America in the year 2017

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How did it happen?
Well, like a fish, the rot started at the head…

That’s what America became after Barry Soetoro was reelected for another four years to complete the destruction.

H/t beloved GrouchyFogie


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0 responses to “America in the year 2017

  1. NOT FUNNY|!!!!It could happen.

  2. i believe this country will see war soon too many ways we are divided

  3. i dont think your wrong steve, first time in history our govt says we are the enemy,congress and senate do nothing but make things worse, 10,000 drones in country,ndaa,trespass law, soon to be gun treaty with un, the list goes on i have to ask does anyone really think obama will give up white house? i dont, watch out this spring and summer i think we are in a world of hurt

  4. I tell them to leave every chance I get. The time is coming where we will make them leave. Soon. Yeah! Steve the United Nations can go with them. Go to Africa and open shoe shops or something. 🙂 D.C. aka obama,the bankers,anti-americans they all gotta go,and they know this. Clintons,GHW Bush-they all have a special place reserved. You all know where that is.

  5. $17.00/gal gas? Skippy’s ultimate dream…

  6. Liberalstan

  7. Not just for the United States, all the Free World.


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