An American Hero Comes Home. Lt. Col. Lakin Freed Sat Morning


This week, Terry Lakin will returned home, his prison sentence done. After nearly 20 years of outstanding, honorable service, Terry defended our Constitution all the way to Ft. Leavenworth military prison. His career, benefits and 6 months of his life were unjustly locked away, all because of the masterful, shameful charade taking place in Washington, DC; all because of the arrogance of one man – Barack Hussein Obama.
At 10 am Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Baltimore International Airport, Terry Lakin stepped off his plane a free man, and returned to the loving arms of his devoted wife and children. Patriots from around the country need to continue to hold Terry and his family in our supportive financial embrace and in our prayers, as they rebuild their lives from the shocking injustice of having been held no less than political prisoners in America. And if you are able, I pray you will add your voice strongly in defense of our Constitution, fax Congress now, and petition them to demand justice from Barack Obama, and a full pardon for Terry Lakin.
Keep the Faith… For rest of story pls go here.

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Many thanks Steve for your fine summation of the injustice suffered by one man for us all: “Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight. I have bestowed my spirit upon him, and he will make justice shine on the nations… never faltering, never breaking down!” My selection from Isaiah 42: 1-4, The New English Bible, Oxford Study Edition, 1976. Now, can we give Colonel Lakin the respect and devotion that he gave and suffered for our Constitution and the USofA? Be honest with yourself: How many of us would be strong enough to… Read more »

Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani

OK, do I mail my cheque to the Fellowship or to another address? Is there an on-line address I’m unaware of? Your help is solicited!

Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani

I went there and found that I cannot send my $100 w/o ALSO contributing to a a fax campaign, which requires me to use my credit card and give out security info, which I’m loathe to do after someone burned my daughter’s account for US$25,000.00 a few years ago. That’s NOT a typo, it was charged to a casino.
Which did you use for your donation? Another venue?

Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani

OK, Steve, many thanks! This link was perfect:
Maybe the next pres will be kinder and Constitutionally inclined to not only pardon the Colonel but also restore his pension and benefits, so wrongfully ripped away!


I have helped him as much as I possibly can,thus far. This man in my eyes is a true Patriot. The truth shall keep us free. This man will go down in our true history books. The heat is on “Soebarkah”. Stay on Congress and Daryl Issa,to do the right thing. For some reason,they are confused on the “Constitution” of the United States of America. {don’t forget at this time RINO John Boehner} he seems to be supporting the muzzie ursurper.