Americans Not Buying Obama's Phony Act

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More voters than ever do not believe that Obama is sincere in his conciliatory “reaching out” to the GOP. And they are right!
All these months when the Dems shut out Republicans, meeting behind closed doors to hammer out the House and Senate versions of Obamacare, this man did nothing.
Now that the Dems lost the “Ted Kennedy seat” in Massachusetts and his poll numbers keep going south, Obama suddenly remembered his campaign promise of post-partisanship — a promise that is just as phony as the one about him being post-racial.
Ha! Too late. More and more Americans finally have waken up and are seeing Obama for who he really is.
A new Rasmussen poll finds that 30% of American voters see Obama as being confrontational (vs. 21% who see him as cooperative). To see the video on this, go HERE.

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2 responses to “Americans Not Buying Obama's Phony Act

    Yeah, I could just pict8ure and hear Ralphie saying exactly that, too.
    Man, that needed a spew alert.
    BTW: A Christmas Story is my absolute favorite Christmas movie of all time.

  2. As for whether or not the repubs are going to show, all I can say is:



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