Amazing story of redemption for a little Vietnamese girl

Do you remember the tragic scene of Vietnamese villagers running from a burning village after a napalm attack? The little girl in the scene broke my heart. I prayed for her many times through the years when I would see this awful photo. In this CBN story we find that the little girl, Kim Phuc, miraculously survived, and later became a believer in Jesus Christ. We also find out that there is a new treatment for burn scars that promises to do wonderful things for Kim and many other victims of war. ~ TD


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The Amazing Testimony of Vietnam War’s Iconic ‘Napalm Girl’

by Wendy Griffith
WASHINGTON — It’s one of the most iconic photos of all time and one of the most haunting. The image of a Vietnamese girl running naked in the street after a napalm bomb exploded on her neighborhood.

In this Sept. 25, 2015 photo, Kim Phuc poses for a photo at a hotel in Miami. Phuc arrived from her home in Canada to undergo a series of laser treatments to reduce the scars and pain she has endured for 40 years following an attack on her village during the Vietnam war. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

In this Sept. 25, 2015 photo, Kim Phuc poses for a photo at a hotel in Miami. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

That was 1972. Today, Kim Phuc still lives with the scars but a new treatment is changing the way she and other burn victims live their lives.
The famous photo shows then 9-year-old Kim Phuc trying to outrun her burning flesh after the South Vietnamese dropped a napalm bomb on her village of Trang Bang. Her burns were so bad, the doctors gave her zero chance of survival and took her body to the morgue where it remained for three days!
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The story on CBN today is well worth your time to read. If you are haunted by the horrors of Vietnam, this will be medicine to your soul. 

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Wotan's Spear

I am ‘Haunted’ by Jingo Patriotism, support for Brother Wars and/or Perpetual Wars for Profit. Yes, she is amazing!
The other ‘Famous’ photo of the Saigon Police (Officer) shooting the VC in the head, the shooter now runs a pizzeria in Virginia.
I know my position is not popular and I take a lot of S*** for it but The Two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam were indeed ‘Brother’ Wars orchestrated by the Global Financiers. It is all very complex, more so than my little bit here. Remember Perpetual War = Profits! (Population Control Too)

Dr. Eowyn

What an uplifting the-rest-of-the-story!

Helene Pineau
Helene Pineau

I am humbled by this courageous woman’s spirit and faith. God bless her, her family and her physicians. Truly inspiring.


you always know what to say dr. eowyn. i remember this pic as a teenager. we used to get life magazine delivered and i think it was on the cover. i would always wonder what happened to that girl. i love your blogsite or whatever it is. <3