Americans lack confidence in almost all institutions

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Gallup periodically asks Americans about how much confidence they have in a variety of U.S. institutions. The most recent was in June 2011.

Source: Gallup

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0 responses to “Americans lack confidence in almost all institutions

  1. I don’t lack confidence in American institutions.
    I lack confidence in Americans.

    • …well,the half that voted for the destruction/change of America,
      let’s hope that the other half remember what the 2nd amendment
      was insurance for….so that no tyrant could oppress free men

  2. All on vacation except our beloved Military.

  3. the dark forces have never been closer than now to taking the us over, they have far to many stupid,lazy brain dead zombies, i dont believe we can defeat them at the polls, perhaps thats why obama is after the 2nd so hard

  4. the idiot speaketh and the rest of the idiots will follow. and drag the rest of us along in their slime trail. constant brainwashing and the bombardment over the airwaves of everything trivial and banal has sucked the brains out of the masses and created a nation of idiot zombies who fawn all over the great pretender talking to people in the area i live way to many people believe in obama and will vote for him again you can’t fix stupid. of course most of the people i talked to were also cub fans so i guess stupid is as stupid does

  5. The American People are so STUPID that they don’t have a clue as to what this Socialist Government wants to do to us! The ones that don’t wake up will die in a FEMA Camp! Or in a gas chamber like Hitler did the Jews and a lot of other innocent people. Semper Fi.


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