American Heritage Girls: a Christian alternative to Girl Scouts

FOTM has been alerting our readers to the leftist orientation of Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA). See:

It seems the wariness of Christians and conservatives about Girl Scouts is having an impact. According to the AP, Girl Scouts USA’s “cookies are crumbling,” beset by problems of declining membership and revenues, a dearth of volunteers, rifts between leadership and grassroots members, a pension plan with a $347 million deficit, and an uproar over efforts by many local councils to sell venerable summer camps.

GSUSA membership has declined from 2.8 million in 2003 to 2.2 million in 2013, while the number of adult volunteers has seen a similar decline, from 986,000 to 890,000.

Happily, parents now have an alternative to the pro-abort Girl Scouts — the pro-life Christ-centered American Heritage Girls (AHG)!

American Heritage Girls

Patriot Action Net reports that, though dwarfed in size compared to the GSUSA, American Heritage Girls has seen its membership increase more than 40% over the past few years, now standing at 32,000 members in 14 countries across the world, including the United States where, as of early 2012, the organization had 17,000 members in 44 states.

AHG respect life merit badge

American Heritage Girls this week unveiled a new “Respect Life” merit badge for girls to earn.

Patti Garibay, executive director of American Heritage Girls, said AHG members had been pushing for a way to honor girls’ involvement in pro-life activities: “They really wanted to have something that would recognize those efforts … there was even a troop up in Michigan that created their own patch. Garibay said the new badge fits perfectly with American Heritage Girls’ “biblical worldview that respects life” — not just the lives of unborn babies, but also the elderly and disabled.

American Heritage Girls members can earn the patch by participating in any pro-life activity, such as helping collect diapers for a pregnancy care center, participating in a March for Life rally or volunteering at a hospice house.

Click here for American Heritage Girls’ website.



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6 years ago

Thanks for making us aware of a positive alternative, Dr. Eowyn. This is encouraging.

6 years ago

This is great news and a great opportunity for girls. I pray that it will be a great success. It’s successful already.

6 years ago

Another great one is Frontier Girls! We use that program for our daughter. The best thing about it is that you can do it independently, so it works with an only child, or within a single family. They also have a special group called the Patriots for children of Military Service members. It’s only 25 dollars a year, and they have tons of badges for the kids to earn. Oh, and they also have a program for boys. I think it’s called Quest Clubs. Their website is if anyone is interested! Anyway, just thought I’d throw another option that… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this uplifting post. I am so happy that there are pro-life alternative organizations for girls to join. This is wonderful.