Amnesty International Admins Get $1.4M Golden Parachute

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Stephanie, my long-time liberal friend with a severe allergy against work, is my early-warning system for all up-and-coming notions and fads of the Left. Whatever her latest craze invariably turns out to be the Left’s next great wave.
Some 15 years ago, Stephanie suddenly got it into her head that she should start her own non-profit, “Goddess Garden.” (Stephanie is a wiccan witch, whose “religion” is Goddess worship.) She would get a plot of land, plant flowers in it, and get donors to finance the whole venture while she draws a handsome salary as founder and director.
I know, I know. You and I do the same thing. We call it a home garden. What silly suckers we are!
Stephanie’s Goddess Garden was my early-warning radar system about the equal-opportunity (both left and right) boondoggle called The NonProfit Charity. Alas, as this article about the famous human rights non-profit Amnesty International shows, in too many cases, profit greed is the prime motivator and the non-profit’s administrators and staff are the real beneficiaries of the charity of good-hearted donors. Research the charity organization before you part with your hard-earned dollars!
Amnesty International top anti-poverty officials resign and pocket £ 850.000
MercoPress . Feb 23, 2011

Amnesty International paid its outgoing secretary general and deputy secretary general a total of about £850,000 [US $1,367,672] in the year that both women resigned, the organization’s accounts show.
The UK-based organization, which is not a charity but has an associated charitable arm, the Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust, said it has taken measures to ensure it never makes similar payments again.

Irene Khan

Irene Khan, who served as secretary general until December 2009, received more than £530,000 [$852,783]– more than four times her previous salary – according to the most recent accounts of Amnesty International Ltd. Her deputy, Kate Gilmore, who also left in December 2009, received more than £320,000 [$514,888], the accounts show.
Peter Pack, chair of Amnesty International’s international executive committee, declined to comment on the nature of the agreements, but said in a statement: “Before committing to the agreement we signed with Ms Khan, we considered it very carefully and were convinced that it was in the best interest of Amnesty’s work. The payment itself is made up of several elements, some of which dated back several years. This was a unique situation. None of the current employees, including the new secretary general, are on the terms that applied to Ms Khan. The new secretary general, with the full support of the international executive committee, has initiated a process to review our employment policies and procedures to ensure that such a situation does not happen again.”
As the first woman, Asian and Muslim to head the organisation, she spent eight years in charge of Amnesty’s operations, acting as its chief political adviser and strategist, chief spokeswoman and the chief executive officer of the international secretariat….
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0 responses to “Amnesty International Admins Get $1.4M Golden Parachute

  1. I spent some of my teen years dabbling in Wicca LOL.
    That’s how wealthy liberals get away with saying they give to charity. They set up some “nonprofit” group that spends all day brainwashing children or lobbying Congress to push progressive ideas.
    A particular friend of mine lives in Manhattan, drives a luxury SUV, owns a house in the country, and runs his own media business – and still spends his time attacking “the rich” because they mistreat “the poor.” Ask him when he plans to start feeding the poor himself, and he gets all defensive saying he’s far from rich and can’t afford to be a philanthropist.

    • Candance, what turned you away from Wicca to Christ?
      Sadly, my far-left friend Stephanie is still lost. One of the last times we met (with me picking up the check as usual), she blurted this self-pitying non sequitur: “People keep saying how much Jesus suffered for humanity. Well, I suffer more than Jesus!”, followed by copious tears. I was so shocked, my mouth agape and, uncharacteristically, fell silent….

      • Wicca itself pretty much turned me away. It didn’t provide answers for the things I was going through.
        One of these days I’ll have to tell you the story of my conversion. It’s too long to fit in a thread comment. 😀
        Yeah I have some friends who are still into it too. I can tell you from personal experience, Wicca really is just a lot of self-important melodrama.

        • “I can tell you from personal experience, Wicca really is just a lot of self-important melodrama.”
          I’ve always thought the Goddess cult is really all about narcissism — girls & women adoring themselves. “I’m a goddess, you’re a goddess, we’re all goddesses!”

          • And don’t forget the best part – they get to be mystical arbiters of magick and impress all their friends!! They get a bag of stones you’re not allowed to touch! They get to walk through a flower bed at midnight naked as a jaybird – and it’s not just them acting like children, it’s a real connection with the Earth!!
            What could go wrong?

  2. Doing well by doing good… selfish liberals.

  3. All non-profits in the US have to file Form 990 with the IRS each year. You can join the free website . They have most of the non-profits in their searchable database and Form 990s in pdf format going back a number of years. It makes for very interesting reading. For instance, FreedomWorks’ 2008 (year before the Tea Parties) shows:
    Matt Kibbee, President –
    worked avg 23 hr week and got $299,508.00 total compensation
    Dick Armey, Chairman
    worked avg 22 hr week and got $550,000.00 total compensation
    There are others on the list making extremely good salaries, too. Not bad pay for a part-time job!
    When the Tea Parties started in 2009 they became the “advisers” of the neophyte patriot groups . Of course, when it came to endorsements, they always endorsed the Rinos.

  4. When I think that my small donation may go towards the salary of one of the fatcats at the top of the non-profit pyramid, it makes my blood boil. There are so many good smaller organizations struggling and the biggies who have huge fundraising budgets scarf up all the money and then use it to feather their own nests.
    Think of SEIU. Their members make a comparatively low wage in many cases and the union dues continues to go up, paying very good salaries to the union bosses as well as funding a political agenda many of the SEIU members really don’t support. My sister, a home healthcare worker, always laughs about her mandatory membership in SEIU. She hates everything they stand for; but, her income depends on being a dues paying member. The dues just went up even though her hours were cut.


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