Amerika's Dependent Class of Midnight Shoppers

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For once, I find myself lost for words.
This is happening in America: People so dependent on food stamps and other welfare monies, who live from handout to mouth, that they do their grocery shopping at the stroke of midnight when those government-issued electronic checks are paid into their accounts.


Midnight shopper Pia James, 55, lives on disability.

Midnight grocery runs capture economic desperation

By ANNE D’INNOCENZIO and DENA POTTER, Associated Press Oct 6, 2010

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – Once a month, just after midnight, the beeping checkout scanners at a Walmart just off Interstate 95 come alive in a chorus of financial desperation. Here and at grocery stores across the country, the chimes come just after food stamps and other monthly government benefits drop into the accounts of shoppers who have been rationing things like milk, ground beef and toilet paper and can finally stock up again.
Shoppers mill around the store after 11 p.m., killing time until their accounts are replenished. When midnight strikes, they rush for the checkout counter.
“The kids are sleeping, so we go do what we’ve gotta do. Money is tight,” Martin Young said as he and his wife pushed two carts piled high with ground beef, toilet paper and other items. The couple said they need food-stamp benefits, which are electronically deposited onto debit cards, because his job as a restaurant server doesn’t quite cover expenses for their five children. “We try to get here between 10:30 and 11 because we know we’ve got a lot of stuff to get. That way by 12 o’clock we’re at the line cashing out and done,” he said.

Another midnight shopper

More than a year after the technical end of the Great Recession, millions of Americans still have a hard time stretching their dollars until the first of the month, or even the next payday.
One in seven Americans lives in poverty, and more than 41 million are on food stamps, a record. Last year the figure was about 35 million.
As a result, there are more scenes like the one last week at a 24-hour Kroger in Cincinnati. As the final hours of September ticked down, about five dozen cars were in the parking lot. It’s much slower on normal weeknights.

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0 responses to “Amerika's Dependent Class of Midnight Shoppers

  1. Welcome to the Comrade Chairman’s Amerika.
    And it’s only going to get worse until Obama has been run off and his hideous policies have been completely reversed.

  2. It just leaves me sad and speechless that this is going on in America, the greatest nation. The amount of destruction here by this administration in less than 2 years is unbelievable. Makes me wonder if my family could be next. I am very big on making gratitude lists from time to time–maybe I will start one today.

  3. Ah, Obama and the D’s must be sooooo proud….

  4. Until we put a stop to tax breaks for companys who send american jobs over seas and get seriuos about going after ANYONE who hires an illegal immagrant people will have to continue to rely on the govt for assistence .When the housing market began to fail in the last yrs of the bush administration they should have started putting some of the out of work construction workers back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure IE:roads bridges gas water and sewer lines etc.but what did we do? We gave the banks trillions of dollars and they foreclosed on millions of homes.If the current lowlifes in charge had just taken those trillions and used it to put people to work they could have paid their bills and mortgages and the banks still would have gotten their money but we would have kept millions of familys off the govt tit and working w/o loosing their homes.

    • Andrew Wanielista

      WOODBUTCHER is spot on.
      “Until we put a stop to tax breaks for companys who send american jobs over seas and get seriuos about going after ANYONE who hires an illegal immagrant people will have to continue to rely on the govt for assistence” .
      As to our infostructure; I guess it will take a bridge crumbling out from under them, or turning on the tap and not getting water to convince some people that the things we rely on are at end of life.
      This is a very good time to fix this! Because of our near depression economey materials are cheep. Their are plenty of folk who would gladly give up unemployment and or food stamps to collect a paycheck working at their trade. As a retired (almost) IT person I can tell you that slow times are the times to put the “shop in order”.
      Was not the infostructure that made this country great mostly inspired by Eisenhower. Good job Ike! We need more like ya. This said by a liberal.

      • I agree, Andrew. America’s physical infrastructure of bridges, dams, dykes, and roads are crumbling. It just boggles my mind why we cannot put food stamps and other welfare recipients to work, as FDR did in the last Depression. Many public projects resulted from that honest labor.

      • Andrew:
        A bridge DID go out from under us several years ago, the I35 bridge in Minneapolis, and it didn’t seem to make much difference. At the time the government estimated that it would take $60 billion to get all the bridges in America up to safe standards; Congress’ reply was to wail and moan about how much money that was. Now $60 billion, of course, is just a dollop of a bank bailout.
        Maybe it’ll take a bridge going out in D.C.?

  5. When will people WAKE UP and understand that it’s not about dem or rep – but it’s about evil people who take bribes and are blackmail-able… The only way to save our republic is to vote this greedy and unethical imbeciles out of office. And to replace them with people of integrity who are NOT loyal to the NEW WORLD ORDER Neo cons.
    Seriously. You need to do more research to understand that what their goal is about, world domination with a FACIST one world government and religious system from the pits of hell.

  6. Uncultured Idiot

    “Obama and the dems, Obama and the dems…RAWK”
    This has been building for a long time. Republicans AND Democrats sold our butts down the river a long time ago. I second “huhsaywhat’s” comment. You people and your false left/right dichotomy make me sick to my ass.

    • The aptly self-described Uncultured Idiot:
      No reason to be rude and condescending. You are new here and can’t even be bothered to read our posts, esp. the About page, to find out who we are. “False left/right dichotomy”? Really? While we’re not GOP loyalists, we are CONSERVATIVES in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. That is RIGHT, in both the political and moral senses of the word. And I am proud of being RIGHT. The Founding Fathers were genuine American nationalists and would NEVER:
      1. Outsource send American jobs overseas.
      2. Hollow out America’s manufacturing industries. Did you know that CHINA now has exclusive possession of certain rare strategic metals that we use to make smart bombs?
      3. Have America be so foreign dependent for our energy needs.
      4. Allow America to be invaded by millions of illegal aliens.
      5. Allow America’s polity to be warped by millions of people who don’t work but who vote and who are permanently dependent on a gargatuan welfare state.
      You are confusing a Ruling Bi-partisan Political Class with the left-right ideological division. The division is between that Ruling Elite (of both parties) vs. the People. To the extent that the GOP does not live up to its professed values and beliefs, it’s a traitorous party. But of the 2 dominant parties, the Democrats are the worse offender. What we need are patriots who love the Constitution and the founding vision of the United States of America to get rid of this Ruling Elite and rebuild this country according to the vision of the Founding Fathers.
      The danger of your kind of extreme cynicism is political passivity from a paralyzing sense of political inefficacy/helplessness. Why bother to vote for Tweedledee or Tweedledum? Same difference. All of which plays right into the hands of the Ruling Elite.
      Instead of being holier than thou, why don’t you tell us what’s the alternative to what you call the “false left/right dichotomy”? What are you doing about it? Are you working hard (or donating $) to elect political candidates who stand for what you want, esp. in your state, Alabama?
      And…the next time you rant here, insulting your host, and using words like “ass” is when I’ll delete your comment entirely and ban you from this blog.
      You make sick.

      • >>The Founding Fathers were genuine American nationalists and would NEVER:
        >>4. Allow America to be invaded by millions of illegal aliens.<<
        There was no "illegal" at the time. In the late 18th century they considered all welcome to come to America, provided they worked.

        • Do I have to spell out everything to you? I meant the Founding Fathers were genuine American nationalists and if they were alive today would NEVER, etc. etc.
          Using your silly logic, my other points are also moot because in their (Founding Fathers’) time, there also were no outsourcing/exporting of American jobs overseas, nor was there crumbling of America’s manufacturing industrial infrastructure (’cause the industrialization of America hadn’t yet begun), nor was there a permanent dependent/parasitic class because there was no welfare state.

      • Voting republican, or democrat, is treason against the Constitution.
        The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

  7. But, but as long as Israel is protected, no cost is too great. We all must make sacrifices for the greater good of Israel. We need to fight trillion dollar wars of aggression against THEIR enemies.

  8. You people need to stop this liberal vs conservative nonesense. Neither political party cares about you. These people are criminals. Both parties are systematically lowering the living standards of everybody in the country so that corporations….who own your left….. and own your right….will eventually have labor conditions like the 3rd world. You are not a republican or a liberal…you are an American. And the people who run the democrats and repubs…..don’t like you….don’t care about you….and do not represent you. Vote every single repub and democrat out.

  9. I’m fascinated when I see stories like this because, right or wrong, wise or foolish, they show what people will do to survive.

  10. The housing bubble started to collapse 5 years ago and the economy with it, how is it Obama’s fault? All this country’s money is going into war, not the people that live here, that’s what’s really going on here. We spend billions every day on the military.

  11. I’m an arrogant uber-narcissist. I’m a human-animal hybrid (see my pic?)
    I also have a pathetic little blog with the startlingly imaginative title of Hybridrogue1. Alas, no one reads my blog, not even I, since my last post was on August 14, 2010. That is why I insist on barging into Fellowship of the Minds, even when I’ve been banned for violating this blog’s ground rules.
    Discovering I’m banned, I still write enraged comments, spewing obscenities. What a small man I am. But then, admittedly, I am only partly human — a hybrid! Eh.

  12. Without jobs, there will be no economic recovery. Most of our jobs were sent overseas witht he blessings of “our” government. Now, there are few well paying jobs left. The middle class has become extinct.
    States must start printing their own money with the stipulation that it can only be used within the state. Citizens cannot purchase chinese made or foreign made goods with state issued currency. This will create jobs within the state and the currency will create a demand for products produced within the states.
    The Federal government was not given the specific right to control the currency, the Feds took it upon themselves to create the Federal Reserve Bank, which does not belong to the citizens. It is owned by banks based in England. We were betrayed by our “representatives” when the Federal Reserve was created.
    The idea behind the economic collapse is to create civil/race war in Europe and the Americas. Our borders are open to get as much ethnic diversity as possible. Introduce a depression and food to expensive to afford and you have ethnic conflict that will evolve into civil/race war. Our masters know what they are doing and their efforts are to reduce the world population of goy slaves and to force Jews to flee to Israel for safety. Israel is expanding its borders to make room for the Jews of the world who will flee there when the race wars break out. That is what the middle east wars are about!

  13. Great article cause it’s informative. I did not realize this was going on although I did know that 40 million Americans are taking food stamps.

  14. It’s also a matter of:
    A. Avoid the crowds
    B. More time and ease to shop smart, and more parking spaces.
    C. Fixed income, unemployed? – I don’t have to
    get up at 6 a.m. the next day.
    D. Fewer customer service reps with stressed out faces
    following you around asking if you need assistance.
    E. I’m a night bird anyway, Etc.

  15. For all that don’t get it. This whole crisis is by design. From Glass Steagall to the failure of Fannie and Freddie. First Congress clears the way for hedge fund managers to steal your retirement and then with the Affordable Housing Initiative set up the patsy to take the blame when Freddie and Fannie fail. Next millions will be homeless and hungry. The feds will censor the internet. Hate crime legislation will stifle free speech and then the Supreme Court will alter the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. You will accept a mark on your hand or forehead or you will not be able to buy or sell. Society has become as corrupt as those we elected to office. It is all over but the crying, dying, moaning and groaning.

  16. Useless Eaters beware, you are all on the RED list, you are marked for termination. Dont believe me, look up FEMA Camps.

  17. Stop blaiming political parties. How about personal responsibility? The man works as a restaurant server but doesn;t make enough for his 5 kids. Damn, why have so many kids!!?!! The problem in America is that the majority of the population is ignorant! People care more about rap music and tatoos than they do about getting an education and lvinig within their means.

  18. Keep the ignorant ignorant, easiest job in the world. Use plenty of catch phrases in your quest to be the puppet that the words of the banksters are heard through. Howdy Doody with his joker grin is working hard to end the madness that you call your life.

  19. this is payback time america(the greatest nation crap),payback fo all the death and destruction you have spread around the globe,all the DU you have put in the atmosphere(you idiots are breathing it too),for letting a bunch of “chosen people” run your foreign policy and bleed your nation dry.keep it up,for “you ain’t seen nothing yet

    • Well put. As an American, I have been absolutely disgusted with the way US government employees and corporations have behaved for decades. We had good government structure here at one time, but gang criminals gradually became employed in government here and have gradually turned US government into a vast reign of crime over the past several decades. DU was the absolute stupidest idea one could ever imagine, and those involved in its origination, development and use as weapons shall be villified forever by humankind.

  20. Those of you who are so giddy with the demise of the Great Yuppie should savor that exuberance now, when you have the chance. When the Republicans get back into power they will quickly move to finish the job they started in the previous administration’s 8 years. Then you won’t be smiling. How quickly fools forget.

    • What’s foolish is thinking that voting has any integrity. As for blaming America on the world’s problems, it’s the entire world that has participated in things. You Europeans were complacent with everything Israel did too. All the big governments are being coerced and blackmailed by Israel too. Corruption seems to be the new honesty these days.

  21. I agree. “Conservatives” will never save you. If you think that, you haven’t studied enough suppressed history. We are living in a corporation owned by Jesuits in London. The entire media is run by masonic and zionist (occult-occupation of monotheist institutions) corporations. The occult gangsters are really the ringleaders here, but they are ultimately run and subordinate to a type of bloodline royalty from Rome. I swear if you do the right research you will find this is true and not a BS “conspiracy” theory.. The problem is there is so much disinfo, speculation, and blanks filled in that conflicting conclusions marred by various religious implications confuse the research. Especially when you trace the geneaology back to biblical times and the origins of “divine right” kings and people start telling you they really are genetic hybrids of the “gods” then you get people like David Icke and the conclusions get just too wierd for most to take seriously (I think “they” would rather you believe they actually are “reptilians” thus being superhuman, which is their megalomaniacal religious ambition of “illuminism”).. But you can’t avoid the fact that all the think tanks all the secret associations and etc all culminate into a clearly singular agenda which is by nature of the design of its institutions the centralization of wealth and power into various hierarchies of control, using a combination of cultural ideological and religious manipulation to create a false-reality matrix of lies and deception that is marketed to us for us to live in. IMPORTANT: I’m pretty sure “the Jews” are a scapegoat for this brand of psychopathic occultist.. Many people who claim Jew today are not at all and are Khazar nobility who know their roots today as the VENETIAN “Black Nobility”. Some houses of Venetian “Black Nobility” became the other Royal Houses of Europe such as the Guelphs who spawned the British Crown. The lie that these people don’t have power anymore is nonsense. The cartels that surround these establishments including the banksters here in America are all blood related criminal gangsters and their religion is one of secrecy, amoralism, and intergenerational abuse which is about absolute control and has developed scientifically from ancient psychological attributions of occult paradigms to the modernized Project Monarch DID-MPD mind control science. Its all a pretty twisted situation, but its PROVABLY true if you can wade through all the disinfo..

    • Brilliant synopsis. On the money except that Jewish Zionists are the malefactors. It’s they who control the global money machine we know as the Global banking Cartel. These so called biblical ‘chosen ones’ respresent .2% of the world’s population, yet they represent 70 of the 100 wealthiest billionaires in the world. An accident. Surely not. Wake up.
      Reality is these small time top 100 billionaires is not where the the real money and power reside. The real power is invisible to us. By deception they rule.

    • Aw, c’mon, guys… do you change the tinfoil in the hats occasionally? Jews, Masons and the Jerry Lewis Fan Club aren’t a secret cabal that runs the world or something. Left/liberals may consider themselves one (at least in the spirit of “solidarity”) but they’re about it.

  22. Basically what I’m saying, despite all the nonsense labels and associations people try to expose, like Masons and Jesuits and Jews and whatnot, psychopathic ambition has regularly developed systematic Imperialism within human civilization as highlighted by autocrats of Rome, London and DC. We have never had democracy in the US it has always been run by the Columbian (Columbian is an old masonic faction, columba=ISIS the Virgin, statue of liberty, columbia pictures logo, etc.) Sovereign district as is London and the “Crown” corporation, these are not part of our supposed “free countries”. The sooner we realize that ALL politicians of every party are complete and utter liars NO MATTER WHAT by nature of the institutions they are involved in the sooner we can start tearing down the control mechanisms and instituting democracy for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

    • The ‘Columbians’ you refer to as represented by Wall Street and City of London are now being replaced by Chinese entities as uber-financiers, but I note this replacement is now only in the incipient stage which is why it currently gets little notice. City of London and Wall Streeet are losing their real estate financing territory (i.e. the entire so-called “West”) to China, which is why they are so desperate to hang on at any and all cost. They (“The Fraudulent Self Chosen”) are bound to lose, because they ceased performing honest hard work long ago, if indeed they ever did any in the first place, which I truly doubt. China is on course to finally save America from these monsters over the next 10-40 years, and with the internet going, it will be very easy for them to make legal discoveries of guilt and clear out the vast cobwebs of ‘self-chosen’ financial criminals currently running amok in the West today.

  23. what is left unsaid is that the NEXT DAY is whenWAL MART puts out the LARGER PACKAGES for the same price. so all these poor people are getting ripped off with the top prices for everything. major chains know they have a captive customer and they take advantage of them.

    • Walmart ain’t dumb… knows the poor folk who’re out of just about everything by then can’t wait.

  24. Wake up America. The Zionsit global Banking Cartel and it’s New World Order one world government has our nation by the throat. Until we route them out we are in peril.
    This is not about Democrat or Republicam, they own both. 
    Two thousand years ago that Christian with long hair become violent once only once. It was when he turned over the tables of the Jewish money lenders. 
    The seed of the same bunch have seized America. Their Federal Reserve is neither Federal or has any reserves. It’s no more Federal than Federal Express, yet it debases our money whilst  favoring its ‘chosen ones’ who own it. It’s central command is the Bank of International Settlements that is the command and control centre for the world”s Central Banks. Thos is how the ‘chosen ones’ have seized control. By issuing debt as money. They don’t care who makes the laws or whom citizens of nations elect. They own the power to control the money.
    Treason is what is going on in America. Wake up. Research, talk to your friends, talk to anyone but get the message out. The Zionist owned main stream media is lying and covering for their masters who want America destroyed as they usher in their global government and New World Order.
    This is a satanic war on humanity by an evil clique about whom we’ve been warned about through the ages. 
    There is an undeclared war on America. The enemy hides amongst us.  

    • Hey, if Jews… er, “Zionists”… own everything, why do they get attacked constantly by lots of people who hate them? (I’m sure El Al has air-tight security for no reason.)

      • Yeah El Al has tight security. The same Israeli companies that provide security for them also provided security at Logan Int’l Airport, Newark Airport, and Dulles — all three were originating locations of the 911 hijackers. Not to mention providing security for the American and United Airlines planes used on 911. They also provided security at De Galle airport in Paris, which is where Richard Reed, the shoe bomber, originated from. They also provided security at the Amsterdam airport where the underwear bomber originated from. Not to mention 7/7 in London. Not to mention the World Trade Center complex on 911 which was obviously taken down by planted explosives. The list goes on and on. Real good security for the chosen ones. Not so much for the Goyim. Funny how every one of those security lapses specifically benefited the chosen ones zionist satanist agenda…

  25. It isn’t tax breaks that are sending American jobs overseas. It is the hideous 35% corporate tax rate currently in place.
    It is also why approx. $14 Trillion is being kept off shore and is actually creating jobs in other nations.
    You can only punish success so far before the successful will give you the finger.
    If you want jobs and ivestment capital to resume flowing into America, then stop punishing those who create those jobs.
    In other words, pass the FairTax and then get the hell out of the way.
    I do not understand why more people do not see this.

    • “I do not understand why more people do not see this.”
      Dave, if corporations did what they are supposed to do, which is: 1) provide a needed benefit to society and 2) share the wealth with their hard working employees, then they’d naturally be paying less taxes on much less obscene profits.
      I am sure you do not see this, but unlike you, I understand exactly why you do not see this: it is because you do not know the true history of nor do you understand the proper role of a corporation in society.
      In your mind, the proper role of a corporation is to make as much money as possible for itself as an end goal in itself. But in my mind, as the concept of a corporation was properly conceived long ago in Switzerland, the proper role of a corporation is to provide a NEEDED and NECESSARY benefit to society.
      And David, the Swiss did this because they knew that pooling money into what amounts to a financial street gang creates an unfair playing field in business, which is why great caution was always exercised in those days in the creation of an actual corporation.
      But by now, after the Common Wail of Massachusetts broke the socio-legal barriers to corporate creation asunder long ago, utter lawlessness in pursuit of material gain is the one and only rule in corporate affairs, and will continue to be until the corporate system is finally and mercifully junked in its entirety, as it should be.

  26. This is a very organized well thought out created depression. Every fourty years; 1890,1930,1970,2010, the guys who print the money crash the currency and cause an immense wealth transfer from workers and property owners to themselves. This is the last cycle. Next comes a world currency and then massive global depopulation through famine and war. Buy some tools and food and a couple of books on survival techniques. We are approaching the times of, “The quick and the dead.” If you want to find out what happens next read the Bible. The book of Revelation of Saint John.

  27. Here’s a question: Should a restaurant server *really* have five children? Did they consider the financial costs of raising one through college? I guarantee you they did not.

    • Here in USA I am surrounded by such ‘entitlement’ people as far as the eye can see, only most of the ones I know of don’t even work, but subsist on some form of disability payment even though they are perfectly able bodied and healthy. They have, in general, figured out a way to milk the system to get free money to live on while contributing nothing. This problem is a huge one in the USA, and makes one wonder at times if a huge extermination of so-called “useless eaters” might not be such a bad idea after all, because I am tired of working long hours every day to support vast armies of professional freeloaders. I see some or others of these people up close and personal each and every day, and the laziness and professional freeloading just absolutely disgusts me. Along with the criminal banksters, I would send all of the professional freeloaders in the US to long terms in work camps in Alaska. And once there, should they learn from their re-education, then they may be given the chance to help rebuild our roads and nation in general down here in the lower 48. But they have got to start doing something productive or they will just have to be eliminated somehow.

  28. Ummmm, whether or not you have the Obama Guy Republican or Democrat nothing will change till you look at the power of the British Commonwealth and their lopsided majority at the UN. The US has been getting 1 vote to the 46 to 54 votes of the British Commonwealth.The British people are in far worse shape than the US,so it’s not like the British Commonwealth is the will of the British.
    Please look at the work of Joan Veon who has been to all the IMF meetings and her disclosure of the British Commonwealth out voting the US 54 to 1 for decades.
    Queen Gives Marching Orders to UN
    You might also wish to investigate UN Agenda 21 ,and ICLEI communities
    because no matter what silly party rhetoric you hear from the 2 party system once in office they have to adhere to the International treaties made with the Queens UN.
    You will otherwise be like the European Union where they say:
    The EU is the Antidote to Democracy.
    “Democratic institutions get things wrong”
    The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durrão Barroso, has offered one of the few utterly honest arguments for European integration. The reason we need the EU, he suggests, is precisely because it’s not democratic. Left to themselves, elected governments might do all sorts of things simply to humour their voters:
    Governments are not always right. If governments were always right we would not have the situation that we have today. Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong.
    Whenever possible, decision-making rules on sanctions should be more automatic and based on a reverse majority rule, implying a Commission proposal is adopted unless rejected by the Council.
    The Democracy you hear about on television is 54 (UN)British Commonwealth votes to the US’s 1.
    If you don’t…then expect more of the same, no matter what silly party or silly man the television tells you is the president.
    The UN and Agenda 21 has a plan for you.
    It’s really nice too ! =-)

  29. PS ….Check out the Queens Knight Sir Alan Greenspan. Yes ….he has been knighted by the Queen. Do you wonder why? Not me ! =-)

  30. The situation is surely not going to be better. Similar things are also happening in Europe. It is a pretaste of New World Order. So, it is better to find a better way for self not depending much anymore on existing systems. As humane being we are able to find a better way. Obama or no Obama, the things will not change for better, something must be done.

  31. These policies will never be reversed; it’s only going to get worse. The Illuminati agenda of total destruction will continue unabated. When they have us all on our knees, they will establish their NWO. Obama and his ilk are just Illuminati suck puppets who will always bend over to do their masters’ wishes.

  32. Britain created Iraq (see Gertrude Bell)
    Britain created this current incarnation of Israel according to deals made with Lord Balfour in 1948 Britain’s Lord Atlee declared this Israeli state ,prior to The Balfour Agreement Jews lived in the region for HUNDREDS of years in PEACE.
    Marx,Stalin,Lenin all have a history in Britain before becoming the London puppets we think of as “The Commies”.
    Britain forced TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) to betray the Arabs Britain said it was helping,then betrayed them.Lawrence quit in shame.
    Eugenics (“Hitlers”race purity)was created in the Gaulton Institute in Britain,Darwinism,and Malthus a (Piltdown man too) all created in Britain.
    If you look at real history Britain might not be your friend.
    They believe Thomas Robert Malthus who claimed the poor must be destroyed so there are resources for ….Britain!
    Not the people,but the Nobility,and their banking,spiritual associates.
    One needs to look at what happened when Queen Victoria died and how George V betrayed his co-heirs to the British Empire.
    US soldiers are fighting protecting British Commonwealth interests,and this incarnation of Israel is a British (1948) mandate.
    The first people ever to gas Iraqi’s was the British in 1913.It was mustard gas.
    The Iraqi’s were the first to get shot from a machine gun from an airplane.
    Back in 1913,when Gertrude Bell was mixing the Shiites,Sunni’s Muslims creating this current Iraq.
    The UN is the British Royalty and their old inbred world empire psychopaths.
    The British have a very bloody history and feel as a small Island they have to use any means necessary to survive.
    (Under QE 1 ) They are also cowards,and masters of deceit,they used Huns to fight the US revolution,they use this version of Israel they created as a shield to hide their motives.
    The British care not for Israel,they care not for their own people.This is what happens when you are dealing with an inbred species (the Nobility of the world and their financiers).
    Just saying because it is sad to see people swinging at air.
    I remember when the US was prosperous,it can be again,but you must address the underlying decay.Also this is what happens when people forget God.
    PSS The British invasion of your music was designed by the Tavistock Institute in …..Britain! Let’s sing along “I’m a loser!”
    “Of all the loves I have won otr have lost,there was a girl I should never have crossed…she was a girl who had millions my friend,I should have known she would win in the end!”<~The Queen
    Pray to God for wisdom! He always grants wisdom,even if you use it wrong and mess yourself with it,He always grants wisdom if you pray for it.
    Pray for Grace,and Humility,quit being proud like Satan America.
    Pride precedes a fall.

  33. I believe a single person is given something like $21 per week to eat on? Correct me if I’m wrong. Meantime (have visited many times) in Washington (dining room) you’ll see serving dishes laden down (daily) with roast beef, ham, salmon (not genetic) – turkey – salads – casseroles etc. There are private (black suited waiters) dining rooms (citizen not permitted) for Senate.
    These folks (including Judicial – Defense- Executive-State) all have French chefs and eat ONLY (no mystery meat for them) $150.00 per lb KOBE beef from JAPAN (US beef not good enough) and all -all- all, organic fruits/veg…(no pesticide – e-coli here). The private schools they send their kiddies to also have FRENCH chefs – NO junk food allowed/ no corporate soda/ candy machines!
    I read where a couple of Congress persons tried to live on food stamps for a week and had a hard time of it. Many things (all non-food/ prepared food) are exempted. Little wonder gas stations are robbed of toilet paper. We are spending upwards of 7 bill + on war in a 13th century wasteland! Little wonder our bridges, highways, damns, schools, gas lines, sewers systems (antiquate) are all crumbling.
    Meantime China has invested (no war for them) billions in thousands of miles in new highways/ airports . Google Dubai –WOW (many US companies have relocated here) this is what 21st architecture looks like. It makes us look like a third world country already. Look at the simple tunnel (BIG PIG) in Boston —that (due to corruption) cost approx 13 bill and it leaks like a sieve.
    The levees in New Orleans still aren’t repaired. If you check out this link – (photo essay you will see where (billions sent) our highway, infrastructure money is (400 mile wall).
    JOSH is right – Dem or Rep they are all corrupted (minus rare few). HELLO it was Clinton/Gramm/ Summers/Rubin responsible for the Repeal FDR’s GLASS STEGALL which opened the trough for insurance/ investment houses etc to enter banking world.
    This shadow (decades long) world of no regulations/ oversight (Emanuel – Summers – hedge managers cleaned up) has resulted (please sub prime the least of the problem) in a global meltdown. That is WHY you see (they’re playing it down) this newest Foreclosure shutdown. They bundled mortgages up in exotic securities (Credit Default Swaps) and sold them world wide.
    They have NO idea who holds the mortgages !! They set up Foreclosure MILLS and created fraudulent paper work on documents that DON’T exist. Millions of homes are in LIMBO -But what is the news full of? Gay bashing, bullying – Congress wants to set laws/ insist on new classes ($$) against bullying etc. While this indeed is horrific / this is an issue (kick damn bullies out – suspend them for a year) for States/Schools. We’ve got our plates full CONGRESS with a meltdown – people dying on ER floors/ dying because the utilities are shut off- dying because they can’t afford $$$ medicine – living in TENTS (Google Tent Cities, USA) in their cars/ rat infested motels. Kids HUNGRY as food stamp program cut to pay for state teachers- fire- police salaries/ pensions etc (one year).
    People are dying because insurance companies have canceled their policies. BOTH parties voted for these trade agreements (NEVER read) selling us down the river. Clinton – guru – gave us NAFTA-WTO (China sellout). McCain said during campaign, “Sell your stuff on e-bay to make money”. Him with his trophy heiress wife (left his handicapped wife). He couldn’t remember how many homes (its 8) or cars ( 13) that he owned.
    They have GOLD CARD (life) health benefits (would not take what they voted for masses) including dental, vision, no co-pay/ and WE pay 72% of their premiums. They voted themselves a COST of Living increase but SS persons are out of luck. Oops they don’t count food/ fuel when figuring for inflation. Seniors in France – Finland – etc aren’t cutting their pills in half/ nobody is dying because a insurance policy is canceled. We have NO safety net in this country.

  34. If only Reagan had seen what he really got rolling, which turned into the debacle of NAFTA, GATT and all the rest.
    It remains in past as in the present, the saddest words of mouth or pen remain those trenchant four: It might have been.

  35. “And those who earn wages, earn wages to put into a bag with holes.” Haggai 1:6
    “O you who dwell by many waters, Abundant in treasures, Your end has come, The measure of your covetousness. The Lord of hosts has sworn by Himself: ‘Surely I will fill you with men, (illegals/foreign troops) as with locusts, And they shall lift up a shout againt you.” Jeremiah 51:13,14
    “Sit in silence, and go into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans; For you shall no longer be called The Lady of Kingdoms.” Isaiah 47:5
    “All your strongholds are fig trees with ripened figs: If they are shaken, They fall into the mouth of the eater. Surely your people in your midst are (all like) women! The gates (boundaries) of your land are wide open for your enemies; ” Nahum 3:12,13
    “Behold, the day of the Lord comes, Cruel, with both wrath and fierce anger, To lay the land desolate; And He will destroy its sinners from it.” Isaiah 13:9
    “Seek righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden In the day of the Lord’s anger.” Zephaniah 2:3

  36. And then there’s Peggy Joseph… wonder if she’ll be voting a straight ticket in November.

  37. Those that blame Obama will be in for the surprise of their lives when he is gone. F0r it is not Obama or bush nor the next guy who can do anything about it. America is cooked stick a fork in it its burned.
    IT is going to continue to get worse America is over as you have know it for always.
    The jobs will not come back,and the dollar is about to collapse.
    No matter who is in the WH makes no difference it is a systemic Problem that
    was caused by 60 years of bad politicians who voted for greed and prok barrel spending. who played to the lobbyists everytime for a few extra dollars they sold out America.
    Obama ‘s hands are tied basically there is 50% too many Americans for the jobs that remain and of those jobs that remain many are slated to leave soon
    .After the midterm election GM will be sold to China and should they move it to China you can kiss good bye to another 2 million high paying jobs.
    USA is bankrupted at all levels .It’s peoples are bankrupt or under water and most have no clue so they blame the President no matter who that might be. Soon Even many police will be fired and replaced with the army in many places due to not enough taxes coming in to pay them .
    within a short time a year or 2 at most the dollar will fail and then it’s over for America . I wish it were not true ,I truly do.

  38. Be sure to check out Buchanan’s column of the 8th, “Food Stamp Nation” at Vdare.[ ]

  39. Steve, I agree, as I trust the GOP about as far as I can throw Ted Kennedy’s petrified liver.
    LOL – However many of them he went through.

  40. Tom,
    People do not start businesses to be a boon to society, provide jobs, nor to fund government, nor to support the moochcers, leeches and ticks who dwell among us.
    They start them to make money. Period.
    No one goes into business to sell products/services for what they paid for them, but to sell them for more than what they paid or put into it.
    Sorry, but the truth is insensitive.
    When the government, through hideous regulations and taxes, begins to interfere unduly in that process, the owners of said businesses either look to relocate, or they take other action to cut or eliminate their losses.
    Private/free enterprise creates wealth, not government. Once government get’s involved, than the enterprise is no longer free.
    As for the Swiss, other than a steady supply of hot blondes, a lot of skilled snow skiers, and over-priced time pieces, what have they really contributed to this world?
    Damn little, I’d say.

  41. Figured I’d post yet another useless, pointless, who-cares-about-my-opinion comment here… I’ll critique others carelessly as my computer burns fossil fuel energy up, delivered from the coal-fired plant down the highway…

  42. I blame the queen of England. I can smell her royal hand in everything.

  43. The saddest part is that some of these midnight shoppers are also Walmart employees who don’t get paid enough from Walmart to even live decently! Walmart is notorious for screwing their employees! Not only do they pay low wages but in this recession they have also cut employee hours back! So many who work for Walmart are also on food stamps! There is simply no excuse for this!


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