America’s retail apocalypse: Now it’s Family Dollar & Coldwater Creek

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Tiffany Hsu reports for The Los Angeles Times, April 10, 2014, that the North Carolina discount retail chain Family Dollar Stores Inc. said it would close 370 under-performing stores later this year and slash prices on 1,000 products after its profit for the second quarter plunged more than 30%.

Family Dollar has 8,100 stores across the country.

Tiffany Hsu reports for L.A. Times, April 11, 2014, that Coldwater Creek Inc., a women’s wear retailer with hundreds of stores nationwide, has filed for Chapter 11 in federal bankruptcy court in Delaware, listing $278.5 million in assets and $361.3 million in debt.

The company will start liquidating the business with deep discounts pegged to Mother’s Day.

The Sandpoint, Idaho, company, which started with a catalog model in 1984, has 334 retail stores, 31 outlet locations and seven day spas. California has 27 Coldwater Creek stores — more than any other state except Texas.

Coldwater Creek has 339 employees in its corporate headquarters and more than 5,500 other workers throughout the system.


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0 responses to “America’s retail apocalypse: Now it’s Family Dollar & Coldwater Creek

  1. It’s pretty bad when a cheap store like Family Dollar starts going under.

  2. Lucifer’s believers are not satisfied with their own immense wealth-they require increase of everyone else’s vastness of poverty. God’s words of clear warning is found in many places, but start with Luke 16:19-31 and then see that it went back to Moses and the prophets.
    Brothers of Lazarus, go to the Tanakh, don’t let your feet slip, don’t envy the arrogant when you see the prosperity of the wicked.

  3. The last sentence should have included a reference to Palm 73, it is good for us to be near God, make Him our refuge.

  4. Thanks, Democrats!!

  5. Well,he promised Hope and Change,and DID HE EVER BRING IT! HOPE we survive to see him convicted,and CHANGE to try to pay the bills with.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post, notwithstanding all of the other posts you have done setting forth the closings of many businesses and related stores. Our economy has never been worse.


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