America, meet your new Secretary of State!

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Here’s another famous anti-war protester:

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See also “John Kerry Tells Media: No Equal Time for Tea Party,” August 5, 2011.

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0 responses to “America, meet your new Secretary of State!

  1. At a time when Americans are threatened with the loss of jobs and drastic cuts are to made in national defense, our new Secretary of Ketchup promises 250 million dollars in aid to Egypt. Is anyone else wondering why we continue to give money to other nations when we can’t find the funds to support ourselves?

  2. Traitors, both of them. We have imbecils in charge now.

  3. Theses two TRAITORS should have been put in front of a firing squad years ago!

  4. Whoever came up with the quote: ” A picture is worth a thousand words ” must have been refering to the above . Hanoi Jane and paper-cut Kerry , what a pair !

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Mr. Wilcox for this incredible post. The man isn’t even apologetic for his previous betrayal of American soldiers and/or veterans. Now, this same man, Mr. John Kerry, represents us before the entire world! God, please, please help our country!

  6. I tend to check out everything I see on the Internet, even articles from those I trust. I love your site and am continually sending links to articles to my like-minded friends. That said, I have to provide you with a link that says the picture is a hoax (apparently it’s photoshopped).
    I just want to help you keep your reputation as a credible (and wonderful) source of information.


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