America Needs Revival of Moral Compass

As conservative patriots, we rightly are gratified by the 11-2 electoral tsunami of last Tuesday which swept so many Demorats from the House, Senate, state governorships, and state legislatures.
But we all know that the rot is not just confined to the political realm but goes much deeper, as beloved fellow Joseph Fasciani reminds us in his op-ed below. November 2nd was merely the opening skirmish of what will be a long, arduous, and hard-fought battle to take back America — a battle that must begin within each one of us.

Needed: Americans’ Rediscovery of Our Moral Compass
by Joseph E. Fasciani
As a strict Constitutionalist and avid reader of history, I appreciate the historical snippets that are posted on the Fellowship of the Minds, such as November 2’s “Quote for Election Day” of the quote by John Adams. They are much-needed reminders of what we’ve forgotten, but at such a grave loss!
The founders of our nation were extremely well-versed in history’s moral lessons, and having learned from them, fashioned documents that would form the basis not just for a new nation. For, though unintended and likely unforeseen by the Founders, the new America became and continues to be a beacon for a new world civilization as well.
It is we who have failed them, and never the reverse order, as those who demand a fictive “political correctness” would insist. It behooves us to reflect deeply on the terribly flawed, likely fatal, damage we have created. Would that  a simple change of political representatives last Tuesday could correct that!
As an American now living in Canada, I have a perspective that is more continental in scope than perhaps that of my countrymen. The United States and Canada both need to re-examine the basis of their polity and nationhood. We need to admit and accept that, although many of us are not their direct biological progeny, we nevertheless are — by our volition — the ideational and cultural inheritors of “white” Europeans, classically educated people who viewed our potential futures in a very long historical time-line, one which we forget at our peril.
As for myself, I would make the reading and, dare I hope, the understanding of Dr. Richard Weaver’s masterpiece, Ideas Have Consequences, required of every high school student before graduating. The most eloquent writer of the Southern Agrarian Conservative movement, he best states our moral and ethical dilemmas, and the ways out of them, in my opinion. Of course, I would be opposed by every stripe of liberal/progressive/nativist parent….
Dr. Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences has NEVER gone out of print since it was first published in 1947. You can download the Introduction and first two chapters HERE.  As Weaver reminds us in the closing paragraphs of the second chapter:

“The mere notion of infinite progress is destructive. If the goal recedes forever, one point is no nearer it than the last. All that we can do is compare meaninglessly yesterday, to-day, and tomorrow. Aristotle noted that the concept of infinity makes impossible the idea of the good. If a series of things is hierarchically ordered, it is conditioned from top to bottom and so cannot be infinite. If it is infinite, it cannot be conditioned from top to bottom, and there is no higher and lower.
Now such a look at the nature of things is imperative, for our conception of metaphysical reality finally governs our conception of everything else, and, if we feel that creation does not express purpose, it is impossible to find an authorization for purpose in our lives. Indeed, the assertion of purpose in a world we felt to be purposeless would be a form of sentimentality.”

Until we regain our moral and ethical compass, elections do nothing more than shift the executives at a board meeting of the directors of the SS Titanic. It is this unspoken, yet keenly felt dereliction of political duty, that “we, the People” most painfully feel and long for a resolution ere we commit national and civilizational suicide.
But that moral resolve must come from within, not from without, as it is that outlook which brought us to our present state.

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10 years ago

Well timed, Joseph, for I found myself faced with that very problem. My very liberal mother complained that now that the elections were over she didn’t want to hear any more about politics. To which I replied that pretending a problem isn’t there doesn’t make it go away. You and Eowyn are right: The battle is only beginning and it starts within.

10 years ago

“The facts of life are Conservative.” –Margaret Thatcher

Jud Kastner
Jud Kastner
8 years ago

Dr. Eowyn is right on – I inadvertantly came across this a week before the 2012 elections and feel that this article should have been recirculated again for this upcoming American election. Our country has lost its moral and ethical compass in many ways. Each of us has to look within and make decisions based on moral character. I have found that within myself and that I have failed in many ways and continually battle that problem because of the pressing nature of the carnal beast that beats within and against us all the time. Speaking spiritually, Satan is a… Read more »

Jud Kastner
Jud Kastner
8 years ago

Not sure if any of our politicans are up to the task of correcting all that has happen to America in the past couple of years. I just read an article by Dr. Eowyn written and posted October 2010 ” America needs revival of Moral Compass” The corruptness that we have seen and experienced is continuously cause of concern. Are we able to right the ship as a nation. Not sure we can collectively – but individually, we must look at each of our own moral and ethical character and help others that are also looking for that guidance.