American flag mural at NY pizza shop vandalized because it’s a symbol of “hate” and “oppression”

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Photos from GoFundMe page

You want to see REAL oppression? Go live in the country under this flag.

Every day the left find another way to show their disdain for America.

From Fox News: An American flag mural in a small town in New York was vandalized after several protesters started calling for a boycott, claiming it is a symbol of hate and oppression.

The town of New Paltz rallied together a few weeks ago to help raise funds and show support for the patriotic painting proposed by La Bella Pizza Bistro owner Maria Lisante to cover a rundown brick wall on the side of her building, which is across the street from an elementary school. Just days before the mural was completed, it was defaced.

Luitenant Robert Lucchesi told Fox News that police are still actively investigating the case after the graffiti allegedly appeared Monday night.

Joey Garcia, a New York state corrections officer and Army National Guard veteran who organized the rally to support the flag, told Fox News he believes the perpetrator is not only disrespecting the flag but the military and country as well.

“I’m saddened and disappointed,” said Garcia. “It’s one thing to disagree with something but it shouldn’t mean that…you must destroy it. I feel bad for the artist who has put so much time and effort into this painting.”

Although there has been pushback, Garcia said La Bella’s has received a lot of support from across the nation since the pro-flag walk.

One is Lisa McGovern, who fell victim to a yard sign-stealing SUNY professor.

“I felt like it was a little over-the-top that people were saying it is offensive,” McGovern said. “It’s a symbol of our country. It’s non-political and for people in a small town trying to get a small business shut down is a little outrageous. People should be supporting small business, not trying to get them shut down.”

The owner’s GoFundMe page for the mural was originally set at $8,000 but was increased to $12,000 “due to the overwhelming support and patriotism of our community and country” to “help fun paint, materials, future maintenance and display lighting to increase visibility,” Lisante wrote. As of Wednesday afternoon, they have raised more than $7,500.


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13 responses to “American flag mural at NY pizza shop vandalized because it’s a symbol of “hate” and “oppression”

  1. Get ready for Civil War II as the Democrat/Bolsheviks & their mentally ill useless idiot liberal slaves, begin ratcheting up attacks against our country, culture, and patriots. They used similar methodology against Christians, middle class white people in their “Democratic” Soviet Union, exterminating tens of millions of our people. Best book on “Who” in the “Russian” revolution and mass genocide afterwards

    The Rulers Of Russia (Book PDF)

  2. Once again, the Left are psychologically projecting — they are the ones doing “hate” and “oppression”.

    • Amen! We have to fight the enemy from within. What they did to Tucker Carlson night before was done to my parents but in a much violent way. DOWN WITH COMUNISM!

    • You are so correct with that one it hardly needs to be repeated. Psychological projection is a way of being with these leftists. They don’t know any other way of interacting with their environment other than through this lens. It speaks to what type of person is a liberal when you look at their ( lack of) overall mental balance and maturity.

    • I find that they are ALWAYS accusing others of doing exactly what they do themselves. It’s like the fake newscasts where they call Trump names all day and accuse him of being uncivil.

      From a conditioning point of view, this has the added attraction of conditioning people to think illogically as well as to repeat dogma. Watching them it is clear that they have absolutely no problem with holding mutually exclusive ideas simultaneously. They don’t even recognize them as such.

  3. If this country is so bad and holds its people down and is anti freedom, why are so many doing everything they can, even illegally, to get here and those already here find it so bad, never leave? Confusing.

  4. Wherez my welfare check you racist capitalist pig kulak scum!

  5. Obongo started the game of “division” and now they’re upping the ante. Notice that none of them talk about unity, only division. They want this country destroyed in such a way that it will never again be free.


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