America Crosses the Rubicon

On December 24, 2009, a day that should be the holiest of days when Christians remember and celebrate the birth of Christ — the Second Person of the Triune God who became incarnate as man in order to suffer and die for humanity’s redemption — the U. S. Senate voted for the health care “reform” bill that will consign millions of future human beings to death.
And so on that fateful Christmas Eve, America crossed the Rubicon — the point of no return.
In sorrow,

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10 years ago

I have learned in my life that timing is most important and so noteworthy. As Eowyn so eloquently put it, the ultimate and supreme goodness of the Triune God becoming man which we celebrate as Christmas, for our redemption, salvation and the opening of the gates of heaven, the greatest of all goodness, is met at the same time with the grestest of evil as Eowyn has set forth above. All the more reason now, to fight this evil!