American Presidents in uniform

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These pictures of eleven Presidents of the United States of America in their respective uniforms are so moving, I can’t help but go “Sniff, Sniff”….

Scroll down for the impressive pics!


H/t beloved Wendy!

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0 responses to “American Presidents in uniform

  1. Very sad. I don’t believe an American President has to have military experience, but I would hope that he or she would respect the military and understand the role they have played in American history. As a retired Air Force Officer I can tell you that many of my colleagues despised and disrespected Clinton and my still-active duty former colleagues have the same feelings about Obama.

  2. How embarrassing…for Clinton and Skippy!

  3. Is Clinton in a BAND uniform? Hahahahaha….oh my gosh, I can’t breathe!
    Obama looks like he has toilet paper on his head and around his shoulders…

    • You are right, Miranda! Skippy DOES look like he’s got toilet paper on his head and around his shoulders! Hahahahaha
      Obama wears toilet paper

      • Yeah!!!!
        I got the little yellow man….I just adore the round little guy! Hahaha….thanks Doc!
        That’s what I looked like laughing at Clinton in his high school band uniform. Nothing against band but the fact that that was his last uniform. What a Go-Getter he must have been! At least we know now why he didn’t do better than Hillary….

  4. where’s andrew jackson, teddy roosevelt, u.s. grant, w.h. harrison, george washington, and thats all i could think of in a moment that where military men at one time or another during their lives..

  5. Where is mitt ???
    So they did find a pic. Of george sober in the service….. Lucky foment knew where he was lol..!!
    Oh yea mitt was hiding under a cult deferment in France !!!


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