America's Got Talent. Kevin James. Unbelievable

You figure this out. It’s Amazing.

~Steve~                                       H/T   hujonwi

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7 years ago

Enough already! I’m sending it to my magician friend, and he’ll tell me what’s up w/this clown!!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Damn , he’s good ! On the first one , if you notice , he put that big box at a precise spot . Removable piece of flooring . “Little person ” comes up into the box from under the box . Note that at the end of that part the ” big box ” probably had 4 , you only saw 2 ( 1:47 mark ) levers or something that allowed the box to be opened . Just a guess on my part .
The 2nd one , I can’t even take a wag at that one !

Number 41
Number 41
7 years ago

The first one, the trunk is about 3 feet deep. Maybe turntable on the “bottom” when it is up on end. Notice he has to peg the fake legs into something to secure the body of the dummy. He blocks the view while reattaching the head and spins the dummy to the back and the man to the front. Second one I think he is using an amputee. Watch the legs as he comes in with the cart (not the nurse’s legs, the other legs!). The short man has to steer the cart because the legs can’t with the amputee… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Steve

You’re right, we don’t need to know, only enjoy the magic of the moments!