American Decline: US 18th on Economic Freedom List

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This should be a screaming wake-up call to every American that truly cares about America and those who will come after us:

Via (bolds are mine):

The U.S. Takes a Dive in Economic Freedom of the World Index

Posted by Ian Vasquez

Economic freedom in the United States has plummeted to an all-time low. According to the Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report, co-published today with the Fraser Institute, the United States’ ranking has dropped to 18th place after having ranked 3rd for decades up to the year 2000. The loss of freedom is a decade-long trend—the United States ranked 8th in 2005—that has accelerated in recent years.

Virtually every U.S. indicator has seen a deterioration. Government spending and regulations have grown, the rule of law and protection of property rights have weakened, and foreign investment and non-tariff barriers have increased. Authors James Gwartney, Robert Lawson, and Josh Hall note some of the reasons for the decline, including the war on terror and the growth of crony capitalism.

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No, our national economic decline did not start with Barack Hussein Obama, and it is not going to end with Mitt Romney. However, if this nation is to have any chance at all of turning itself around before it goes over the edge of the abyss, Obama must be voted out in November, because this trend cannot be allowed to continue much longer.

Showing Obama the door is only a first step.

Then the really difficult work begins.


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0 responses to “American Decline: US 18th on Economic Freedom List

  1. The Men Behind Your Demise
    Disarming A Nation, the Men Behind the Demise of America  
    The illuminati, the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds of England, failed to get President Obama’s signature on a gun control treaty known as the Arms Transfer Treaty that would have effectively destroyed the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 
    Now, the illuminati insiders are using the old back door approach again. They have placed an amendment into the proposed CyberSecurity Act that will limit all gun magazines to no more than ten rounds of bullets nation wide. 
    The illuminati insiders are attacking the defenders of America, little by little, by claiming hunters don’t need that many bullets in a magazine. What they refuse to make know and acknowledge is American patriots don’t use those magazines for hunting animals but rather for National Defense and protecting the Bill of Rights as American citizens and the final authority of the United States, from all enemies foreign and domestic. 
    If your not aware of the leaders of the illuminati, the Rockefellers, and the Rothchilds of England, and their insider agents, and their satanic one world government goals, via their self controlled United Nations Goliath, then I encourage you to investigate them on the Internet. They are the main force pushing for the microchip implant world wide and into every American citizens body. Preachers call it the mark of the beast from Revelations chapter thirteen. Political patriots call it being branded like cattle where everyone becomes slaves to the world banking empire of the Rothchilds of England. 
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    See the CyberSecurity Act and the gun control magazine limitation amendment S.A. 2575 being attached to it.
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    The reason your not hearing about the things I have mentioned above is because the banking empire of the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds already has an almost complete domination of all mass media and news outlets in the United States. Save this report and inform your friends. 
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    A massive real conspiracy has just been revealed to you and it would benefit you greatly to learn about it. No conspiracy ever succeeds when the majority of the public is aware of it’s goals. Many have died investigating and reporting on this conspiracy. You have a duty to protect your family by learning about these things. 
    God Bless America 

    • you are right Paul ”’Many would call this conspiracy theory,But it is fact and I have also done the research.

  2. Wow now I really understand crazy.
    Thank you W for destroying the middle class, thank you Mitt for shipping our jobs overseas. Thank you GOP for 2 no win economicly disasters in the mid-east.

    • Obviously crazy is all you can comprehend as economics and politics isn’t your specialty.

    • You’re a real Rhodes Scholar candidate, aren’t you, Arnold?

    • You need to go study the real relationship between Marxism (what the democrat party now espouses) and the ‘middle class.’

      Marxism only wants a two-tiered society composed of the ruling class and the peon proletariat class, which is what they have been working toward in this country for over 100 years.

      They did the same thing in the USSR, China, Cuba, Poland, Albania, Czecholslavakia, North Korea, and every single other Marxist country that ever existed.

      And if they aren’t soon stopped, they are going to do it here in Obama’s declining America, too.

      As for outsourcing jobs, Romey would have to move many thousands of them overseas to catch up to your precious comrade Dear Ruler.


  3. You guys don’t be too hard on Arnold now, he’s doing pretty good for a talking pig from Green Acres. He’s just bitter because there are no new gigs out there for talking pigs…

  4. Vote Democrat… They’ll Finish the Job! (Stamping out that evil economic freedom for “social justice,” you know.)


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