Americans Support Full-Body Scanners 2-to-1

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Good news!
Most Americans are morons, so stupid they will meekly and compliantly march to their own slaughter.
A new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post finds that Americans support the deployment of those full-body porn airport scanners by a whopping 2-to-1 margin.

As reported by ABC’s Gary Langer on November 22, 2010:

Americans by a 2-to-1 margin support the use of naked image full-body x-ray scanners in airport security lines, but fewer than half back aggressive new pat-down procedures — and opposition to both rises among those most affected: people who fly with any frequency.
Overall results in this ABC News/Washington Post poll mark the public’s longstanding emphasis on security over privacy. 64% support the use of the scanning machines, even though they produce x-ray images of a passenger’s unclothed body that security officials can see. Half as many are opposed, and “strong” supporters outnumber strong opponents, also by 2-to-1.

Sheeple Americans! Do you not know that these new “enhanced airport security procedures” do NOTHING to enhance your security? Let me explain it to you in simple terms:

  1. Muslims have been and are the most likely terrorists who hijack/blowup passenger airplanes. [See Take This Fun Terrorism Quiz and DHS Sees Americans, Not Islamic Jihadists, as Terrorists“.]  

  3. Islamic clerics, the Figh Council of North America, have forbidden Muslims (via a fatwah or religious ruling) from being screened by the full-body scanners, on the grounds that the scanned images are so pornographic they violate Sharia law.
  4. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) says they have been “guaranteed” by the Obama administration that only the heads and necks of Muslim women will be “patted down.”
  5. This means that Muslims can smuggle explosives onto your plane by secreting them anywhere on/in their bodies below their necks.
  6. Which means that subjecting yourselves to the humiliation of the scanners and pat-down body searches — which in some cases include TSA agents inserting their fingers up your rectum or vaginadoes not and will not give you “security” against terrorism!!!

Wake up, Americans!

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0 responses to “Americans Support Full-Body Scanners 2-to-1

  1. Yep sheeple they have become…so sad.

  2. Damn, which Americans are they asking? (Surely not the ones who post comments on Yahoo! News about this; those folk sure aren’t in favor of a full-body chest X-ray… even less so about the gropefest/incompetence by TSA otherwise.)

  3. Dave from Atlanta

    So let me get this straight. If I am a radical Islamic terrorist and I want to smuggle a bomb onto an American passenger plane to blow it up, all I have to do is disguise myself as a Muslim? Juan Williams had it right all along I guess!

  4. The few times I have visited commentaries on Yahoo, they have been ALL FOR Obama and the things he is doing.
    Most Americans are sheeple. It really saddens me that even my own son and daughter in law asked me to stop sending them all the “information” I find.
    In my upcoming trip for Christmas, which was suppose to be a surprise for me as my son and his wife are bringing me home, they seen an article I posted on my FaceBook and my comment that I refuse to fly. They commented to my daughter..”well, there goes mom’s Christmas present”…until I told them WHY I refused after they gave me the choice of plane, train, or bus. They relented when they found I didn’t mind taking a bus and it was even “cheaper” to boot!

    • Yahoo! News censors a lot of commentary it doesn’t like (though not complaints about it doing so, oddly) but, even so, folk on there whose stuff gets through aren’t too happy about TSA.

  5. i think that even a sheep is smarter than the crap that continues to seep from the current white house administration and their moronic attempts at reaching a level of incompetence unprecedented in the history of america. a third world nation we are fast becoming. more obama and we will become a nation hoping for a military coup de etat…

  6. What’s next a regular x-ray, to see what’s in your stomach and colen? shhhhhh don’t say it out loud, they might do it. It isn’t like they jsut thought fo this in the last few years. It’s like the Patriot Act. Joe Biden wrote it in 1996.

  7. Just spoke w/my lib mom, even she hates this – yeah!
    Govt announced today officials that are exempt from this BS – we the sheeple are to obey…

    • one of the comments in this link: if I’ve been finger printed and background checked for a gun, why should I be subjected to this? Madness at TSA!!

  8. From Atlanta…
    “TSA Worker Accused Of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault,”
    Did that, then tried to kill himself… now in the hospital. WTF?

  9. With the stuff going on in Korea right now, here the low down on Kim Jong Il…

  10. Like lambs to the slaughter.
    I fear for my country, and not for sometime in the obscure (or not so obscure if you’re me – and be glad you aren’t me) future, but right here in the here and now.
    The America I once knew would tolerate this BS for approximately 1.3 seconds.
    We’re so screwed as a nation it’s ridiculous.

    • Dave, just so you know, there is at least one lib that is waking up – my mom! She is now anti-Obama and hates the tsa BS. Now if I could only convince the rest of the sheeple!
      Hope all is going good..

  11. Hi there, Eowyn;
    It’s been a while since I last visited your site,’thought I’d drop by this morn.
    Anyway, as an unabashed “liberal” with “libertarian” leanings, I thought I’d write my humble opinion to see what y’all think.
    First off, we were discussing the subject at work the other day, and the big Kahuna says ” I can’t believe a 5 year old would be subjected to such a search” I said ” yeah, everyone knows the two year olds are the troublemakers!”
    Actually, my first response to the matter was utter disgust.
    About a year ago, I was called for jury duty. The letter said to bring a lunch, because it was possible we could not leave once in the jury pool.
    My darlin’ made some killer enchiladas the previous night, so I packed some up , including a fork. When I went through the court house screening system, the fork was found and taken away by a rather rude security officer with a thick spanish accent. When I protested, he yelled “If you don’t like it, move to Russia!”
    I now had to choose between throttling the asshat, which would land me in either jail or (most likely) the morgue, or being a nice little citizen and going along with the turd. It is comforting to know the court system trusts juriors to decide the fate of the accused, but is afraid of the potental mayhem a fork could create.
    I wrote a blistering letter to the clerk of the court, which I’m quite sure went in the “round file” as the clerk or his assistant rolled their eyes and snickered.
    That said, I believe the leash gets shorter every day, we are little more than free range chickens.
    Most of my right wing friends heve the opinion that if you have nothing to hide, what’s the big deal, and we are just a bit safer; several others are “sprayed bug” crazy over it. I’m somewhere in between.
    I think it is rediculous to subject young children , seniors, and the disabled to this screening, big waste of time and energy; PLUS it reinforces the wall between “Them” and “US”. “WE” are currently under more surveilance than most realize.
    There are many theories about the timing of the new TSA screening proceedures, one mentions former DHS head, Michael Chertoff, and his position at the firm that lobbied for the scanner manufacturer.
    Another is that intelligence has detected a domestic “non Muslim” threat.
    At any rate, I’m not thrilled with the new flying requirements, but I rarely fly and will not be subjected to them in the near future, and hope they will be modified soon.
    I have a very different point of view than you and your readers, but on this issue we share some common ground.
    I suppose the bottom line is, if you don’t like the new rules, don’t fly, or charter a private plane (which are “curiously” exempt from the rules).
    Then write your congress critter, who will toss your letter into the recycle bin.
    I suppose we can take “comfort” in the fact that Al Jazeera is showing the entire Muslim world; from Eastern Europe to Indonesia how afraid we are, plus graphic details from the “war on terror”;
    which leads into my final point: the Muslim world includes corners of the world with little of no exposure to the west, or western news. Muslims come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The Muslim religion is also “nuanced”, the most extreme in Saudi Arabia, damned near secular forms in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Central Asian Republics, and most of Indonesia and Malyasia.I could spend hours on this subject, but most of what I would write will not be viewed favorably at this site. My views are in sinc with those of Eric Margolis; author of “War At The Top Of The World” and “American Raj”. His web site is .
    Our foreign policy is killing our economy, our liberty, and our status in the world.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all !


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