Americans Are Speaking Out in Open Rebellion

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We the People are in open rebellion against Obama and a corrupt government.
Here’s a pic of an SUV, taken with an iphone on Freeway 101 in Thousand Oaks, California. Not a Photoshop. [H/t beloved fellow May!]

And here’s a billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado, depicting Obama as an Islamist suicide bomber, a gay, and a Mexican bandit. The billboard has triggered “a storm of criticism.” Read about it HERE. [H/t beloved fellow Tina!]

Don’t forget these older billboards and SUV bumperstickers:

Bethel, PA

Ball, LA

Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

Mason City, Iowa

Highway in Montana

Somewhere in Washington (state).

I-70, Missouri

We Americans are the sons and daughters, by birth or by choice, of brave-heart Revolutionaries. Woe to those who rule us against our wishes. I’m so proud to be an American!

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0 responses to “Americans Are Speaking Out in Open Rebellion

  1. Thanks for these pictures. Americans are becoming aware & alert!! Many more Americans MUST wake up, including the black voters who are the majority of the supporters of FOREIGN TERRORIST USURPER, Barry Soetoro Soebarkah alias Barack Obama, who need to see the ILLEGAL ALIEN, FOREIGN ENEMY COMBATANT OF WAR, ENEMY TERRORIST Barry Soetoro/Obama exactly for what he is.

  2. ha ha ha…these are great! Bring on 11/02/10!!

  3. The electorate ain’t happy this November!


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