America, Land of Exhibitionists

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It was an ordinary day like any day in Belgium’s Antwerp train station. Suddenly, Julie Andrew’s beautiful clear voice is heard over the sound system singing “Do, Re, Mi” from the Sound of Music. Then, a man and a girl child begin dancing and they are quickly joined by others…and others…and others, until the great hall of the train station is filled with people dancing in choreographed unison….

Meanwhile, in Spain, shoppers in a market are delighted by grocers breaking out in song, singing Verdi’s La Traviata.

While here in the United States, we have “No Pants 2010,” which requires neither talent nor skills nor creativity. Just exhibitionism. Kinda makes you proud to be American, eh?

If, for some reason, you want to punish your eyeballs with more, there are similar videos on youtube of pantless & talentless Americans in San Francisco and Chicago.

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One response to “America, Land of Exhibitionists

  1. Steve,
    The youtube videos are the sanitized version of what happened. San Francisco Chronicle has an article on No Pants 2010 where it says: “Some wore frayed cotton boxers, others opted for pink satin thongs, and a few forewent underwear entirely.” I’d hate to be the person sitting next to a sans underwear commuter on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)!


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