American Sniping – by the Sniveling Cowardly Left

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Cartoon by Bob Gorrell/Creators Syndicate.

Cartoon by Bob Gorrell/Creators Syndicate.

~Steve~                   H/T

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0 responses to “American Sniping – by the Sniveling Cowardly Left

  1. LOL!! Great cartoon and so true. The Left has become almost rabid in their hate of this movie. I think it’s because the movie embodies everything the Left hates, God, guns, family and love for country. These are all the things found in abundance in the red states, or as the jerk part of the population calls them, the ” flyover states.” I believe Conservatives have been the main driving force in making this movie a box office hit; we’re sending a loud message to the Left through it.

  2. It always requires bravery or stupidity to put yourself in situations where you may be killed, but this fact doesn’t necessarily justify the action. In other words, it is always brave to defend your brothers and sisters in arms with your life, but what if they are killing innocent people and occupying a foreign country in a misguided belief they are making the world safe for democracy?
    American Sniper seems to be glorifying the war effort, and we have to be careful of letting ourselves be emotionally manipulated into consenting or cheering on an ever escalating military presence abroad. It is not inhumane to be against the war; the case is far more convincing for the opposite conclusion.
    Who benefits from war? Not the soldiers; they get killed, or ruined, or have to watch close friends do one or the other. Not the middle class; they get taxed, whether through legislation or inflation, and increasingly monitored.
    Banks? Check! Crony military subcontractors? Check! Political bureaucratic elite? Check! Why are most modern conservatives for war? Is it because conservative states have been hoodwinked into providing most of the human cannon fodder used to expand the US government influence abroad? Is it because neoconservatives now dominate Fox News, supposedly the only conservative news outlet?
    Think about it this way. How does the government convince our kids to go to other countries and kill or be killed while we cheer them on with hearts swelling with pride?
    1) Free college education (increasingly irrelevant though it may be) that is paid for by stealing money from the rest of the citizens and at prices which have been artificially raised through the government subsidization of demand and repression of supply. Gotta keep those opinion molding professors and administrators paid well.
    2) The promotion of patriotism, heroism, and masculine prestige through public education, movies, television, books, radio – all the opinion molding industries over which the government has much influence.
    3) Lifetime veterans benefits such as healthcare (devoid of quality though it may be) which are also provided by organized theft. This is admittedly the least attractive reason.
    I challenge any and all pro-war conservatives to do a bit of historical research on conservatism, and see which side of the debate the Right typically has fallen on. It may not be the side you’d guess.

    • “occupying a foreign country in a misguided belief they are making the world safe for democracy?” AQ and ISIS are quite content with that position, no doubt.

      • Actually, they benefit from the military mindset of Americans. The be-headings are nothing but a lure to get us over there, because they know that the more the war escalates the more they can radicalize to their cause, and the longer it lasts the less likely anyone over there will remember a different state of affairs. Islamic extremism will become the norm over there, which is also precisely what the US government the parasitic military industrial complex wants as well: a permanent foe of their own creation to enshrine their own seats of power.

    • Dude, have you not put down the bong since ’73 or what? Really, the tired old liberal bash on anything patriotic or, at least, having the tiniest bit of backbone is all brand new and sparkly with you!×230.jpg

      • Haha I don’t smoke. Never have interestingly enough. And it takes zero backbone to be “for the war” when you don’t have to fight in it.

        • “And it takes zero backbone to be “for the war” when you don’t have to fight in it.”
          How wrong you are.

          • How does it require courage to float with popular opinion? To ride the ideological currents of the sociopolitical elite? They love war, because they’re not the ones who fight, and they make windfall profits. Check out Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket.
            Is Paul Krugman courageous for championing the cause for central banks, governments, and the international socioeconomic elite who benefit from an environment of inflation? No I submit that his Noble prize, his cushy position at the New York Times and his prestigious professorship at Princeton were payment for a entirely different sort of quality than courage.
            It takes courage to buck the trends if you believe them to be wrong – like William Lloyd Garrison who campaigned against slavery in America when that position was not very popular (about 2% popular) – like John Locke who advocated natural rights and the bare minimum government when that position got you locked in a cage or excommunicated.
            It took courage for the American revolutionaries to unshackle by force the chains of British tyranny. Now we dishonor their memory by submitting to a soft tyranny in which we allow our freedom and huge amounts of our potential to be expropriated in exchange for an illusion of security and a misguided sense of patriotism.
            Patriotism isn’t supporting your government; it’s supporting the real people that make up the nation, and when the government is robbing, imprisoning, and murdering them, all while proselytizing them from infancy to serve its ends, real patriotism means standing up to the government and those who defend it.

            • I can really do without your long lecture. My original response to your quip to “Anonymous” (“And it takes zero backbone to be “for the war” when you don’t have to fight in it.”) was to point out you were wrong about “Anonymous” not having to fight. I can’t say more without compromising his privacy.

    • I cannot help but notice you are posting here in English.
      -As opposed to Japanese or German.

    • A man far wiser than I has already replied in spirit to this post, more than 100 years ago:
      “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
      — John Stuart Mill —

      The writer of this comment trots out the old leftie canard about “making the world safe for democracy”, and then has the gall to challenge US to examine our beliefs. He sits aloof in his ivory tower, unaware of the fact that we are in a war that is not of our choosing, and not of our desire, but that is visited upon us by an enemy that can not be reasoned with, can not be negotiated with, can not be wished away, and can not be “niced” away.
      The only question to be asked about any war with islam is whether we want to fight them there or here, for fight them we must. It’s easy to sit in isolated safety and natter on about profits and corporations and so many other leftie targets, and it’s even easier when one has not had nightmares about the videos of men screaming as their heads are sawn off by 7th century barbarians. This is our enemy.
      I am a military man, the son of a military man, the grandson of a military man, and I tell you true that the men at the pointy end of the spear do not waste much time in philosophical debates, nor do they fight for such silly things as “making the world safe for democracy” — they go where they are told to go, and they fight first and formost for their brothers in arms.
      When all is said and done, if you strip away all the hogwash about bankers and money, you are left with the intractable problem of islam, and that problem is REAL! And it is a problem is not going away, either — as long as we fight with satin gloves instead of a mailed fist, we are losing, and the problem only grows worse.

      • We didn’t choose this war, but “we” can’t choose anything. This is a collectivist illusion that has infected American individualism. Only an individual can choose, and our politicians and the bureaucrats they appointed certainly chose this war by engaging in and promoting military campaigns in the region for over 50 years.
        Islam is not the problem; there are probably over a billion peaceful muslims in the world. The extremists are twisting the religion to radicalize those who have been ravaged by American imperialism.
        Also what represents the Left today is a Keynesian Marxist mix of ideological vomit. I choose to align myself to the left of Thomas Jefferson, who was the prominent lefty of his time.
        Also J.S.Mill was talking about people not willing to fight for their own freedom against an oppressive government. Sadly he was talking about people like you who apologize for the ruling class they live under, too afraid to question authority, and willing to live with the limited freedom they have in exchange for protection from the State.
        “I’d rather have dangerous freedom, than peaceful slavery.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

  3. If they could get past their hate for Bush, why we went to Iraq (which can be debated forever), the concept of war and an organized military complex, they’d see this movie is about the effects of war on Chris and his family.
    We can’t change history. We went to Iraq. And we never left despite what Obama said. There has always been troops and/or contractors there, and soldiers from Bragg deployed there last week. Never hear the left bashing Obama for continuing the misguided war. Guess it’s easier to bash Bush and American Sniper.
    As for this movie being a hit, just look at its competitors: Selma and Black & White (no interest there despite #blacklivesmatter), Taken3 (where Liam bashes our Second Amendment right while shooting up people), The Boy Next Door (a teacher has an affair with a student, yawn), and Paddington (do kids even know who this bear is?). Hollywood’s agenda doesn’t always pay off.

    • Very well said DCG!! The Left can’t see straight over this movie’s success. I thought the movie was great!!

  4. Tsk tsk! silly Children. I served (what I thought was ) my country proudly. My military years taught me “everything about the US is a lie. We are not fighting to protect civilians but for the free reign of global banks and corporations. I do not regret serving in the military for 4 years including a deluxe Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club cruise. It was a major growing event in my life as well as a painful one.
    The moment the planes hit WTC on 911 I knew that it was a false flag operation. Everyone else was running around waving flags and I almost got caught up in the USA USA USA rah rah cheer leading. We were sent home early from work that day and given American flag bumpers stickers to show our pride. I put mine on upside-down. I was almost mob beaten for it by non veterans, but the vets knew the meaning of the upside down flag, similar to an SOS but on a national level “we’re in a heap of trouble”
    The few fundie Christians I knew at the time were all rah rah we’re God’s country we’re number one. They’re the same crowd that heap praise on the likes of Pat Robertson, Falwell, and how many other snake oil bible banging mega church leaders. I suppose I am not a rue Christian since I never bought into all the religious BS. they’re cut from similar cloth to Obama, Gee Dubya, etc, etc
    They always respond to me “it is so sad you’ll be in hall for all eternity while we will be whisked away during the rapture” I do see that hell on earth has begun
    The evening of 911 I was online researching and cross referencing articles and pointers. I have been accused of wearing a tinfoil helmet for 40 years but in the end my naysayers returned later to ask “how did you know that”
    I would tell them turn of the TV and lave it off, stop reading Time Newsweek, Sheeple, etc, don’t take what talking heads in the media and gubmint tell you
    yadda yadda yadda etc

  5. Free reign of global banks and corporations? You mean like Georg Soros and various rich liberal cronies who donate heavily to the DNC and progressive causes? (Ask Bill Clinton about the island with all those underage girls his buddy Jeffrey Epstein had, too.) They just feel America should be like “the rest of the world” (you know, Argentina) where the 1% (them) really does own everything, that’s all. They’re UN-loving, no-sense progressive loons.

    • Art, this was for you. I’ll make it easy for you: It’s the audience of The Economist magazine– that’s who’re worried about.

    • I mean all those people too of course. I’m no Democrat. I’m for extreme individualism and freedom. I’m to the left of Thomas Jefferson. Check out Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State.

  6. Art, thank you for your service.My Father served in Korea. I have always had great respect for those that serve. They know why they serve. I know why they serve. Cause they have bigger brass balls then 99% of this country. God, Country. and Corps is no meaningless saying.
    Now on the other hand after blogging 6 yrs I’d have to agree there are some people getting rich off these wars.
    But do not ever take it upon your self to question the brave men and women fighting these savage bastards,
    Understand. I too wear a tinfoil hat. Comes in handy. But By God the more of these heathen savages they kill there will be less we will have to deal with here.

  7. Steve you seem like a reasonable man. My problem with war is not that I hate our soldiers; it is precisely the opposite. I think the State expends our good men and women (sometimes the best of us) far too haphazardly. It takes our bravest and sends them to foreign countries and puts them in morally depraved situations (like the scene in American Sniper where he has to shoot a woman and child who are simply defending their own country) from which they may never emotionally recover.
    Is this such an unreasonable position for one to stand? After all, it was George Washington who warned us of foreign entanglements and Eisenhower who warned us of a growing military industrial complex.

    • Texas libertarian,
      I haven’t seen American Sniper, so I can’t comment on that. But I understand and sympathize with your warning from George Washington (and other Founding Fathers), your point about wars in which the U.S. should not be involved, as well as the dangers of rah-rah uncritical patriotism. The Afghanistan War is now the longest war in the history of the U.S., and there is no end in sight. Last November, Obama quietly expanded the authorization to use U.S. troops in Afghanistan to include offensive ops, despite his announcement last May that the U.S. military would have no combat role in Afghanistan in 2015. (New York Times)

      • Very good points. There is no anti-war party in America anymore. Maybe the Libertarian party, but I have my doubts about them as well.
        Ron Paul was our best chance at a politician who actually understands the vision of the founding fathers, but conservatives selected Romney instead. Great choice America! And McCain before him. Both war mongering neoconservatives lacking of any sense of individual freedom or natural rights.

    • So AQI didn’t have enough men volunteer that they “recruited” women and children to protect their country? Got it. You didn’t describe the scene with the drill though. That’s the true AQI and how they operate and treat their people.
      How many tours did you do in the sandbox? You seemed to have garnered much more Intel and information than us.

      • I’m not defending ISIS or Al Quaida. I’m saying if you occupy a country of completely different ideologies, you may unite them against you. Also if you make people desperate under military occupation or sanctions they will be more likely to turn to a desperate means of defense. For instance, the Treaty of Versailles created Hitler and rise of Nazism.
        Zero tours for me. Does this invalidate my position?

        • Doesn’t invalidate your position. You just seem to have a much better understanding of the intentions of AQI and ISIS. Wondered where you obtained that insight.
          AQI and ISIS are already united against every ideology that doesn’t follow their madness. They don’t need any excuse for the “desperate” means of defense they exhibit everyday across the world in their goal for Islamic rule.

          • Sometimes it’s so hard to teach those unwilling to learn but I admire your patience. People can not seem to grasp the fact that Islam’s purpose IS domination of the world and conversion of the world’s population into members of their cult. Convert or die is their motto.

          • Look AQI and ISIS are monsters no doubt, but all governments have done terrible things. This is nothing new. What is worse, sawing off a few heads, or blowing up hundreds of thousands of innocent people in nuclear explosions that will injure those and their children in the region for decades? Yes the United States government is responsible for the second, and in my opinion much more atrocious, act and stands alone as the sole villain in human history that has ever done so.
            Why can’t you turn your just and absolutely correct criticism of ISIS and AQI on our government?

              • America and the United States government are two totally different entities. One of the most remarkable achievements of modern democratic governments is that they’ve almost completely erased this distinction from the minds of the people. The ideological camouflage of “we are the government” is very effective. Instead of being a check on tyranny, democracy legitimizes it.

                • “America and the United States government are two totally different entities.”
                  Other than the government is contained in America, how are they “totally different”? Don’t just declare. Explain, with sources.

                  • The Nation (the people) and the State (the people who run government) are two opposing forces. The Nation creates its wealth through the voluntary interactions on the market, while the State creates its wealth by organized theft upon the productive and voluntary actions of the Nation. Do I need sources to prove this point?
                    Americans will be here long after the Unites States government has run its course. Unfortunately, it will take a global economic meltdown for most to question the status quo.
                    Capitalism has provided us with such a high quality of life that the government’s parasitic nature has gone on relatively unseen, but this trend is reversing, as the unsustainability of government programs, funded by a massive counterfeiting operation via the Federal Reserve, is being recognized by more and more.

                    • “The Nation (the people) and the State (the people who run government) are two opposing forces.”
                      Well of course the nation and the state are not the same thing! Even my undergraduate students know that. I thought you were referring to some people’s notion of the U.S. government being some institution owned by Britain.
                      Whether nation and state are “opposing forces” depends on the country and the time.

                    • The State lives off the productivity of the Nation by means of violent expropriation (if necessary). How can the State and the Nation not be considered opposing forces every single time? There may be differences in degree for sure, but in principle it is the same whether you are talking the 2015 US government or the 1944 German government.

                    • You must be an anarchist then, who favors no government? In contrast, I’m a conservative who’s very mindful that governments are a necessary evil, which is why I favor as limited a government as possible, with as many institutionalized checks & balances to curb its power.

                    • Anarcho-capitalist to be specific. I can respect your Lockean position, as long as we can agree that government is evil, I’m happy. Lol The necessary part is debatable…
                      The problem with checks and balances though is that they can be used as justification of the wrongs they were intended to prevent. See Rothbard p. 70

    • Tex, I try to be reasonable, but you are not being honest. Describe the scene correctly. Chris see’s women and child. Oh shit. “Any one else got eyes” He tries to corroborate. You see the anguish in his eyes. Not a mad dog women and child killer.
      Finally he realizes it’s a bomb. He takes her out. Kid picks up bomb and runs toward squad. He takes him out.
      If he does not 10 men die.
      I guess you would prefer that.
      Now I agree our Gov sucks. Both sides. Spits out troops like nothing.
      Only diff is you think there are good muslims. If and when you find them please go there and erect a church. Then and only then will I say the war is over.
      You’re side is foolish to think peace can be achieved.
      Have you ever seen this?
      3 things you should know about Islam:
      The Qu’ran is not at all like the Bible. The Qu’ran was written by one man, Mohammad, and his word is law. Wherever there is a seeming contradiction in the Qu’ran, what Mohammad said later always supercedes what he said earlier. Thus, the Qu’ran’s earlier peaceful passages are abrogated by later violent passages on jihad.
      It is the religious duty of every Muslim to institute Shari’a — the Law of Allah — worldwide.
      Unlike Christianity that emphasizes truthfulness, Muslims are allowed to deceive (lie to) non-Muslims if doing so protects and helps Islam. This is called the principle of Taqiyya.

      • I wasn’t saying the sniper was a monster, I was saying the government put him in a monstrous situation. I would rather the 10 American men not be in a situation were women and children feel the need to try to kill them.
        Peace may be a foolish dream after all that has happened, but one thing is clear. We are the aggressor on their land. Should we expect people over there, even if they had a higher moral code than us, to not fight back?
        Also I have known quite a few very peaceful muslims for years. People that are such gracious hosts that you can’t step foot in their house without stuffing your face with food. So no I don’t believe the neoconservative Zionist propaganda that all muslims are beasts that deserve death.

  8. This post is so true, Steve! And you ignited a firestorm of comments!

  9. Mike, I am surprised by the number of comments a cartoon has drawn.


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