American presidents are required to love the Jewish people

Imagine if a Brit demands that American presidents are required to love the British people. Or a French demanding that American presidents are required to love the French people. Or a Mexican demanding that American presidents are required to love the Mexican people. Or a Chinese demanding that American presidents are required to love the Chinese people.
You would react to the demands by scratching your head, followed by outrage.
But that’s precisely what a Jewish intellectual named Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote in an op/ed for the New York Times on January 19, 2017. Wikipedia describes Lévy as being named in 2010 by The Jerusalem Post as 45th on a list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews; The Boston Globe said Lévy is “perhaps the most prominent intellectual in France today”.
In his op/ed, Lévy writes that:

  • There is a “law” that “love of the Jewish people” is “required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel”.
  • Despite admitting that he doesn’t know Trump’s “heart,” Lévy regards President Trump’s acts of friendship toward Israel with suspicion and accuses Trump of not being “sincere” in his love for Israel. In other words, President Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t — which, in psychological parlance, is a classic example of “make crazy”.
  • Despite admitting that he doesn’t know Trump’s “heart,” Lévy perceives in Trump’s past words and behaviors a “contempt” toward Jews, which makes Trump an anti-Semite and may lead him to “quietly taking revenge” against Jews.
  • Lévy calls President Trump “the kitschy builder with his flamboyant hair” who labors under an inferiority complex vis-à-vis Jews, a “pig farmer” and a “swineherd” (which of course implies Americans who had voted for Trump are “swine”): it is “the triumph of nihilism” in America that could “enable a pig farmer — anybody — to become emperor,” who is “eager for revenge” and will show “Jews that he indeed is smarter than they are.”
  • Lévy regards the 2016 election wherein the “swineherds” voted Trump as President as a symptom of an America where “thought is attacked” and “lies” flourish “with arrogance and flamboyance”.
  • Lévy then calls on his fellow Jews in the U.S. not to believe in or trust President Trump because any “capitulation” is “tantamount to suicide” — in order words, Lévy is calling on Jewish-Americans to oppose President Trump.
  • The essay is also full of narcissism: Lévy refers to Jews as highly intelligent, bringing light to civilization, and exceptional in their “wisdom” and “intellectual, moral and human excellence“.
  • After insulting President Trump by calling him a “pig farmer,” and insulting Trump voters by calling us “swineherds,” Lévy has the audacity to say he only has “love” in his heart for America.

To call Lévy and his op/ed insane is being kind.
Read it for yourself. Below is the entirety of Lévy’s essay. I supplied the bold red emphasis:

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Jews, Be Wary of Trump
Bernard-Henri Lévy
THE STONE JAN. 19, 2017

A few weeks back, both Israel and American Jews were betrayed by Barack Obama. By allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlement building, the outgoing president took the easy way out at their expense.

But today the risk is that Israel and America’s Jews (as well as those of other countries) should harbor the same illusions of true support that they did during the Obama administration, and be strung along before being betrayed again, this time by President Donald J. Trump.

One might object that Mr. Trump has given ample evidence of his benevolence — for example, by naming a friend of Israel to serve as ambassador, by promising the transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and by asking his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, an orthodox Jew and the grandson of Holocaust survivors, to advise him on the peace process in the White House. Aren’t these decisive steps that should reassure Jews who support Israel?

Yes and no.

There is a law that governs the relations between the Jews and the rest of the world. That law was articulated in one form at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, when the great Jewish thinker Gershom Scholem faulted Hannah Arendt for falling short of “ahavat Israel” — for showing insufficient “love of the Jewish people.”
This love is precisely what is required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel.

In such circumstances, and contrary to the adage that applies in most ordinary circumstances of life, that law says that demonstrations of love count for less, paradoxically, than love itself. It says, to be precise, that gestures of friendship, when they do not come from the bottom of the heart and are not built on sincere love — that is, finally, on a deep and true knowledge of the love object — are gestures that eventually may turn into their opposite.

To put an even finer point on it, we cannot rule out the possibility that Trump’s series of ostentatiously promising signals directed at Israel may have sinister effects in the long or even short term.

Those signals may, for example, strengthen the most shortsighted and therefore suicidal fringe of Israeli politics. It may send the wrong signal to those who would be only too happy to see the United States set the example of making unilateral, unnegotiated decisions, thereby opening the way to other shows of force. In the United States, it may generate an overly enthusiastic embrace by pro-Israel Jews of a volatile president (one likely, depending on the needs of his deals, to change his mind), one who is so deeply unpopular with so many Americans that his embrace of Israel, however fleeting, could endanger the bipartisan consensus that has been so beneficial to Israel over the decades.

I cannot claim any knowledge of Donald Trump’s “heart” or of the sincerity of his commitment to the Jewish state. But there have been indications going back decades.

One was provided by John O’Donnell, a former chief operating officer of Trump’s Atlantic City casino, who, in his 1991 book “Trumped!” quoted Trump as saying: “The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

More recently, there was a 2013 tweet storm in which, desperate to show that he was “smarter” than the “overrated” Jon Stewart, Trump saw fit to rip off the mask behind which stood Jonathan Leibowitz, the Jewish name Stewart was born with.

And then, in mid-campaign, there was the meeting in which Trump told donors from the Republican Jewish Coalition: “I know why you’re not going to support me! It’s because I don’t want your money.”

These statements suggest, to say the least, a certain contempt.

More precisely, they reflect that well-known variety of contempt that, according to Freud, serves to anticipate and defend the ego against the presumed contempt of the other.

Whether the original disdain is real or imaginary matters little.

Whether Jon Stewart or the Jewish Republican donors disdained the kitschy builder with his flamboyant hair, his money, his bling and his properties, including the now world-famous Trump Tower, is obviously not the question.

The essential thing is that President Trump thinks they did, that he seems to see Jews as the caricature of the New York establishment that, for decades, took him for an agreeable but vulgar showman.

This is a perfect example of the self-defensive contempt that has so often fed anti-Semitism, with the Jews appearing, once again, as representatives of an elite that patronized him and against whom he can, now that he is in power, quietly take his revenge.

It reminds me of a story from the Talmud that illustrates this logic well.

It is the story — part history and part “aggadic” embellishment — of Rabbi Yehudah Nessia, one of the foremost figures of Jewish thought of the third century.

Rabbi Yehudah ran a school that a young Roman swineherd would pass by nearly every day. The students at the school, their heads full of knowledge and a sense of their own superiority, never missed a chance to mock and beat the pig farmer.

Years later, Rabbi Yehudah was summoned to the distant city of Caesarea Philippi, to appear before Roman Emperor Diocletian. It seemed that the emperor was full of consideration for his guest. He sent to him one of his most distinguished ambassadors and ordered that a sumptuous bath be provided to allow his guest to cleanse himself after his dusty voyage.

But Diocletian also sent his ambassador on a Friday, so that Rabbi Yehudah would be forced to travel on the Sabbath, violating the most important of commandments.

The emperor also heated the baths to such a degree that the rabbi would have been boiled to death — a fate from which the rabbi was saved by the last-minute intervention of an angel, who cooled the waters.

When the rabbi appeared before Diocletian, he recognized the former swineherd, who said to him with spite, “Just because your god performs miracles, you think you can scorn the emperor?”

I cite this story because it provides a good metaphor for the West today, where, as in ancient Rome, the triumph of nihilism can enable a pig farmer — anybody — to become emperor.

It is a good example, too, of Jewish wisdom, which responds to the situation as follows: “We had contempt for Diocletian the swineherd, but we are ready to honor Diocletian the emperor provided he, like Saul — who, before becoming king had tended donkeys — heeds the prophecy, rises to his office, and becomes a new man.”

And, above all, it is a good allegory of the double-edged favors, or, if you will, the poison apples, proffered by a humiliated swineherd, eager for revenge, who decides to show Jon Stewart and his fellow Jews that he is indeed smarter than they are.

In the face of this situation, nothing is more important, it seems to me, than to maintain a measure of distance.

Like all other American citizens, Jews must respect the president-elect in the forms provided in the Constitution. But they must not fall into the trap of believing in his inconsistent and ultimately double-edged benevolence. They must not forget that, no matter how many times Mr. Trump declares his love for Israel, for Benjamin Netanyahu or anyone else, he will remain a bad shepherd who respects only power, money and the perquisites of his palaces, while caring nothing for miracles, of course, and not a whit for the vocation of study and the cultivation of intelligence that are the light of the Jewish tradition.

And they should be aware, finally, that in this period that has been labeled, for lack of a better word, populist, and of which the American election is but an outsize symptom; in a time when thought is attacked from all sides and when lies are flourished with unparalleled arrogance and aplomb; in this new political culture that has now encircled the earth, one in which, from the American plutocrats to their Russian oligarch cousins, the swineherds slap their pedigree shamelessly on imperial palaces, the little Jewish nation has no part to play.

To ally with that sort of “populism” would be to betray Israel’s calling.

To surrender to Diocletian would be to betray oneself and to take the terrible risk of no longer being who one is.

For the heirs of a people whose endurance over millenniums was because of the miracle of a tradition of thought nourished, rekindled and resown with each generation and through a constantly refined body of commentary, the challenge is clear: Any sacrifice of the calling to intellectual, moral and human excellence; any renunciation of the duty of exceptionalism that — from Rabbi Yehuda to Kafka and from Rashi to Proust and Levinas — has provided the ferment for its almost incomprehensible resistance; any concession, in a word, to Trumpian nihilism would be the most atrocious of capitulations, one tantamount to suicide.

I say this out of an old and enduring love that forms the core of my being, love not only for Israel but also for the world’s greatest democracy, the United States of America.


Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, filmmaker and activist. His most recent book is “The Genius of Judaism.”

Lévy’s op/ed was republished WITHOUT comment by Steve Sailer for The Unz Review on January 19, 2017. The republishing of Lévy’s essay WITHOUT comment by Sailer elicited this comment from someone who identifies himself as Leon Feldman, Director of the Cyber-Hate Division of the Anti-Defamation League, in which Feldman accuses the republishing of Lévy’s op/ed to be anti-semitism and demands that The Unz Review take down the essay in 24 hours. Here’s the screenshot I took of Feldman’s comment:
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Ow, my head! It’s so painful to have to endure this BS. The double standards, if they can be called standards, are an affront to anyone with the intellect of a preschooler.
Loving one’s neighbor has never been harder.


Technically, Feldman has actually defamed Sailer by commenting as he did!
Normally, he could hide behind the “public figure/controversy” exception, but that exception doesn’t apply where the libelous party makes the statement with malice, which seems clearly to exist here.
I would REALLY enjoy seeing the ADL (Anti-DEFAMATION League) sued for defamation.


You GET what you GIVE. If you wanna be loved by others,you must BE loving to others,and that’s NOT a man-made law,it’s a celestial law.


They are just crazy people.
I remember that during the compaign, Trump had ignored their invitation to obtain their blessing. I am waiting to see if Trump attend their “Council” like his immediate predecessors.


I call on all my fellow patriots to stand up to the Zionist/Rothschild Jews and ROUND THEM UP PUT THEM ON TRIAL EXECUTE SENTENCES GET OUR STOLEN MONEY BACK


Reading the article itself reversed for me the position of the comments that introduced it. One need not agree with the French intellectual’s position to see his point. Jews are sensitive to traps, to false friends, because history has taught them to be. They are a race, unique in history, after all, who were banished from their land and disbursed around the world, yet retained their culture and even their language no matter how small or distantly separated their communities were. For millennia. Where are the Jebusites, today? The Perizites? They developed a well-deserved paranoia over the centuries, too, because,… Read more »


Dissembling and prevarication have always passed as for ‘intellectualism’ in the rabbinate. He’s only following what the Talmudists have taught him since birth. The rabbinate will not abide integration with the swineherd. Judaics are to stand alone, be alone, think alone, because they are innately superior. (This is what is inculcated/indoctrinated in Judaics from childhood.) The pretense of integration among ‘the other’ is all that is permitted, and only when it is unavoidable. When Judaics have the upper hand, the pretense is dropped. Any deviation from this plan is unforgivable, (You are deemed a self-hating Jew.”) See “When Israel is… Read more »

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

Jews seem to forget or prefer to ignore why the diaspora is upon them. They also are no less guilty of corruption and disdain for their fellow man than those of us Gentiles. In fact I believe the true believing Christians have more regard for the true Jewish peoples than they have ever shown for us. That is a requirement of our faith. But just how many are there out there of true Jewish blood? How many of the true Jewish bloodline are there now in Israel? Most are aware by now that most who claim Jewish ancestry can trace… Read more »


“In fact I believe the true believing Christians have more regard for the true Jewish peoples than they have ever shown for us.” That is no doubt true. “But just how many are there out there of true Jewish blood?” What’s that? “Most are aware by now that most who claim Jewish ancestry can trace their lineage no further back than the ashkenazi of the Black sea and Caspian sea area.” You really can’t believe that nonsense. Do you? Obviously, if they are imposters, they are incredibly strange ones. They took on all the trappings of an alien race, absorbing… Read more »


[…] via American presidents are required to love the Jewish people — Fellowship of the Minds […]


I understand the article, and I agree at the root of the matter. Someone wants to replace us and exterminate the white race, that is known for years, indeed there are documents of the United Nations itself, it’s no secret today. The word that fears the Freemasonry is: patriotism Western (because it combines religion, race or ethnicity and historical nationality). But as you know the word – Western – luggage not necessarily a Christian or religious definition in some aspects (see Paganism or the Celtic culture *). Another word that fears the Freemasonry (which is the N.W.O.) and its tools… Read more »


B-H L, you are doing your part in maintaining a remnant of the Jewish people, that is, preventing assimilation. However, the displeasure you inspire requires the efforts of Jews of a good and noble character to work even harder to prevent attacks against your people. By the way, you apparently need to be told that calling those you say should love you swineherds does not work well; it inspires the same affection inspired by the Qur’an declaring to its believers that Jews are descendants of apes and pigs. And the United States has done much for Israel and will hopefully… Read more »


not just the POTUS…
“Cynthia McKinney Explains the Power Israel Has Over the U.S. Government”
former congresswoman who had the tenacity to speak the truth even though it cost her a congressional seat…rare breed today.


After the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, Israel will meet Messiah, and “All Israel will be saved.” This is based on Bilble prophecy, not anything from my mind. This will not lead to a Globalist NWO, but, after troubles fall upon everyone as a result of our evil, God’s power will be seen, and humanity will follow His ways. All will be done for His name, not because anyone deserved to be helped. True, God is love, but He is holding back His wrath until the time when He won’t take anymore. Many don’t believe that, we will just… Read more »


Kicked out by the Egyptians,
Whacked by the Babylonians,
Hacked to pieces by the Romans, (very thorough hacking)
Burned/baked by the National Socialists and soon,
Zapped by the Mooslimes, (North American JINO doing their best for it to happen.)
All in the span of 2,500 years.
Pattern anyone?

Steven Broiles

The execrable late Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin (whom I met) said it best: “We Jews are the Master Race on this planet. We are as different from [the goyim] as they are from bugs.” We are forever indebted to Dr. Henry Makow who has done more than anyone else to expose Talmudic Judaism and Sabbatean-Frankism for the VILE RACISM that it is. That being said, Dr. Makow also goes on to explain that Jewry is highly stratified, and that the Sabbateans (and Rothschilds) call the shots, that the average Jew in the street does not understand what is going… Read more »


Oh my Steven you said it all very well and my experience is the same- you can’t wake anyone up. ( And yes Makow has done an incredible job) I will say this about the Jewish leadership; you can blame it all on them and say the average Jew is not complicit in all this evil, but I say no, they are. Why? Because 98 % ( my estimate) put themselves and their Jewishness above everything else, and the vast majority embrace the totalitarian Bolshevik mindset that says big government ( run by Jews) telling everyone else what to do… Read more »


This has been the most interesting comment section!
A question for you thoughtful and informed Catholics who are aware of the inconvenient facts regarding the Jews (and the freemasons, who’ve also been brought into this conversation):
what do you make of the Jesuits?
I ask because I see them accused, in other venues which discuss what we’ve been discussing here, of evils similar to Jews and Masons. I’m very interested to see your take, as Catholics, on the accusations.


Or, in this instance, like the proper comment. That was for you, Eowyn, re: Shlomo’s take and his atheism.


Dr. Eowyn, I believe you have found the jewish equivalent of Louis Farrakhan. Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu seem to be showing each other sensible levels of respect, while Bernard-Henri Lévy is perpetuating the caricature of jews that Hitler used to inflame the german people against them.


I would have told Mr. Sailer to “Go to Hell”, and if he was unclear, given him directions. Posting a Jewish politician’s views, unedited, without commentary, is NOT ‘Anti-Semitic’!