    The answers I requested from Jeremy, the website’s developer, in the technical thread at will greatly aid in that process. If Jeremy is unable or unwilling to provide the answers they can still be found without administrative access to the School’s Website.
    Exploring this material thoroughly takes a lot of time so I apologize for not making more regular updates.

  13. Thank you, Peter! I look forward to reading your essay.

    • While working on the article I discovered two of the links at google to the documents have gone dead.
      The Dec 18th cache record showing Dec10 as published date now returns a 404 page error
      Replace the below ** with tt
      h**p:// 2012-12-10T00:00:00-05:00
      The search return that Gabriel discovered to the document date Dec 13th now returns
      Replace the ** below with tt
      Your search – inurl:h**p:// … – did not match any documents. Reset search tools
      Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
      Try different keywords.
      Try more general keywords.
      Google Home‎Advertising Programs‎Business Solutions‎Privacy & Terms‎About Google‎
      This does not bode well for me. You may not hear from me again.
      That these records were removed from public access is a sign of guilt verifying what I say. The screen captures all of us have are now the only public evidence.

  14. This is not a good sign. Peter, please ask the Archangel Michael for Divine protection – you WILL receive it, trust me.
    Google’s corporae motto is “Don’t do evil.”
    Vote with your wallet – Google earns money every time you do any search. They also record your IP address and keep records of what you search for every time you use their engine. So don’t use Google from now on.
    Here’s a search engine that believes in user privacy:
    Here’s their privacy policy:
    Google does evil. Let’s hit ’em where it hurts.

  15. Anthony Smith

    Peter,can I just point out you really cannot explain prior knowledge of event.


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