American Civics Literacy Quiz

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Umm. Wonder how Obama would score on this quiz? He did say there were 57 states in the USA....

Are you more knowledgeable about our country’s history and politics than the average American? Here’s your chance to find out.
The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has an American Civics Literacy Quiz you can take online. The quiz has 33 questions.
The average score for the 2,508 Americans who have taken the quiz was 49%. A sub-group within those 2,508 Americans — college educators –scored not much better than the overall population, at 55%, which means that America’s college instructors and professors get only a little more than half of the questions right!
Worse still, ISI found that America’s elected officials scored lower, i.e., worse, than the general public! To see how our elected officials did on each question, GO HERE, but please take the quiz first!
Can you do better?
Questions on the quiz were drawn from past ISI surveys, as well as other nationally recognized exams.
To take the quiz, CLICK HERE.
How did you do? (My score is 93.94%: 31 out of 33)

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0 responses to “American Civics Literacy Quiz

  1. scored 27 of 33 right 81.82%

  2. 84.85% not too shabby. 😉

  3. Glory be! I got a 100%

  4. i got 28 out of 33 .

  5. Got 31 of 33… 93.94%.

  6. James L Habermehl

    Eowyn, I got all 33 right.
    “You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 %”
    I shudder to think what the honest results would be for our elected officials.

  7. I got 90.91 % (30 out of 33).

  8. Candance Moore


  9. I scored 26 out of 33. It is curious if you think that I’m not an american and that I don’t live now, nor have ever lived, in the US. How come I still scored more than the majority of the americans??? Very curious!!!

  10. 21 out of 33 (88%) – a bit embarrassing as I’m British.

  11. 21 out of 33 (88%) – a bit embarrassing as I’m British. Wonder how you’d get on with the British constitution? (Ours is not written down so it’s a bit vague in places)

  12. I got a 74.something, I liked the questions about history but the $ questions not so much. I did not google the answers or I would have gotten 100%

  13. Winged Hussar 1683

    I got 32/33, and made a really stupid mistake on the one I missed. (I relied on the principle that the rights to life, liberty, and property are natural rights that it is the duty of a government to defend, and didn’t pay attention to the actual wording of the Declaration).
    Question: Which of the following are the unalienable rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence?
    Your Answer: life, liberty, and property
    Correct Answer: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

  14. Hank Staniszewski

    You answered 26 out of 33 correctly — 78.79 % Made some dumb mistakes.

  15. 29 out of 33 87.88% good quiz. Of the 4 I missed I knew 2 but didn’t remember. The other 2 just didn’t know

  16. I certainly did better than I anticipated.
    You answered 31 out of 33 correctly — 93.94%
    I missed:
    Question: If taxes equal government spending, then:
    Your Answer: government debt is zero
    Correct Answer: tax per person equals government spending per person on average

    Question: If taxes equal government spending, then:
    Your Answer: government debt is zero
    Correct Answer: tax per person equals government spending per person on average

  17. I got 26 of 33 (78.79 %). That makes me too smart to be a politician.

  18. I just found this site. Thank you so much for your efforts! On the quiz I got 29 out of 33 correct (87.88%). Not bad…

  19. Missed one. Now exploring the site. Thanks for having it.

  20. 82 percent 28 out of 33

  21. I got 90.91 % (30 out of 33). Was a bit surprised, but then again I kind of rushed through the questions. The couple I missed I wasn’t quite sure about anyway. Enjoyed exploring the blog.

    • 30 out of 33 is VERY good! — way better than what our elected representatives score. Seriously.
      Thanks for the kind words about FOTM. 🙂

      • That’s hard to believe. They should be required by law to have a solid understanding of constitutional principles. It would certainly mean that the direction of government could be corrected without a radical change of representatives in government. Suspect a house cleaning is coming and none to soon. Otherwise I suspect the “Constitution” itself is in grave trouble.

  22. Haha I scored 79% and Im not American, Im British. That was fun – thanks.

  23. 25 out 33 – My memory is getting a little fuzzy in my old age. Luckily I remembered strategies for taking multiple answer tests. Six that I missed came down to one of two answers.


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