American Apparel apologizes for posting picture of Challenger disaster as ‘clouds’

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NY Daily News: American Apparel set off fireworks on social media after they mistakenly posted a picture of the Challenger space shuttle disaster before the Fourth of July.
The edited photo was posted to the clothing company’s Tumblr page and tagged as “Smoke Clouds” late Thursday afternoon — but was quickly taken down after several commenters pointed out the mistake.
“This is the iconic image of the Challenger space shuttle exploding,” one person wrote. “Not just some cool smoke and clouds.”
American Apparel issued an apology a short time later, blaming the mishap on a worker who was unaware of the 1986 tragedy that killed all seven crew members, including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe.
“A young social media employee who was born after the Challenger tragedy unfortunately re-blogged a photograph of the explosion on our Tumblr account unaware of the context,” read the statement posted to Twitter.
“We deeply apologize for the insensitivity of that selection and the post has been deleted.”
The blunder came just weeks after the company’s board of directors voted to replace Dov Charney as chairman and to remove him as president and chief executive officer. Charney, who has dodged several sexual harassment lawsuits, has vowed to fight for his job back.
Good grief, do they not teach American History any more? I fear for our future with people in charge who don’t even know how to verify a source.
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0 responses to “American Apparel apologizes for posting picture of Challenger disaster as ‘clouds’

  1. I was working in Orlando when this shuttle exploded. It was lunchtime and we were all outside looking up into that beautiful sun kissed Fla. sky. Saw it all in real time. The picture above is etched in my brain.

  2. Our young people have worlds of information at their fingertips, but waste their time on mindless and meaningless activities. There’s no excuse for Americans not to have an extensive knowledge of the history of their own country. We are becoming a nation of dumb asses.

    • There is no “shared culture” per se anymore that we can call “THE United States.” Five min. after ANY event, it’s HISTORY &, furthermore….it’s gone, forgotten, & unimportant & NOT to be known, studied, or shared as a part of the American Experience. Here & now, baby…that’s all that counts. Ask any teacher these days…you’ll hear it ad infinitum. IN FACT…when I moved to CA fr another state & wanted to earn a CA teaching credential—my profs told us (20 yrs ago) to FORGET the “old melting pot” model of America ….FORGET “out of many, one (e plurbus unum)”….that we were to think of our country & future students as “tossed salads,” where everyone is thrown into the same vessel, but maintains their own insular identity.
      How’s that working for us lately?

  3. Progressive left/liberals’ whole educational aim… stupid, non-thinking people are easier to control.

  4. This is not the first time AA Pres. Dov Charney raised eyebrows: He once used Woody Allen’s image as a rabbi in one of his ads. Woody Allen sued and won.
    Oh Well… At least Charney’s providing some jobs.

  5. You really do have to be a dumb ass to look at that picture and come to the conclusion that it is the result of a natural phenomenon. Any casual observer should be able to conclude that “somehow” these “clouds” were forms via something other than Mother Nature. Perhaps they might not conclude that it was the Challenger disaster . . .but you should be able to deduce that this was some form of an explosion! God help us if the younger generation is really this stupid!

  6. Well really this “clothing company”, if it could be called such, needs to go out of business because they’re sexualizing children, among other heinous crimes… the fact that they still exist is an affront to every moral citizen in the country. If there are any good people involved with that “business” it would be good for them to quit/resign and otherwise sever ties with that filth rag seller, and seek better employment elsewhere. (Also I doubt that this was a “mistake” given the company’s track record, it would seem they prefer to “shock jock” for advertising rather than do legitimate business. Thus I suspect this was intentional and not merely a “mistake”.)

    • That was my first thought as well, that it was probably intentional, especially considering the date, USA’s National Independence Day/Fourth of July. The “explosion” clouds photo being posted on 7/4 could be a symbolic “slap in the face” to America, &/or a “subliminal hint” as to what’s coming down the pike someday for the USA as a whole.

  7. This brings back a sad memory. We live in Central Florida. I had just walked into my house around noon and my son told me the Challenger had just blown up. He was such a kidder and I didn’t believe him. “No, Mom, it just happened.” We ran outside and there it was, that strange cloud. Oh, what a sad day that was!

  8. Gubbermint Ejumikashion strikes again.

  9. I could see this being offensive…..if humans were ever on that shuttle to begin with….which….they werent.


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