Americans turn against the biased Hate America Media (HAM) with open hostility

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Americans already distrust the mainstream media (MSM). A January 16, 2018 Gallup Poll found that distrust of the news media has soared in recent decades, from 25% of U.S. adults in 1989 to 45% today saying there was a great deal of political bias in news coverage. 66% of Americans say that news media “do not do a good job” of “separating fact from opinion” (86% of Republicans; 44% of Democrats).

And no wonder.

Did you know that a study by Indiana University professors Lars Willnat and David H. Weaver found that in 2013, only 7.1% of full-time U.S. journalists identified themselves as Republicans? In fact, the percentage of Republican journalists continues to decline — from 25.7% in 1971, to 18.8% in 1982, to 16.4% in 1992, to 7.1% by 2013. No doubt the percentage is even less than 7.1% in 2018.

With the lawful election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the MSM have gone insane with vitriol and hate, showing that they really are the Hate America Media (HAM).

Here’s an example: a cartoon by New York Times editorial cartoonist Patrick Chappette, portraying U.S. soldiers’ mission as that of fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East, and the soldiers refusing to defend America’s southern border against the impending invasion of thousands of “caravan migrants”.

No longer covert and sneaky, the Hate America Media have abandoned all pretenses at journalistic objectivity. An example of the HAM’s declaration of open warfare against Trump and his millions of “deplorable” supporters is the editorial board of the New York Times urging Democrats to go to war against a sitting President of the United States by deploying violent and unscrupulous “Godfather” mafia tactics.

Now, the American people are fighting back against the Hate America Media with open hostility, threats, and even physical attacks.

David Bauder reports for the Associated Press, October 29, 2018, that journalist associations are dispensing advice on safety and self-defense tips because of increasing anti-press incidents. The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) advise reporters to avoid one-person news crews; the National Press Photographers Association is developing workshops on safety. Chris Post, a photographer for WFMZ-TV in Allentown, Pennsylvania, said: “The environment has changed. I’ve witnessed the transition.”

The RTDNA has begun compiling anti-press incidents that it self-righteously calls the “press freedom tracker”. Last year, the first time a count was kept, there were 48 incidents; the count so far this year is 39, including:

  • The June 28 shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, where five people were killed.
  • In October, an intruder was shot after kicking down glass doors at Fox’s local station in Washington, DC.
  • In Dallas, Texas, a man purposely crashed a pick-up truck into the side of a TV station.
  • In Miami, a reporter and a photographer were physically attacked while doing a live shot.
  • In North Carolina, a news crew had its power cable cut while covering a demonstration.
  • CNN correspondent Jim Acostawho is barred from the White House for being rude, combative, and assaulting a White House intern by putting his hand on her arm to stop her from doing her job — has been the target of chants and epithets when covering Trump rallies, including one recently where a man looked at him and made a motion like he was slitting a throat.
  • When WFMZ-TV photographer Chris Post arrived to cover an immigration rally, a man in a car asked him where he was going. Told it was a pro-immigration rally, the man became agitated and stepped on his accelerator, stopping just short of hitting Post. On the same day, a man shouted “fake news” at Post while driving by in a pick-up truck. Post said, “I’m 6-foot-5, 300 pounds. I’ve had somebody try to grab my camera. When it gets to that point, where does it stop? It’s a tough time to be a journalist.” But Post also had an experience while driving through a fast-food pickup line that gave him hope. He was handed a cup of coffee and told the woman in line ahead of him had bought it, wanting to pass along the message “thank you for what you do.”
  • Caitlin Penna, a freelance photographer from Durham, N.C., said she constantly has her guard up on assignments. Even her conservative family is suspicious of her. “I’m pretty sure my grandmother thinks I’m this far-left liberal because of the things I cover,” she said. One night she was unwinding at a local bar and struck up a conversation with a man nearby. When she discussed what she did, the man said, “you report fake news” and walked away.
  • Nic Coury, a freelance photographer who works in California’s affluent Monterey County, said: “Since the election, people are emboldened more.” Coury has been called part of the liberal scum media, an enemy of the state and told he and his colleagues lie all the time. When conservative Arizona politician and law enforcement officer Joe Arpaio made a local appearance, “it was like walking into the dragon’s lair.”

Some journalists are quitting because of the hostility. The hostility she’s felt from the public recently was one of the reasons why Los Angeles KNBC-TV news photographer Lori Bentley-Law decided to quit the business after 24 years.

In her blog post explaining why she was leaving, like other journalists such as Acosta who are devoid of introspection, Bentley-Law blames public hostility entirely on President Trump, as if his supporters are brain-dead zombies who can’t and don’t think on their own. She whined that when a president describes the press as enemies of the people, “attitudes shift and the field crews get the brunt of the abuse. And it’s not just from one side. We get it all the way around, pretty much on a daily basis.”

She says that although there are other factors that contributed to her desire to leave, including shoulder woes from carrying heavy equipment for many years and a constant diet of murders and other depressing story assignments, the current environment is definitely part of it. One recent day, a person in a Mercedes prevented her KNBC news van from getting off a highway until several exits beyond her destination. On another occasion, a man stuck his bare butt out the window and defecated. Bentley-Law wrote:

“I don’t want to be immersed in sadness every day. I don’t ever want a cute little girl in pigtails to look up at me and say, ‘We hate you.’ I don’t want to hear ‘fake news’ shouted at me anymore, or to be flipped off while driving my news van.”

Bentley-Law was flooded with texts and emails from frustrated journalists across the country who’d read her blog. Declining to be interviewed, Bentley-Law said via email: “I suppose my experience isn’t unique and certainly resonated.”


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40 responses to “Americans turn against the biased Hate America Media (HAM) with open hostility

  1. Hard-working housewife

    I interpreted the cartoon as mocking President Trump to defend our borders as if there was no threat. That was the assertion Acosta was trying to make when he rudely interrogated the President last Wednesday.

    I hate the mainstream media, not because of President Trump, but because they fail to report the news. They have failed to report the news a very long time. One particular topic they fail to report accurately and truthfully is in regard to vaccines. The fact is vaccines are dangerous and antithetical to health. Yet the msm demonizes anti-vaxxers. The fact is they are too ignorant to think critically or logically. Let’s see, we see a dramatic increase in allergies, asthma, autism, auto immune disease, etc… just as the vaccine schedule increases. But there is nothing to see here…

    Jim Acosta is truly a disgrace and I’m sick of the news about him. He is disrespectful to the President, as are most of these media personalities. Obviously if President Trump were truly a Nazi dictator, he’d silence them. Forever. America needs to wake up, though I fear it may be too late.

  2. Snowflake liberals are incapable of introspection.

  3. chappette…… ‘enrolled’ ?????????? what an idiot.

  4. I don’t trust the MSM AT ALL. I’m even starting to realize that FNC is going down the SAME SAD RABBIT HOLE! If it isn’t Tucker or Sean or Laura or Janine…it’s LEFTIST. I can’t even watch Schlep Smith…and he’s NEWS guy! I shouldn’t even KNOW what his political beliefs are! But I do…because he can’t shut up about them. I HATE when a reported tells me how I should interpret what he’s “reporting” on. I can go to CNN for Schlep-style editorializing.

    FNC will lose viewers if they don’t straighten out.

    • Re FOX, I saw a comment (here?) or a tweet that said:

      “The owners of FOX are BRITISH LIBERALS *masquerading* as American CONSERVATIVES.”

      Sounds right on!

  5. If a communist public education system trains a young girl to rabidly support communism and makes her a complete fool concerning the history of America, religion, constitution and morals, then all it has to do is give her a camera and a microphone and tell her that she is liberated to say whatever she chooses.
    Since she has has no rational thoughts of her own and she is at odds with the principles that America was founded on, she will simply repeat the latest communist party line that the party trained her in tells her to say. And she will believe that she is doing the right thing even while she destroys her own country and indeed her own life.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Appears to me what they are claiming, they would rather quit,..than be ‘honest’.

  7. I don’t like liars, and so I don’t like MSM. Simple as that.

  8. I “enrolled…”

    Good grief these people are HACKS.

    • Amazing, isn’t it? “Enrolled” like joining a choir. Lucky for me I didn’t “enroll”, or even “enlist”, I was drafted.

  9. The MSM is simply the propaganda arm of the New World Odor. Why would we expect anything different? They used to attempt to seem less strident, not anymore.

    The obvious solution would be for people to stop watching them entirely. They are of no value whatsoever. People who watch TV “news” are morons. IF they don’t start out morons they end up that way. I can’t even stand to listen to it for more than five minutes. It’s revolting.

    Today they’re whining that Acosta’s “rights” were violated. Really? He has no right to insult the President and refuse the President’s orders in the Whitehouse. I would have had him dragged out of there and his little buddy who stood up for him. Then I would have written an official letter to CNN demanding his immediate firing or they would be permanently banned from the Whitehouse.

    They have grown arrogant and they are getting away with it.

    • I agree. Five minutes is too much when you know you’re being hypnotically manipulated and played for a fool, even by camera angles and by unnoticed, attention-forcing strobe effects. Try turning the sound off in a darkened room and watch the lights on a wall away from the tv, flashing like something North Korean brainwashing sessions might have—blackness followed by explosions of light forcing the inner mind to concentrate like life itself was at stake.

      Fox is still at it, of course, with its classless boobs and thigh journalism, as well as the pompadoured flag-waving shtick and jingoism suggesting nothing could be more American than this country going broke for Israel. Apparently Fox News’ viewers see nothing inimical between a “family values” news department and an entertainment division running the worst in overt sexual filth aimed at little children in its programming. Some while ago I read a study about minutes per hour of commercials, and if I’m not mistaken Fox was the worst in minutes per hour of commercials in both news and entertainment programming. A person can learn more reading for five minutes than watching an hour of that crap.

      • My wife watches it. That’s the only reason I have some idea of what’s on there. It’s beyond awful. The lies are off the charts. They are in a different universe.

        Imagine, a TV channel (actually several of them) devoted to bashing Trump, 24/7 365. All day and night, Trump, Trump, Trump…., Sessions!. Trump, Trump, Trump, ….Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s total garbage.

        Think of the money it takes to put this out there. Just think what they pay Reggie Madcow alone. Just imagine what that simpering little wimp, O’Donnel gets. Whatever it is it’s WAY too much.

        One of the highest-paid professions in America is “Liar”. They aren’t even proper “announcers”, they are sports announcers. Everything is “breathless”, hysterical. As “Dan” says, its a form of hypnotism.

      • I think this is a very good synopsis of where we are and why.

        We are clearly being manipulated. The first step in living a legitimate life is realizing that. Perhaps the second is in realizing what is important and what is merely incidental.

        As you say; “A person can learn more reading for five minutes than watching an hour of that crap”. One won’t find truth where lies are told. The same applies to going to those who cause problems for solutions.

  10. The basis and general, all a round trustworthiness of the MSM is a non starter, but even more, notice how the news always plays the politics of whatever they are reporting on, but never really explore the issue itself. The MSM is the corporate establishment reporting on establishment interests. Now globalism and the NWO wants to remove nations, nationalism and the relevance of citizenship in favor of multi national corporate interests. Whoops, there goes our rights, citizenship privileges and all social contract. Hello third world peasant status for what was once a middle class democratic society.

  11. Something like 5 Bolshevik AshkeNazis own most of the MSM. The most important step to stop the destruction of nation,culture,society, economy, & nation is to de-monopolize the Bolshevik MSM.

    “Who controls the media, controls the mind” James Douglas Morrison

    • It has been shown, again and again, that they all read from the same provided script. I like those segments where they “click through the channels” and all the talking heads are saying exactly the same thing. How does one account for that?

  12. Personally…I “peek in” on news these days for about 2 minutes, mostly to see if I’m going to be burnt down or if my freeway is closed, and then I “google” my local weather online b/c I can’t stand another minute on TV….and for viewing “pleasure,” I mostly watch crime shows. At LEAST they SOLVE things that need solving—unlike the “real life” around me locally and nationally. Very satisfying. Today, on a rare day off for us teachers…I watched 2 back to back Charles Bronson “Death Wish” movies before I even got out of bed. Very satisfying to see the bad guys “pay up” for once instead of lawyering up (which you and I most probably PAY FOR in real life as these things turn out) and playing our system for 40 years before MAYBE “paying up.”

  13. Love those Charles Bronson vigilante movies. As for SoCal TV weather mannequins, I guess they are still on the screen displaying more flesh than weather manipulation. Do they teach about weather warfare in weather mannequin school?

    In his 1931 book The Scientific Outlook, Lord Bertrand Arthur Russell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950, discussed manipulating the weather. “It may be that God made the world,” Russell proclaimed, “that is no reason why we should not make it over.”

    Charles Galton Darwin, a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, who was also the grandson of Charles Darwin, talked about gaining direct control over the climate in his 1952 book, The Next Million Years.

    • Our weather girl is at least hot. Great funbags! Her traffic girlfriend looks pretty good too. Can’t stand the homo anchor. Soul sports is a hoot. At least the local news is funny. National/international news ain’t news. It’s all contrived to distort, misleacd and decieve.

      • That’s the point, YouKnow, that Anne and I already made—-the weather girl is ALWAYS hot…..and where I view in SoCal, most always a well-“rounded” Hispanic woman dressed in what I refer to as a “boob shirt” or dress, slashed to the waist….and riding her thighs up to her crotch……very difficult to take seriously….or to even remember what she said, and ALWAYS makes me wonder about who is in charge of hiring at these stations…..but of course…..we know why anyway. (And, Anne—not sure they EVER went to “weather school” anyway….my brother-in-law is a National Weather Observer for US Gov’t and I KNOW what he had to do in school for his degrees…pretty sure none of these women did so). I’m glad some people enjoy…and I really mean it YouKnow…I am not “dissing” you. Two different views of our SoCal weatherwomen to notice/comment on 🙂

        • I get the idea that our girl is hot and smart. She’s got the degrees and she knows how to shake the money maker. Weathertainment? Can’t fault her for that. It I what it is. Besides, everybody complains about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it.

        • The weather is about as exciting as golf, or watching paint dry. I don’t blame them for spicing things up a little. Of course, if I want to know what the forecast is I just go to the internet. That way I don’t have to risk an encounter for what passes for “news”.

          • HA HA, LO…..same here….. 🙂 AND, BTW….as an art teacher, I watch a LOT of paint drying….and have to provide “intervention” and amusement in the meanwhile. So….I totally understand these stations providing the “meanwhile.” 😉

    • Gaining control over the weather is characteristic of the globalists’ track record of ruining just about anything they touch. Accurate weather prediction by experts is a standing joke for good reason, such as their being unable to predict hurricane paths until the last minute. High school kids having such engineering wonders as weather scientists do at their fingertips could probably do just about as well. Weather predictions based on weather science itself, laughably bad as they are, do remain possible in the future. We don’t, however, need to understand the partial differential equations supposedly governing the fluid behavior of air and water in order to have a say in the matter because neither do weather scientists understand them, let alone those buffoons on TV.

      Dr Tim Ball of Canada has a site demolishing politicized weather and climate bullsh*t. Take a look at the article on the eye popping paucity of actual data points in producing climate hysteria, and that’s on top of proved outright scientific fraud in the fabrication, falsification, mischaracterization, and omissions regarding the data they do use.

      Even after they assemble the faked data, it’s subjected to barely understood equations, most importantly the Navier-Stokes fluid equations that are so poorly understood that the Clay Mathematics Institute is still offering $1 million for simply understanding the unproved air and water fluid behavior solutions being enlisted to justify voodoo climatology. Even their own computer models are laughing at them.

      At least the desperation of the globalists pushing this crap has become a running joke at this point, especially when you see the underlying hysterical paranoia popping out from NYT/AP etc “science writers,” suggesting the real motive of their “climate change” science is a people-hating, exterminationist meme encapsulated in a happy fairy tale about saving the planet. With a high enough TV dosage those virtue-signaling suburban, upper middle class, college-educated women who keep putting the Dems over the top will readily sacrifice their kids to the new Molech on the block called Gaia.

    • In the case of Tesla, I can believe that utilizing nature as a source of energy is entirely possible. After all, that is what we do when we “produce” electricity. We induce electrons to flow in a medium.

      Altering weather is much the same. It seems that anything one does effects something else. That is more a “belief” of mine that proven fact. God created the Universe. God is still very much in control of it. I do not believe that anything happens without God’s consent.

      Just as with “rights”, people have a “right” to do anything. Of course there are often consequences that come with the exercise of those “rights”. We are called to be good stewards. For that is what we are. We are not creators, we are stewards, whether we realize it or not.

  14. HAM outlets are the modern Agit-prop department of the Sociocommie/Antifacrats. No use fighting it, just a fact. If you want news and journalism, it’s available, just harder to find.

  15. One American News has been making waves.

  16. Lamestream media? LOL! Sorry my headspace is too valuable to let Bolshevik rats get inside. I feel ill even walking past while family members are watching that crap. I don’t say anything because they think some greasy haired punk Bolshevik is their buddy.

  17. To add to Anne & Dan’s statements, owning the weather in 2025: (Since apparently clicking the reply link doesn’t work at the moment for whatever reason.)

    As for the rest of the subject however, it isn’t just the mainstream media that is controlled, I would like to add, the alt-media is poisoned as well, from jeff rense, (gnosticism & aliens, and much more disinfo pusher) coast to coast am (all manner of disinfo, proven connections to deep state creeps, see this: I should note ISGP isn’t completely trustworthy either, as they endorse the false doctrine of evolution, among other things.) & david icke (gnosticism pusher, false messiah claimant, disinfo pusher, etc.) to fakes like jim stone (not former NSA, by the sub-par security of his website etc. and lack of computer know-how), from “conspiracy” big names like eustace mullins, (gnosticism & racism pusher) and william “bill” cooper, (aliens, UFOs, and gnosticism.) to those that manipulate the “prophecy”/pentecostal/charismatic movements & cults like steve quayle, tom horn, (both heavy gnosticism & kabala pushers.) jennifer leclaire, (all manner of craziness, the infamous “sneaky squid spirit of fear” thing may well have been based on h.p. lovecraft’s chuthulu monster or mythology, itself occultic in scope as well.) and chuck missler. (gnosticism-pusher via nephilim as angel-human hybrids false doctrine etc.) There is also alex jones (potentially bill hicks?) that does run some disinformation, and seems to be part of the alt-media “control the opposition” stuff (but also the defamation by association tactic of “conspiracy theories”, such as when he runs especially bogus or ridiculous items that get people laughed at.) for the devil worshipers.

    Basically you’ve got to be your own investigative journalist by and large, as so few people can be trusted to do that job anymore, whether mainstream or alternative, tell-tale signs to watch out for is: gnosticism-pushing, racism-pushing, UFO & aliens pushing, new age pushing stuff as well (though this technically should fall under gnosticism as a definition). I should also add that gnosticism is satanism, and vice versa.

    • You lost me with all those references, but I smell a psy op as well coming from some of the fringe gurus. Michael Hoffman talks about an induced double-mindedness as indicative of successful mind control, as when otherwise intelligent, conservative people, in more than an expression of confirmation bias, overlook, say, Jeff Rense’s crazed appearance and outer space contacts.

      An old trick for discrediting damning evidence and proof of conspiracy is associating it with nut cases or crazy stuff. Michael Jones writes about the Leo Frank trial and hanging that took place a century ago—that one of the tactics the Jews used to discredit reports of Frank’s heinous crime was to make up much worse stuff about what he’d done so it’d be lumped in with the real evidence and then successfully used to discredit all the evidence against Frank.

      Many of these people you mention are so ridiculous they could be Deep State ringers who’ll pick up on, say, evidence from Christopher Bollyn or Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth and attempt to poison the well of independent investigation by linking it to stuff about aliens and space ships. The next move is flogging a rushed, barely literate book such as Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Harms the Planet and Threatens Our Lives by lightweight hacks like Michael Specter, which then lumps the good with the crazy stuff as evidence that any questioning of an official narrative is proof of insanity or even of threatening lives. Obama’s regulatory guru Cass Substein wrote similar tripe that played to the same miseducated jackasses who think questioning government bullsh*t is beneath them.

      • “Michael Hoffman talks about an induced double-mindedness as indicative of successful mind control…” — Dan.

        Texe Marrs also covered the occult’s “double-mindedness” doctrine back in his July 2010 Power of Prophecy Newsletter & article.

        His brief summary said:

        “This doctrine (of the double-mind) also embodies the same philosophy as:
        –the Jews’ cabalism,
        –Darwin’s theory of evolution,
        –Hegel’s conflict of opposites,
        –Easton’s systems theory,
        –and Marx’s dialectical materialism.
        –It is the basis for the Orient’s Taoism philosophy,
        –the Hindu’s ‘Maya’ (Illusion),
        –and the Persian Zoroaster’s Zend-Avesta teachings…”

        His full article:

        “The Theory and Practice of Hell and Illuminism—Implanting the ‘Double Mind'”:

        “Symbols of the Illuminati Doctrine of the Double-Mind” – Photo-Examples in a 1-page PDF also by Texe Marrs:

        (What a disgusting world we live in! Arghhh!)

        PS: If this turns out to be a duplicate comment, apologies! I don’t think it went through on first try (it didn’t give an FOTM URL w/comment # so I’m trying one more time. TY!)

    • I completely agree. It can ALL be controlled. I read everything, but I don’t “believe” everything I read. I do not know of a single person that has it “all together” to the point where I could categorically say, this person speaks the truth.

      Many have their favorite “it’s”. It’s Kabala, it’s aliens, it’s……..(you fill in the blank). I’m a “pattern guy”. There is some truth to a lot of “it’s”. The only answer that is absolute is that the real answer is theological. All the rest is just means and methods.

      I’m not as quick to declare someone a “disinformation agent” or something. You mentioned Rense, for example, he gets some good information. I don’t believe everything he or his contributors say, however. Sometimes I do. Even among individual contributors, sometimes I think they’re spot on, others not so much.

      Just because some are popular does not make them right. Indeed, if that were so then the most popular places would be spewing pure truth. They aren’t.

      What happens on the internet is that people can become legends in their own mind. They get a following and they think that lends credibility to what they think. Many get to the point where they angrily reject any differing views at all.

      I think there are identifiable patterns. I think there is a “Plan” and they are working it. I think the main objectives of the Plan are identified. All that is in question are means and methods. I personally do not think there is a contributor somewhere who knows precisely what is going to happen, how it will happen and when.

  18. My, that didn’t last long:

    So what did they offer or threaten with? Trump needs to just cancel it. Now.

  19. I think we need to try to understand what the MSM “is” rather than what we wish it were. It is NOT a place to go for information. Their primary function is to contain the range of individual thought in the populace. They are who states the few “choices” available to us. Anything else is “fringe” and therefore not a valid “choice”.

    They also couch the acceptable argument. If you point to obvious flaws in this narrative they are the ones to quickly label you a “conspiracy theorist” or “antisemite”, etc..

    So, they are the voice of the Cabal. I know that just as surely as I breathe. That is why I continue to wonder why anyone watches them. There is nothing positive that can come from that experience.

  20. To Lophatt, I couldn’t write a direct reply to yours, so I’ll try as a new comment. You’re right about not dismissing evidence and sound argument on ad hominem grounds, and I was wrong to single out Jeff Rense for that very reason. It takes judgment in each case as you point out.

    Speaking of patterns, almost all knowledge is based on their recognition, or used to be until 911. We now have irrefutable hard evidence of demolition and conclusive circumstantial evidence of who did it. Nonetheless Conservatism Inc as well as the left rule out anything that doesn’t conform to the official fairy tale about nineteen magically superhuman Arabs learning how to fly better than seasoned airline pilots after a few hours in a Cessna 150, and then precisely navigating hugely complex airliners into buildings magically not subject to the laws of physics. According to both sides, inference to any other explanation than the official fairy tale, such as that the observed demolition effects are not merely best described by but are solely describable by known, documented, historical causes producing controlled demolitions, well, that’s treason.

    What I’m getting at is your point about the synchronicity of it all, and from such diverse institutions, in advancing the globalist agenda at this particular time, as if “they” perceive some sort of deadline is at hand. The Republican Party claims victory after giving the Dems whatever they demand, supposedly to keep order when naturally appeasing the left is literally suicidal if history is any guide.

    Even the RCC is pushing the globalist agenda to the point this pope says things like hell is a superstitious myth and Church teaching on sexual morality has been wrong all along. He also says there are no immutable truths since what were immutable truths in the Middle Ages, so I’ve read he’s said, are now known to be false, which of course undermines all truth and dogma at any age for being in that sense always relative. It doesn’t look good from where I’m sitting.

    • Dan, thanks. That was nicely said. I do believe there are truths, I just don’t think you’ll find them coming from the mouths of party hacks. The pundits say there’s a “Left Wing” and a “Right Wing” but they’re both part of the same bird.

      The paid liars want us to concentrate real hard on this manufactured reality. There are only two choices! Really? That’s pretty convenient for somebody.

  21. When ever I see the HAM out and abut, I make a point of shouting:

    “Hey, Look everyone! It’s the FAKE NEWS! ”

    The reactions are truly priceless!

    No one should respect these lying, sold out, scumbags. The heat is on!


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