America is Doomed

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Any free nation that would allow someone this colossally stupid to vote in a national election is living on borrowed time.


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  1. probably a teacher dumb it down far enough and the dumb will be everywhere same as here we have these cretins also how about when you go shopping and the person in front loads their items on the counter then decides to leave and go back into the store for more items and you get to wait

    • I have a sick feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach that the “stoopid factor” may loom too large to overcome in November.

      I hope I am wrong, but every time I see poll numbers I cringe, even though I know many of the polls are being juiced.


  2. It’s nice to see people are voting for all the right reasons. (snark)

  3. And there is your 47%

  4. had to share this on facebook too.

  5. Wow, jut wow. Unfreakin believable…

  6. I can’t believe they let her out of the house.

  7. White Knuckle Driver

    Head for the mountains and don’t look back. Remember Lot’s wife.

  8. racefish – ya gotta wonder if that house was acquired via a CRA enacted loan………….maybe she’s the one with the 800k house from her 24k annual income……………

  9. It frustrates me knowing that this woman’s vote, uneducated and entitled as she is, will “cancel” out my vote, an educated working mama who is educating her own children on her own dime!

  10. I now believe in eugenics

  11. at first i thought the article said “america is domed” which on retroflection is a far site better then listening to this pig woman babble about why she is going to vote for the empty chair. domed, climate controlled and domed
    bio domes

  12. Might not be a bad thing to go back to the land owner only system :/

  13. This is a serf, not a citizen. I fear that if this trend isn’t reversed, we’ll all be transformed from a Republic of Citizens to a Dystopia of Serfs.

  14. I am not taking the polls too seriously. If they call at 2 0’Clock PM. only democrats will be at home. Republicans will be at work.

  15. The 47% proving Romney right…

  16. These are the kind of people Obama is counting on. This is his base!

  17. There is enough evidence that the Administration was aware of the deteriorating situation in Libya, specifically regarding the security of Ambassodor Stevens etc, to have taken steps to make sure he was properly guarded.
    Since the Sec. of State got a special waiver to reduced forms of security which allowed Blue Mountain Company to be given the job of the Consulates security only just very recently, and knowing that this company is one company that is training and recruiting possibly mercenaries to fight in Libya against the Assad Government Forces, then why oh why are we not making sure that an ouster of the president is over and done with.
    It is the civilized way to eliminate a form of leadership that is contrary to the intention of the US Constitution which is sworn to be upheld by any incoming president. Looking after the interests of American people is what it’s all about, to make sure we don’t have another tyrant like George Third every again, and yet, lo and behold, we have another tyrant running around wreaking havoc and doom and destruction upon America and it’s people, as well as other places and peoples. Impeachment has replaced assassination as a method of ouster of a renegade, and it’s socially acceptable. We need to defang the Obama Administration and get a game plan and work out a way to shut down the current economic mess and start afresh. Certainly we have to honor the commercial banking debts, but there is no reason at all for us to be on the hook for bailing out bankrupt banksters illegal gambling debts. America doesn’t need to be doomed, we just have to reinstate the Glass Steagall Standard, get a decent Credity System going to finance worthwhile projects to put our people back to work and get scientific research and space exploration back on track, in tandem with other major sovreign nations, and pass House Resolution 107 of R Jones Rep. which states that only Congress can decide when we go to war. America doesn’t need to be doomed, the poor creatures who really haven’t been given a chance to learn how to think correctly don’t need for us to go along with Christine la Garde, Timothy Geithner and Draghi in their drive for a coup extraordinaire. We have to shut them down and help Greece and Spain and Italy etc etc to get back on their feet again by applying the Glass Steagall standard globally, and eliminate the world wide illegal banksters debts too. Through various treaties etc the credit necessary for the economic recovery of the transatlantic economies could be organized and we could all look forward to a beautiful future.
    We have the capability, we just have to use it.
    It’s called Faith. The substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.
    That’s what God says, and HE CANNOT LIE.

  18. In retrospect, my comment wasn’t very clear because it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the poor lady in the video. So, just to make sure that there is a connection here goes. This lady and others like her have been struggling for years just to deal with their neightbours or whatever else is driving them nuts, so politics is most likely way over her head. It was the responsibility of this Administration and others before it to help those less fortunate that others to have a chance at a decent life. As it transpires, the US has gone down the tube and the reason is because the governments who ignored the intention of the US Constitution have gotten us into so many wars and into so much of an economic mess that it’s OFF THE WALL. So called, educated, intelligent and for the most part supposedly Christian men and women in government have contributed to the collapse we are seeing in the trans Atlantic community, inspite of all the books that are available in the libraries and bookstores, inspite of the leaps in scientific achievement and medicine, we have gotten to the point that we cannot even arm the guards of our Ambassador in Libya and prevent his assassination. We have no excuse, this poor lady and those in the same boat as her really only had the bible and gospel music to keep them together and the way Christianity is being trashed, and the Ten Commandments being ridiculed and the liberties that are being accorded to those who are sexually active with those of their same sex legally married, no wonder these people have falled through the cracks. Or smoked too much crack however you may call it, how, because our lovely president has allowed drug cartels to be armed by our Justice Department and it’s subsiduaries. We have time to get Glass Steagall reinstated before Ben Bernanke pulls of QE Four or Five, and the dollar implodes or explodes and the entire monetary system comes crashing down. That lady is part of a social engineering experiment and we are too, the trick they played on us was that the Glass Steagall was old fashioned and that the gambling of banksters was a good idea because? they really haven’t explained that properly but they got over on us real good.
    So, yes I agree that it’s alarming to know that the voters may not be pro Romney but he has a chance to win over Obama, especially now after the Libya debacle. Congress cannot continue to deny that this Administration has really gone too far, even grumbling at the UN about the deplorable Mohammed videa as though they think we still believe that story. Or can they? The Electoral College has the final say, and they certainly have no excuse now to condone all that is going on under this Administration, it has become a black farce. Pray pray pray, sackcloth and ashes.
    We need God to act on our behalf, we need a move of God, pray pray pray, the effectual fervant prayer avails much…………………………….I hope everyone is on their knees praying…………………..back into the press…………

    • Yeah, right, the stupid greedy woman in the video whom you call “this lady” is a victim. I’m surprised you haven’t outright accused us of raaaaacism.

  19. There are people in jail, serving life sentences, that are less guilty than what we have leading our country today.

    A video of Democrats waiting for their handouts!

  21. I’m sure hoping that the Democrats don’t win another term, but the Republicans are also less than an acceptable choice. I’ve voted for neither one in the last 40 years! I’ve been voting Libertarian, but the Green Party is looking real good this time around.

  22. A third party won’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the election. Please don’t waste your vote-doing so will only help to elect O.
    I understand how you feel though–I’ve been very disillusioned with the Republicans, myself. They haven’t been representing so well. But they are the better of the two choices we actually have. I wish we could have developed a very strong third party option years prior to an election, and had a strong candidate that might have a chance to win. I’m afraid they have us between a rock and a hard place! It’s very difficult to be optimistic any more.


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