America, you've been Ducked

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Actress who’s name rhymes with duck shows her true colors

Sandra Fluke (name rhymes with "duck")

Sandra Fluke (name rhymes with “duck”)



Feminist’s massive cash infusion could have funded 925 years of contraceptives

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We could see this coming a mile away. So why the DUCK did the republicans fall for it? (rhetorical question, we all know the answer)

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0 responses to “America, you've been Ducked

  1. What does she need BC for anyway? They know what causes babies now-and there’s a free alternative to pregnancy. When in an “intimate” situation,the woman can take an aspirin,and clasp it tightly between her knees. Problem solved.

  2. She has been brained washed into thinking she is owed something. She sounds like someone wanting to go on a vacation and want us to buy the gas.

  3. What did you expect? She’s a fluke!

  4. Love this post, Trail Dust. HA HA HA HA HA!
    To Sandra Fluke, hypocrite and liar:
    Kindly go duck yourself.

  5. Dr Eowyn, that was funny!! 😀

  6. Outrageous! Thanks for posting this, TD!

  7. But, but, she’s doing it for the little people!

  8. The Good News Is: Sandra Fluke will not breed.

  9. Ducking slut, she is.

  10. And for the historical record, I wouldn’t even if I was wearing a double body condom.

  11. Who’d want to Fluke her anyway ?


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