America is Doomed II

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This time it is Howard Stern talking to supporters of the comrade Dear Ruler:

Ya know, when you add all the dead, illegal and other fraudulent voters that we just know are going to be popping up like mushrooms after a monsoon in November, that 47% might just turn into 51%.

-And I do not have to tell you what that means.



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0 responses to “America is Doomed II

  1. Man, this nation is full of idiots…

    • DCG,

      I turned on Rush today for the first time in weeks, and that is basically what he is saying if these poll numbers are true.


  2. We have to many people with an attitude of false content. Even when you or I mention the extent of the danger they brush it off as if its not their concern. They will only care when they get burned. Then they will expect us to rush to their rescue. But they will not assist in putting out the fire. I say let them burn.

  3. Kathy,

    That was about as far as I made it, too.


  4. Dumb@sses…

  5. Depressing….

    • Doc E,

      Yes, it is.

      I am starting to get the sick feeling that, ten years hence, I may very well find myself explaining to my nieces and nephew why it is they are living like those unfortunate people in Zimbabwe.

      I have no idea what I am going to say to them other than, “We simply failed you.”


  6. Pray…pray….pray…..and then pray some more!

    This made me sick.

  7. This started out as Jay-Walking on the Tonight Show, or at least that’s the first incarnation of this game I ever saw. Go interview the average joe or jane on the street and see if there’s any intelligent life out there. I remember they were mostly retards, but there was usually a smart one or two. I’ll admit I laughed all the way through this, but it wasn’t a comfortable laugh…..

  8. Congress made eight different attempts to alter our U.S. Constitution concerning the Natural Born Citizenship Clause according to the apocalyptic video documentary done with research by Senior Pastor Carl Gallups proving they knew Barack Obama lacked presidential eligibility prior to the 2008 election! If there was no problem for Obama why would these people do this? There had never been a question of Natural Born Citizenship in our lifetimes! Why fix what wasn’t broken?

  9. Cuban Refugee:
    ”You know when Castro took power, none of us knew he was a Communist.”

    You need to read this >

  10. picture the children of ethiopia during their famine transpose that with a bunch of starving american children who is going to feed them when obamas policies destroy the nation and the crops lay rottening or withering in the fields due to the high cost of fuel, draught, continued mismanagement of the farm bureau and other obama czarist administrations, and of course the obama draught of 2012.


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