American Presidents in uniform…

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11 responses to “American Presidents in uniform…

  1. Hahahaha. Love this! 😀

    • You got a slave owner out fit for Gov. Perry?

      • Wow, I hadn’t known that there are still slaves — of the black variety, not sex slaves — and plantations in contemporary America! Wow, I hadn’t known that there are cotton plantations in the state of Texas!!!
        You really should change your alias to BLACK DELUSIONIST to better accord with the abysmal level of your ignorance, scapegoating, and bigotry.
        Happy New Year!

  2. what no pics of washington, jackson, grant, harrison. wow a lot of navy presidents pictured

  3. obama in his gay choir ensemble

  4. OB looks like Sabu in the “Thief of Baghdad!” Pardon any pun! But if this film ever comes on again I have ruined it now. Sabu would turn in his grave. As for the other guy, “i did not have a”… looks like the leader of a bunch of cheerleaders, gay ones no doubt.

  5. The other guys all look like heroes! Which they were no doubt. Only for Ike we wouldn’t have had the freedom we had up to a few years ago. Amen

  6. OB is the best !

  7. Feel free Terry, I stole from facebook!

  8. Best one I’ve seen today! LOL!!

  9. Charley Carlton

    The one at bottom right looks like it was taken upon graduation from the madrassa


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