America's Dark Thread – Part One

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America is not simply good or simply evil – it is a bit of both

Our country has, from its beginning, been a battleground in the war between good and evil. Which side wins is decided in each generation, and in many small battles. Even within each individual we see a war being waged. We have the Christian George Washington, but also the Freemason George Washington, and the good and bad version of me and you.

Right when we want to proclaim the righteous nature of our society, our eyes fall onto a thread of darkness contradicting our praise. This is one strand of that dark thread.

This mural is not a conspiracy that has been kept secret through the years. If this has been hiding at all, it was hiding in plain sight. The following image and text are from a government website called



Overview: Painted in 1865 by Constantino Brumidi, the Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the U.S. Capitol Building’s Rotunda depicts George Washington rising to the heavens in glory, flanked by female figures representing Liberty and Victory/Fame and surrounded by six groups of figures. The fresco is suspended 180 feet above the Rotunda floor and covers an area of 4,664 square feet.

The Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitolwas painted in the true fresco technique by Constantino Brumidi in 1865. Brumidi (1805-1880) was born and trained in Rome and had painted in the Vatican and Roman palaces before emigrating to the United States in 1852. A master of creating the illusion of three-dimensional forms and figures on flat walls, Brumidi painted frescoes and murals throughout the Capitol from 1855 until his death.
The Apotheosis of Washington, his most ambitious work at the Capitol Building, was painted in 11 months at the end of the Civil War, soon after thenew dome was completed, for $40,000. The figures, up to 15 feet tall, were painted to be intelligible from close up as well as from 180 feet below. Some of the groups and figures were inspired by classical and Renaissance images, especially by those of the Italian master Raphael.
In the central group of the fresco, Brumidi depicted George Washington rising to the heavens in glory, flanked by female figures representing Liberty and Victory/Fame. A rainbow arches at his feet, and thirteen maidens symbolizing the original states flank the three central figures. (The word “apotheosis” in the title means literally the raising of a person to the rank of a god, or the glorification of a person as an ideal; George Washington was honored as a national icon in the nineteenth century.)

barack-obama-haloIf you are not a Christian, you may not see this painting with any sense of alarm. But seeing it from a Judeo-Christian world view, the blasphemy is unmistakable. The painting was made more than 50 years after George Washington’s death, so we can’t blame it on him, but on a line of philosophy that has continued to this day.
Seeking to portray an American president as being equal with God, is not something that began with Barack Obama. We see it clearly in this mural of our first president.
This qualifies as one strand of the thread of spiritual darkness that is woven into the story of America.

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  1. For me, this is a wonderful part of history previously unknown. I note that Washington’s group is not an exact circle, but is more of a three-sided lobe, which may be significant. As traildustfotm writes, it is necessary that we know and accept ALL of our history, else we fall into self-imposed blindness that leads to a lower state and base actions.

  2. Human nature seems prone to idolatry, and Americans are no different, for ours is a FALLEN nature. How many times did Yahweh in the OT rebuke the Hebrew people for turning away from Him to worship idols? But it must be said that after the American Revolutionary War, George Washington resisted and refused calls for him to be a new king. After serving two terms as the new USA’s first president, eschewing a third term (something Franklin D. Roosevelt did not), Washington retired from politics.
    The Founding Fathers were not perfect. No human being, other than Jesus Christ who is both God and man, is perfect. That some of the Founders were Deists instead of followers of Christ, should be understood in the context of their time — the Age of Enlightenment, a philosophical-cultural movement that began in late 17th-century Western Europe which emphasized human reason and individualism over tradition. The Enlightenment gave us the notion of self-government instead of the divine right of kings — that human beings are all endowed with reason, which means we can govern ourselves instead of by “blue blooded” royalty who claimed a divine right to rule over others. But the Enlightenment was also the period when Europeans began questioning and doubting Christianity, starting in Germany.
    I would take some Founders’ rational Deism — employing reason to discern there’s a Creator (today we call it Intelligent Design) — over today’s Godless secularism that verges into outright if unspoken “Do As Thou Wilt” satanism — any day.

    • Bravo!!! That is what I was trying to encapsulate! Thank you, Dr. Eowyn. We need to think more deeply about the men and women who founded this country. It’s very easy to say they were just deists. But a closer examination of their lives and writing reveals much better things than a damning verdict that they were simply and only Freemasons. And if Washington’s understandings were not doctrinally perfect, then we must look on his actions to know more about the man. The “good Samaritan” was a man with an incorrect religion, but a good heart and good actions. And God preferred that to the perfect religionists with cold hearts.

    • Most excellent thoughts and reasoning! I second our traildustfotm in everything s/he wrote.

  3. Thomas Flaherty

    Very Perceptive and crucial to resolving the Left/Right False Dicotomy that is dividing our nation. The same duality is in modern Israel,s history, the other exceptional nation. Not Either/Or Good and Evil but Both/And. Evil is ALWAYS in the train of Good. *Jesus, being full of the Holy Spirit, was immediately driven into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil.*

  4. Well the lucferian/satanist folk had a hand in the early founding of the U.S. Note the giant obelisk (andreflecting pool) which is typically found in egyptian sacred structures, the obelisk representing the phallus of osirius, whereas the pool represents the bits of isis (male and female emblems) yet it is called the “washington monument”… Then there is the fact the “capitol” building is itself a temple, because if you look at the term “capitol” it is actually an archaic word for “temple”, further illustrated by the idol that sits atop it’s dome (which isn’t Christ or anything Christian I might add, that’s libertas, the roman goddess, same one that stands in new york harbor, although some believe that statue is a mix of libertas of the romans and eileithia of the greeks.) Interesting too is that eileithia of the greeks in some accounts had a son, sosipolis, the “god of the city” who is oft depicted in a “star-spangled” robe…. Finally there is also those statues of “justice” in the courthouses, that is also an old greecian goddess, by the name of dike. This and what you just wrote of is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg of pagan or outright lucferian influence. One will often find many symbols of egypt, rome, and greece, considered to be the “later remnants” of atlantis to the occultists, and put in the U.S. to help them realize their dream of making the U.S. into their would-be “new atlantis”.
    Suffice it to say with types like franklin (hellfire clubs, freemasonry etc. and as it turns out, also a bit of a grave robber by proxy) and washington (freemason, who even stated awareness of the bavarian illuminati utilizing freemasonry to spread their ideals.) among others in the mix, the beginnings are not purely Christian. (I won’t even get into the “great seal” here).
    If you want any assistance in researching this Traildust, feel free to ask.

  5. I see the mural more like a Pope being made Saint after death. It’s a beautiful tribute to a incredible man. The artist was inspired and poured his heart into the mural.

    • He was both a very good artist and well-paid: that was a significant sum in those days, when many men were pleased to earn a dollar a day! A good town house coud cost $5,000, but for $1,500 to $3,000 one could get a nice working farm, complete w/good buildings and some livestock. I’d go for the farm, but that’s meself for you!


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