American Troops Going to Libya

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I heard rumblings of this earlier and couldn’t believe it would really happen. Via Drudge, the best news ever:

The Pentagon is deploying naval and air forces around Libya as the US and UK governments consider tougher measures to force Muammer Gaddafi from power, including the possible establishment of a no-fly zone.

This is a bad idea and a horrible precedent. If/when these protests spill over into Saudi Arabia, will we send troops there next?
Gird your loins.

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0 responses to “American Troops Going to Libya

  1. Yep, gonna get ugly…

  2. We ought to be sending troops into the middle east, but not Libya. Israel is a terrorist nation that needs to be wiped off the map.

    • Israel a “terrorist” nation? Please provide facts. Glad to see your civility results in “a nation that needs to be wiped off the map”. Your ideal of freedom certainly fails…

    • Typical response from a dead-from-the-neck-up uber liberal, kill off a democracy so that socialism and/or sharia can reign.
      I’d bet you’d also volunteer to perform a lewinsky on Ahmadinejad and Ghadaffi.

    • freedom fails… its really astounding at how ignorant you are if thats the way you feel about Israel. How are Gods people terrorists? What actions have they taken to get that label “terrorist nation”. because of idiots like you freedom fails

    • Leave Israel alone, have they not suffered enough? They have every right to defend themselves against the real terrorist nations that want to wipe freedom loving people off the map.

    • no we shouldn’t be sending troops into libya… why should my fellow soldiers die or be in harms way (and away from their families) for some money headed agenda? WE’RE NOT VIGILANTES!!! WE FIGHT FOR AMERICA, NOT FOR THOSE WHO RUN OUR PUPPET GOVERNMENT!! PLEASE HELP US CHANGE OUR FUTURE BY CHANGING OUR GOVERNMENT!!! PLEASE I humbly humbly beg and plead….

  3. Pentagon spokesmen didn’t detail the purpose of the U.S. ship and aircraft movements, but the moves didn’t appear to signal direct U.S. military intervention in Libya. Among the ships being sent, reports said, is the USS Kearsarge, which carries nearly 2,000 Marines and dozens of helicopters.
    “We have planners working and various contingency plans and I think it’s safe to say as part of that we’re repositioning forces to be able to provide for that flexibility once decisions are made,” said Marine Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.
    In Geneva, Clinton suggested the mission was primarily humanitarian.
    “We do believe that there will be the need for support for humanitarian intervention. We also know that there will probably, unfortunately, be the need for rescue missions” because of the large numbers of people fleeing Libya and neighboring Tunisia, she said. “But there is not any pending military action involving U.S. naval vessels.”

    • Candance Moore

      I really hope it doesn’t come to any kind of intervention, but we will have to wait and see. Clinton sent us to Somalia on a peace keeping mission and that didn’t work out very well. I don’t think this will be another Iraq but I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s another Kosovo.

  4. Candance,you are right he knew, we need to protect Israel,as far as getting involved with the others. “LET THE BASTARDS KILL EACH OTHER” look through history this is what they do,and all they know. Stay out of it.

  5. A warm, though belated, welcome from me, too! I love your fierce truth-telling, Sage. 🙂

  6. if theres going to be american military action in libya, then every american should be asking why we are wasting valuable resources on a war that has nothing to do with our country? why should we waste more american lives on another pointless war? you know whose going to pay for this war, every american citizen unless youre rich. our country needs to focus on national issues instead of international issues. socialism isnt a bad idea by the way, we are just lead to believe it is so the rich can get richer and poor can get poorer.


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