America's broke, but Obama gives $147 million to Palestinians

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The Establishment Media are not reporting this, so we are.
Each year, the United States gives approximately $500 million to the Palestinians, millions of dollars of which have been used to train armed forces and buy munitions that are used against Israel, America’s supposed ally.
Last October, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R-Fla) froze $192 million in US funding for Palestinian projects as Fatah head Mahmoud Abbas prepared to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state in the United Nations. But the Palestinians’ bid for statehood, brought to the UN in September, failed to gain enough support.
Congress later released to the Palestinian Authority $45 million, then another $88.6 million, with limitations on where the money could be used.
On April 25, 2012, however, Obama announced he would override Congress and release the rest of the funds without any limitations or restrictions on where the money could be used. He then justified his decision as one involving “national security interests of the United States.”
Obama’s announcement was followed by the US Agency for International Development saying that it will pour $147 million of American taxpayers’ money into Palestinian Authority infrastructure, education, health projects, and humanitarian aid.
Do you remember your high school civics class (do they still have that?) on the U.S. government — that in America’s system of separation of powers, it is the legislative branch, specifically the House of Representatives, that controls the purse strings? So much for that. [smirk]
Now it’s up to the Republican eunuchs to stop King Obama. I’m not holding my breath.
H/t California Political News & Views

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0 responses to “America's broke, but Obama gives $147 million to Palestinians

  1. Hamas needs to have a GSA and lavish parties in Vegas, too…

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Kelleigh forwarded me this email from a friend in Israel today:
    From Israeli friend.
    I’m seeing red again. This is criminal. While the US gives $1.3 billion to Egypt with the “hope” that it will bring good will (it didn’t), and 193 million to the PA for absolutely nothing in return, making our lives more dangerous here, they attach strings to the money they offer Israel. I would throw back their offer of money anyway, because the strings are murderous, but I’m not in power. That poor excuse of a defense minister Barak is probably getting kickbacks and is more than happy to comply with the strings. This time, the US wants the technology and co-production with rights for the Iron Dome, which we probably wouldn’t need except for the US penchant for sending money to the PA so they can buy weapons to shoot us with, thus necessitating the iron dome in the first place. So now the US wants the technology. Why? Are they being attacked? I suggest they want it so they can tell our enemies all about its design, thus giving Hamas etc. the secrets they need to counter the iron dome system so we’re left with squat and 1000s of missiles coming our way again.
    Why does Israel bow to the US? Ron Paul, help us please. G-d will help us, but maybe He’ll let us suffer for having greedy idiots in our govt.
    Why is it that Israel has strings tied to aid, but Egypt and Hamas-PA don’t?
    Does anyone need any more proof that the US govt is anti-Semitic and pro-Muslim, and immoral, irresponsible, criminal, corrupt & G-d-hating?
    Sorry to rant, but I’m so fed up with the US.

  3. Well, at least it wasn’t a trillion.
    This time.

  4. Maybe Samantha Power thought it was a good idea.

  5. He has to pay for his daughters trip to mexico and has to pay for his run for president somehow! The CROOK is on his way OUT, even his own people are tired of all his lies and broken promises. Every time he opens his mouth, another lie just rolls right on out! Semper Fi.

  6. Robert L. Akers

    Goes to show how lucky we are that a man like Mr.Santorum is on our side!


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