America Surrenders

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White Flags Mysteriously Replace American Flags Atop Brooklyn Bridge

By Murray Weiss, Janet Upadhye and Aidan Gardiner  on July 22, 2014

MANHATTAN — American flags were removed from atop the Brooklyn Bridge’s two towers Tuesday morning and replaced by white flags, sources said.
Police, including theNYPD‘s counter terrorism and intelligence divisions, were checking surveillance footage from the bridge after images of the white flags hit social media about 7 a.m., sources said.
“Why are there white flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge?” City Council member Mark Weprin tweeted at 9:34 a.m.
It was not immediately clear how the white flags, which are usually a military symbol for surrender, got there.
It’s 11:07 AM EST. This is breaking news, so I encourage the readers to search #brooklynbridge in Twitter, to keep a current newsfeed. ~ TD

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0 responses to “America Surrenders

  1. this…looks scary

  2. At least it wasn’t the Islamic symbol–Star and Crescent on a black background.

  3. …While the president boards air-force one for 3 days of fund raising… and the world burns.
    (second try posting this. first time it said i was not able to … ?)

  4. Excellent warning! Pursue through motherbarbarian in comments with post of Border Patrol agent Zack (Zach?) Taylor’s outstanding, clear explanation of much of our problems. Originally from “Socialism is not the Answer”, I believe.

  5. Just did a little research on the symbolism of the white flag.
    This is kinda scary…
    The Umayyad dynasty (661–750) used white as their symbolic color as a reminder of Muhammad’s first battle at Badr, and to distinguish themselves from the Abbasids, by using white, rather than black, as their color of mourning.


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